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Monday, 28 December 2020


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SoD, at the totally free and fair referendum, 51.9% of the voters went for 'LEAVE' - end of!

This seems helpful:

Whiters, the Speccie article skirts past the services question. There's a great big void in the agreement around services, the discussion and arrangements for which are due to be continued outside of the agreement in some sort of informal framework, up to the end of March 2021. You just know the Frogs and Jerries have ambushed Blighty in there ...

Notice how BoJo has committed Blighty to unlimited free trade across goods, where Blighty has a trade deficit with Europe, to the intense delight of the Jerries in particular, and everyone else in Europe who has a trade surplus with us. Zero tariffs and quotas for their export industries.

Yet the city, barely mentioned in the "discourse" over the last few years and in the agreement, and all the other service industries that comprise a trade surplus for Blighty over the EU, is not just behind a tariff and quota wall, but simply banned. No equivalence, no passporting, an export Ban Wall ...

As more city firms and other IT services relocate to the EU to gain access under EU law, the tax take from Blighty's biggest sector, 80% of Blighty's economy, will shrivel behind the Ban Wall.

So how smart a deal is this for Blighty? The Kaiserin has a smile on her face. Macron's pride is intact vis-a-vis the fishermen. Meanwhile 80% of Blighty's economy has just lost its largest export market.

I was holding this one back for another post, which I may well do anyway as things develop, but you tickled it out of me with that blue socialist Speccie article.


SoD I do try.

In 2021 Brits will begin to understand that some effects of Brexit aren't economic abstractions:

Thank Gawd for that, at least one DT pundit starting to wake up and smell the coffee ...

Winning it back is one thing; using it effectively within the parameters of a country that politically is not yet ready for the monetary and fiscal disciplines of a European version of Singapore is quite another. We await the groundbreaking agenda with bated breath. It had better be good.

He could have gone one step further and said "It isn't looking good".

With services, 80% of the economy, now behind a ban wall with the EU, BoJo's hobbled Blighty's strongest most productive sector. One can only assume BoJo's strategy is actually to "level-down", not up! ...

"So long as the gap is smaller, they'd rather have the poor poorer" - Maggie Thatcher on socialism, spoken during her last day in the house (before she was stabbed in the back by blue socialists).


Theresa May weighs in on the scandal of the missing services agreement in BoJo's so called "deal" ...

Watching Boris squirm as Europe closes all the services doors in the post-deal discussions between now and the end of March will at least be entertaining.


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