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Monday, 28 December 2020


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Can’t say fairer than that.

Fair wind to his arse.

Well said. His kind needs to be thoroughly utterly and completely dead.

His kind needs to be thoroughly utterly and completely dead.

And that is just to start with. I don't think we will ever know how many operatives he betrayed to his Soviet masters.


Please, English only.

The leftward swing in Blighty's politics in the twentieth century, which is today being revisited in plain view, excuses this traitor to the West and the ideals of the West, and accomplice in the murder of over 100 million people in the name of socialism ...

by the time of his arrest in 1960 he had copied no fewer than 4,720 pages of secret intelligence for the Russians, and betrayed the identities of over 350 MI6 agents to the KGB. For seven years Blake systematically destroyed the network of agents who were working to bring democracy to Eastern Europe and an unknown number – thought to be around 10 – paid with their lives, sometimes after torture.

When asked how many agents he had betrayed to the Soviets, Blake answered he had “never added them up. These people were not innocent, they were agents working willingly and knowingly against their own governments.”

By the time he died, he knew that communism had killed a hundred million people, yet still he supported it.

Barely a squeak of criticism from the left media, and folks like John Le Carre, someone I always thought of as dodgy, swathe these vile creatures like Blake with moral equivalence, excuses, and apologia ...

If Blake had worked for Stalin’s totalitarian twin Adolf Hitler, his activities would rightly have been greeted with a barrage of contumely on his death, but instead there was hardly a single word of criticism. “Blake was an idealist disillusioned with British Intelligence”, stated The Guardian, “who sought in his naive fashion a Communist revolution”.

Yet in fact there was nothing naive in Blake’s cold-blooded betrayal of his country over a period of several years to the vicious Soviet regime. The moral equivalence that so much of today’s media draws between MI6 and the CIA on one hand, and the Russian (and now also the Chinese) intelligence services on the other, tells us much more about our tragic ambivalence towards Western values than it does about those agencies. Part of that is down to the work of someone else who has died recently, John Le Carré, whose novels all too often – especially in The Russia House and his later works – portray Western espionage agencies as precisely (im)morally equivalent to the KGB and its successor agency, the FSB.



SoD, over here as well. Our Deep State, mega corps, big tech and cultural elites are embracing "progressive" ideas that are nothing more than intro to communism for slow learners. Trump outed them but now these Western commies have all the institutions, members of Congress and their stooge about to enter the White House. It is up to us oldsters to teach younger adults the lessons of history. Fast.

Whitehall,your people will suss out the stooge who has a shelf life like all of us. Biden is a dead man walking and his party are no doubt making arrangements. You have to start campaigning for 2015.

You have to start campaigning for 2015.

Might be a bit late for that one Jimmy.

G'day All,

A Happy New Year to all.

Aside from Kiribati and the Eastern Protectorate of Oz [also known as New Zealand] we'll be shot of 2020 before anyone else so I raise my glass to you.

Thanks AussieD. I trust 2021 looks okay so far? New Year's day evening there is a PBS tv program from the Vienna Opera house yearly. This year it is being advertised as "forget the stress bring on the Strauss". A fine performance which we look forward to.

G'day Whitewall. So far so good.

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