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Thursday, 03 December 2020


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Stealin' Joe may be trying to sort whether he is "president" of Belarus or just where.

No one should be surprised Biden is taking his political tack or that it resembles Trump's. The issues he's trying to claim are the ones the majority of Americans care about most.

His problem is that the Democratic party abandoned the working class with a vengeance during the Clinton administration and a little more during Obama's. He just doesn't have much credibility.

That said, his cabinet picks are an interesting mixed bag, and it's anyone's guess what he actually wants to do, will be forced to do, or what he'll be able to accomplish. His Washington insider status hurts him, but if he can just handle what remains of the covid crisis competently it might be enough. Even Trump's former campaign manager Brad Parscale has opined they lost because The Don tried to ignore or bullshit the pandemic.

You are right Bob Trump did balls the Covid issue. He will reflect on this for a long time. I doubt he could have a comeback in four years but politics is fickle. I agree with him on his Israeli policy and stopping Islamists entering your country. He was right to renegotiate trade deals and demand NATO member states pay their share. He did not as enemies suggested would start a major war but did to his credit continue the war against ISIL.. He was right to build the wall. So all things given he did OK.


I suppose given the low expectations for American presidents lately he did OK. In most ways he wasn't as bad as Nixon, Clinton or W. Bush.

"2. He could have admitted covid's serious effects instead of downplaying it. We know he was lying because he later admitted to Bob Woodward that he knew it was airborne and deadly early on."

"3. In fact, he could have not politicized everything about the virus instead of blaming it on the Chinese government, Democrats, cities, blue states, etc., etc."

"4. He could have used the Defense Production Act to ramp up the manufacture of PPE and other supplies."

"5. He could have coordinated the efforts of governors, or at least appointed someone else who could."

"6. He could have not carried the argument to the point of throwing shade on experts, science, and medical personnel."

*7. He could have not disbanded Obama's non-partisan pandemic task force.*

As Obama disbanded GW's pandemic task force?

"8. Even without the task force he could have read and followed their recommendations."

"9. He could have read. Including daily briefings."

Dueling narratives ...

Larry Elder quoting Jake Tapper yeah that Jake Tapper. CNN's Jake Tapper.

“We should take a moment, as we always have when discussing vaccine and Operation Warp Speed, that this is — you know, putting aside all of the failures of the Trump administration when it comes to the coronavirus, and there are lots — this is an unmitigated success and we should acknowledge that.”


Ain't it "curious" that mere hours after the election, the two 'biggie' Big Pharmas working (because of Operation Warp Speed) toward a vaccine, Moderna and Phizer announce they've successfully trialed, with above 94% effectiveness, just such a vaccine?

Too Glesga, Bob,

He didn't nuke France. Or disband NATO.

JK, Trump will go down as the President who should have got a second term but did not. An old consistent warmongerer replaced him. We move on in history.

Aye Glesga an more's the pity of it

Biden is NOT President-elect. No state has committed its electors to him. Both candidates still have a total of ZERO votes.


Sure. Trump couldn't possibly have done anything wrong. It's everyone else that's wrong. Makes perfect sense.

From local media, instead of a big source that would just be dismissed here:

"Since Nov. 3, 34 states have certified their election results."

It's technically correct that the electors don't vote until January 14th, but it's only a formality. Trump's (fake) attempt to convince state officials to send unfaithful electors to vote isn't just a reality show fantasy, it's an un-American, anti-democratic, sick reality fantasy.

"Just a reality show fantasy, it's an un-American, anti-democratic, sick reality fantasy."

Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander and et cetera et cetera ...

And there's far far more than that one single "un-American, anti-democratic, sick reality fantasy" video available on Youtube featuring numerous pundits, and yea even elected officials sworn to "Protect and Defend the Constitution" available - Yea even (and especially) many many video-clips from 'The Sunday Shows' that were broadcast on the US Media right up until Trump stood to take the oath of office.

And then 'Russiagate' and all that followed; then even unto after Impeachment, "The Covid Crisis."

I'll not be lectured to by your likes Bob.

No lecture meant, JK. Just pointing out the facts. I personally don't care what Hollywood types have to say and don't want to be associated with them.


Come to think of it, I'm not really sure what you're complaining about. Do you think Trump's pretend campaign to overturn the results of the election is OK? He's only doing it to get donations from gullible supporters, and has been pretty successful so far. Criticizing the president is an American tradition dating back to the beginning. Should Trump be an exception for some reason?


