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Friday, 18 December 2020


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"dragged out tomorrow at the crack of dawn to assist the 'Memsahib' in her final Xmas shopping".
Me Too! Plus lunch!

Thank God you're ok, was getting worried (again).

Getting a lot of information re the Brexit situation down here. "Out" would be a good Christmas present and worth a special lunch at the Tippling Philosopher.

Mind you, I am being dragged out tomorrow at the crack of dawn to assist the 'Memsahib' in her final Xmas shop.

This holiday season is the time to give thanks for Amazon delivery and department store curbside pickup.

Hang in there Duff. Better days ahead!
Merry Christmas to you and the memsahib.

Bob, The delivery services have increased by a multitude and the drivers are very pleasant considering they have a heavy workload. The postal boys and girls are still running around wearing their now traditional cargo shorts giving an excellent service. How lucky we are to have the Internet in our time. This virus would have run amuck in older times!


They're all doing good work here too, all things considered. A lot of delivery people apparently drive their own vehicles as temp workers. It's too cold in my part of the world for shorts.

SoD, sorry about the italics - could have sworn I closed them.

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