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Sunday, 27 December 2020


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The US is more unequal than the UK. We have a Gini index of .39 while yours is .35 (explanation included here):

Your national balance sheet is covered in red ink. So is ours:

"$3.1 trillion: 2020 budget deficit, the largest in dollar terms in U.S. history. Trump had pledged during the 2016 campaign to eliminate the gap between federal spending and revenue. Tax cuts Trump enacted in 2017 contributed to the imbalance, and it ballooned further after Congress passed $2.4 trillion in economic relief earlier this year to help unemployed workers, business owners and others weather the financial fallout from the coronavirus pandemic."

Trump also promised infrastructure improvements and so on, and failed to deliver for anyone but the rich. The global economy was probably inevitable, but it's been taken advantage of in some quarters more than others. The West's (Reagan's and Thatcher's) neoliberal project has failed in a big way and people will act accordingly. Whinge all you like.

"But do we see JK with his begging bowl out and shoved under the swamp's nose?"

Waaay-ell Loz when you put it like that, no I reckon y'all will not.

But I can definitely see some incentive for Bob to go scavenging the archives.

However in my defence I'd protest in my maturity I've recognized the error of my ways.


Presidents don't do appropriations legislation, K-Street does. Presidents only get an opportunity to sign (or not) appropriations legislation.

If K-Street has no potholes why bother with infrastructure?


Referring to "the president" is just shorthand for "the administration". I don't give Trump personally much credit or blame for anything other than having the talent to manipulate the alternative media universe created over the past 40 years by right wing operatives. Our social and physical infrastructure is largely obsolete or deplorably underfunded.


If true we recognize Washington DC's finest hour. Which, my spidey senses inform me is, very likely, 'true to form.'

The West's (Reagan's and Thatcher's) neoliberal project has failed in a big way

Quite literally the biggest historical porkie ever to be recorded on D&N! Congratulations Bob!

Billions of people from every corner of the globe have been raised out of poverty by globalisation. And that's true poverty I'm talking about: absolute poverty, not relative wealth.

Relative wealth is a redefinition of the true meaning of poverty, crafted by statists, collectivists and socialists, in order to dodge the fact that globalisation, that extra little tweak to capitalism, has eradicated more poverty than any other practical implementation in the history of mankind (apart from the original capitalism itself).

Whereas, statism, collectivisation and socialism has created more poverty than any other practical implementation known to mankind, including the systematic killing, much through poverty and starvation, of 120 million people in the 20th century alone.

By destroying socialism in the East, and West for that matter, and fusing the two worlds together, Ronnie and Maggie are on the podium as the two people who saved more from poverty than any other human being in the history of mankind thus far.

Yeah, that's some porkie you've got going there Bob. Knocks "carbon causes warming of the climate in spite of carbon happening after warming by 200-1200 years" into a cocked hat.



There are millions of American ex factory workers, mostly in the Midwest, that would take issue with you. I personally think global trade is good, but that treaties like NAFTA and PTNC have caused a lot of problems that could have been avoided by compensating for the loss of American jobs in various ways. I'm not suggesting going to the illogical extreme opposite as you know, funny guy.

Bob, instead of tying yourself in a pretzel, wouldn’t it be far simpler to just admit that President Trump’s “magic wand” was more beneficial to the American population than the globalistic view of outsourcing to the cheapest labor?

It’s probably a good idea not to deprive your potential customers of a livelihood. Hint: if they’re unemployed they won’t be able to buy the cheap Chinese garbage anyway.


If you mean the trade war "magic wand" it's only caused higher prices and smaller markets in both the US and China. Since most money flows to the top with our current tax structure, workers get hurt the worst.

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