"Come to think of it, I'm not really sure what you're complaining about"?

"It's technically correct that the electors don't vote until January 14th, but it's only a formality. Trump's (fake) attempt ... "

There's a statutory process Bob and then there's 'your take' which, I'm to accept as authoritative?

"Do you think Trump's pretend campaign to overturn the results of the election is OK?"

What "I think" Bob about whatever any candidate's contesting the result of any [electoral] contest given the United States is a Republic (to this point) matters not a whit to me personally as my one vote was just that, one vote, (toward selecting my preferred candidate as my Nation's Executive,) as our nation's founding History reflects a general hope for "a more perfect Union" my thinking is "Sure, let the contest play to its end."


I agree with following the rules. My opinion about Trump's status is only that. It's a fact that Trump was a minority president. Lefties were mad about it since he's the second Republican minority president since 2000, and some spread misinformation about the Russian interference. However, that doesn't excuse Trump's further dividing the country, inciting violence and conning people. Since he owes around $400 million, do you think he'll continue to get intelligence briefings like other past presidents?

"Do you think he'll continue to get intelligence briefings like other past presidents?"

Hold on a minute there Bob. Wasn't it no less an authority than yourself who's been insisting to us these past four year that "Trump refuses to sit in for his [daily] intelligence briefings"?

So why start something new ...


Good point.

Uh oh Bob, your conceding the point puts us in a bad way, figuratively speaking. My point is, without David's 'up to cutting the mustard' and SoD's unfortunate sabbatical that leaves me, more or less, bereft of ... oh how do I put this[?] *Thrivery perhaps?

*Note - I did not spell out 'thievery' which each of us kind find in any dictionary whereas where thrivery is concerned neither of us can, at present do - but I'm hoping you, of all on this here D&N might.

No doubt you'll recall my giving the point that come the twentieth of next month there'll be a new occupant (however shortly he endures) of the Oval Office however my giving that by no means is the same thing as my also giving that, the electoral process by which that will, almost certainly occur, was lawfully conducted.

Left unsaid in my giving the point is simply owing to "the contesting" has only the one route available for redress and that is colloquially speaking "through the Courts" - And I perhaps have the better grasp of how that's likely to turn out, in the short term. 'What' I grasp is that, the wheels of Justice grind. And actually as soon as, though the arm of Justice moved fairly quickly toward the one Just end, I speak of Flynn's just due - the 'gears of Justice' were mightily squeaking wheels leaving me but one dread conclusion: the fix was in where maintaining the Administrative State's hold on the oilcan was concerned.

"If the legislative and legal powers being asked to scrutinize the election acquiesce in the Narrative and reject Donald Trump, I believe that the “process” they affirm will be that process through which the election was manipulated and then stolen. It will be an affirmation of illegitimacy in the guise of principled face-saving. The real goal—unstated but omnipresent—is to make sure that no one like Donald Trump can ever again be elected. They might just succeed in that. The cost will be the further, perhaps fatal, undermining of our electoral system’s legitimacy."

Something we might continue our 'arguings over' so that I may forestall me getting rusty?

If not sufficient how about this? I contend we've lived to see the absolute end of our constitutionally borned Republic.


Oh and an aside Bob, somewhile back you made a claim I at the time 'haed me doots abut' and that was your saying 'Indiana never had the peculiar affliction'!

I've recently been able to visit my county library - amazing how, in the immediate aftermath of an election, covid seems less contagious in libraries! At any rate I managed to get myself some "newish" reading material and lo and behold I've discovered some things I wasn't fully appreciative of where the Northwest Ordinance was concerned.

(I've not as yet completed the book but pre-emptively I'll just allow as how Indiana appears to be, to this point, unique indeed!)

The Pioneers written by David McCullough.


First off, the concern isn't that Trump will read anything, it's that he'll just sell it to the highest bidder. You know better than to think Trump's actually going to read. He already knows more than any expert, so why should he? So, you're right I made the point he doesn't read at least twice now. Good point.

Yesterday Biden was up to 279 certified votes. That means it's all over except for the conspiracy theorizing. Personally, I'm not worried about another Trump being elected. I'm more worried about some totally self-serving individual like him being elected who actually understands how government and policy work.

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