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Thursday, 31 December 2020


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Good luck finding a "pollie" with the guts to point out the Emperor has no clothes.

Bureaucracies that large are almost indestructible as there are too many in it with a strong sense of self preservation and to hell with the greater good

1.4 million people, and the NHS needs an army of volunteers, the actual army, and now the logistics operation of Tesco's to get the vaccine out! ...

Tesco has offered to help ministers roll out coronavirus vaccines as the private sector throws its weight behind the biggest immunisation programme in British history.

The supermarket’s subsidiary Best Food Logistics is understood to have offered up its network of refrigerated lorries and warehouses as part of a race to give the newly authorised Oxford University/AstraZeneca vaccine to millions of people by April.

And OzD is right, in time this whole atrocity will be swept under the carpet by the MSM and state education system, the bureaucracies of lies, "Nothing to see here".


"in time this whole atrocity will be swept under the carpet by the MSM and state education system, the bureaucracies of lies..."

Think of the MSM-yours and ours as TASS News Agency. What goes round...

Well, some support arrives, Jeremy Warner has got a buddy at the DT: Matthew Lynn. So that's 2 against the army of blue socialists dominating the right in Blighty these days ...

It might take five, 10 or even 15 years. When the novel coronavirus was first identified, most of the experts told us it would take a decade to find a vaccine, if it was possible at all. As it turned out, Big Pharma, the scourge of the aid industry and a familiar villain from endless John le Carré novels, has rescued us. We have not one, but three working vaccines, with two approved for use in the UK. Even better, the British shot, a collaboration between Oxford University and AstraZeneca, is cheap, relatively easy to make and will be sold at cost. It is a triumph for the restless, energetic, can-do spirit of capitalism which could be taken straight from the pages of one of Ayn Rand’s hymns to free enterprise.

Phwoorr, even managed to squeeze Ayn Rand in there!


Ah, the struggle of Man against authority!

The UK does not have a totally government controlled health care system. It's a hybrid system like all other countries' with universal coverage, and in most it works well. If only the American far left knew better:

"Take the facts first. The United States spends almost 15% of gross domestic product on health care compared with less than 8% in the United Kingdom. Population health as measured by infant mortality and life expectancy are broadly comparable in the two countries and lag behind those achieved in high performing systems like Japan and Sweden. Although the majority of the public in both the United Kingdom and United States express dissatisfaction with their healthcare systems, a higher proportion of the British population think their system works well, and a lower proportion believe the system needs to be rebuilt completely, than in the United States.

Around 45 million Americans under the age of 65 lack health insurance cover, and far more US citizens than UK citizens report that the cost of health care is a barrier to access. In a five nation survey that included Britain and the United States, Britain performed best in offering health care that was equitable, even though waiting times for treatment were the longest."

In some ways you're far ahead of us. The impulse to burn something down instead of improving it misses the point entirely. And you're going to have to make further adjustments next year because of Brexit, which was itself based on a "burn it all down" approach. Anyone who mentions Ayn Rand stories as a positive example isn't playing with a full deck.

The NHS like most of the big Charities ,is being run for the benefit of those running it.Any good that comes out of the organisation is merely coincidental.

Bob, the US healthcare "market" is no such thing. It's a cartel stitch-up, reminiscent of the NHS itself. Any one of these will suffice ...

US health market stitch-up

If the US was to collectivize that cartel operation into the state you'd be setting yourselves up for the full NHS stitch-up.

Regarding Blighty "not burning it down but improving it": generations of pols have tried doing that since 1948 when the NHS was invented. It has only ever degraded as all monopolies do, private or public.

The only way forward for Blighty's healthcare is a competitive, open to globalisation, independent sector only, healthcare market on the supply side, and 65 million customers with £2500 each per annum in social buying power to go to that market on the demand side.

"Open to globalisation" means passporting rules, like the EU Single Market, should be allowed unilaterally by Blighty to permit all first world healthcare providers to setup shop in Blighty using their own rules and regulations. Obviously there should be no tariffs or quotas. The Mergers and Monopolies Commission should be put on steroids to split any monopolies or cartels. Not fines, actual splitting of the operations and equity into multiple operations and equity units. This is not expropriation: if I take a ten dollar note from your wallet but give you ten dollar coins in your purse I haven't robbed you, I've merely given you change.

Give it ten years and Blighty would be the healthcare capital of the world, like it is (soon to be was if BoJo doesn't sort a services deal with passporting and equivalence rules with the EU) for finance.



Exactly. The US Healthcare system is a cartel of corporations supported by our corporatist ideologues. How do "the people" have any control over them without government?

Yo Loz,

Scroll just abit on this relatively brief post comparing how the Guardian has been describing your [Great Britain] 'healthcare situation' for at least the past decade.

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