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Friday, 11 December 2020


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I hope Boris can avoid the last minute "extended hours" head fake that will surely come.

Ted Heath must have been desperate to join the EEC by giving Frogs the right to plunder our sovereign fishing grounds and take more fish than ourselves. What did that have to do with trade!

If Macron is so bothered about his fishing fleet, he can subsidise them himself. He can either pay them each time they return, empty, from long-distance runs down the African coast, just to keep the crews from being unemployed Gilets Jaunes; or he can fork out for very expensive licenses to fish in British territorial waters. All out of French taxpayers' money, of course.

The fish issue is small you're about to find out. Enjoy your cod.

The fish issue is small fry

The argument on the part of the Brits is not about fish but about who comes into your territorial waters and for what purpose. Nations have gone to war over such issues.

Such issues were often the subject of naval exercises both theoretical and out on the wet stuff.

"The fish issue is small fry"

Oh no it isn't. It is the issue that has bedevilled our EU membership since we joined in 1973. The issue is sovereignty. Edward Heath lied thru' his Tory teeth. We have taken it back and the French will just have to make a deal or stop fishing in British waters.

Prayin' won't do you no good. You have to be willing to pull the ripcord for the chute to open.

This sounds amusing:

Wonder how long his leash will be?

BOE, unless cod is to become the staple diet of the British nation you will have more fish than you can possibly eat, and not much else. Also, no market into which you might sell the excess. Macron is having a laugh, big time...and he's twice as clever as his opposition. Which isn't too hard.

No market for bacalao?
Shirley you jest.

(Bacalao = salted cod. A big staple in Spanish and Portuguese menus.)

So, we will be up to our armpits in cod. Just like the Danes will be buried by unsold bacon; the Dutch by uncut flowers and the Bavarians won't be able to move for unsold BMWs. The French will have to pour lots of wine away. The Spanish and Portugese tourist business will collapse, as will the French rural housing market. The extra-smart Macron is driving his fishermen into a position where they will have no fishing rights in UK waters.

The EU is threatening to cut off access to energy in retaliation for reduced access to UK waters. Not to worry, sushi is a more healthy alternative to deep fried fish and chips. Unless you get parasites.

Seeing as how 'getting infected with parasites' is getting into the mix:

Money quote - "Fifty former intelligence officials have signed a letter claiming the Hunter Biden story is Russian disinformation."

So yeah Bob's warning us of parasites is a real possibility.

Ironically enough.


That didn't last long.

JK, my old man who fought the NAZIS said all you need is a can opener and newspaper to wipe your arse. We have a subtle type of Nazi running the EU now. Go Balls vould be proud of dem.

Bob, deep fried fish and chips is delicacy for the British working class and Royalty. We can survive on this with a pickled onion.

Jimmy, surely your Dad needed a firearm to help fight the Nazis?

"Jimmy, surely your Dad needed a firearm to help fight the Nazis?"

Nah Whitewall.

All Jimmy's Dad needed was the words as spoke - or typed nowadays - by the likes of 'Our Bob.'

And as then though it took a long while - and in these present days especially, as it 'took awhile' then, nowadays as evidenced by, for example Bob's repeating with assurance "Fifty former intelligence officials have signed a letter ..." - and of course we may rest assured as 'informed Bob' is giving us the straight poop let us now enjoy the prospect Bob had in mind for us then and, send it right back We live but once, Bob's ilk seeks to disparage whatever it is opposing whatever Bob declares but in the end - and it looks promising to take awhile:


Hunter Biden is a total sleaze bag, but he isn't going to get a job in the White House like some other connected crooks. That kind of makes him exceptional.


Simple pleasures are the best.


"Hunter Biden is a total sleaze bag, but he isn't going to get a job in the White House like some other connected crooks. That kind of makes him exceptional."

Yeah well thanks Bob for all your earlier service.

Totally unrelated to Brexit but worth a read for an analysis on China

AussieD, that is quite a thorough analysis. Too many in the West wanted to see "good Communism" for the financial rewards to be earned and being earned. It amazes me how quickly people forget the lessons of Communism- it isn't good in any form and there are no good Communists. Eventually a Communist will be himself. We have helped build an enemy whose roots are well understood, at least by many. Defense contractors will benefit more than any other group.


It doesn't follow that because Hunter is a sleaze bag every accusation about him is true. I'll believe the intel services over politicians every time.

Living near a couple of places where fishing is so important, and has been disregarded for far too long - Rye and Hastings, I'd go and get one of the free inflatables moored in Dover, get a blunderbus and blast any bugger who attempts to get in the way of our brave little fishing fleets!

Amber Rudd was totally useless in protecting their interests, and I'm surprised that some of the good fishermen down there hadn't taken a few shotguns with them when the bloody EU trawlers stole all our fish.

Whitewall, my Da was a marksman with a bren gun! My oldest brother Robert came home from work beginning May 1951 and my Da had the pleasure of handing him his National Service call up letter. My Da said it is your turn now. I was born the day before my brother went away for his recruit training only to return from Malaya two years later. No leave home in those days.

"Saddam Hussein has WMD" said 'intel services' and so far, that proclamation justifies - well as you 'believe' Bob.

(Some believe in 'sky fairies' and some 'intel services')

And some one or the other - some takes us to war with other people's sons, on the same faith that those who gave sons. Some don't participate except on blog comment.

Faith manifested on Earth Bob is ... hmm how might you suppose it be put Bob?

Actually Bob, with the possible exception of your lived experience your observable life proves fairies. Equivalent anyway.


I don't "believe" anything in the way you mean. When I say I believe something, I mean it's the best evidence I have at the time. If better or additional evidence comes along, I'll update my "belief". It's a habit developed over years of working in the sciences. I have very little to no "faith" in anything. "Faith" means belief without evidence. There's no evidence for sky fairies and a lot of evidence against them. There's also no evidence the intel services can't be wrong or misrepresented, as they were by Dick Cheney and other neocons, or misused as they were by Herbert Hoover. That all probably sounds like refusing to take a stand to you, but I yam what I yam.

It wouldn't be surprising if Hunter did something illegal and not just smelly. However, he won't be working in the White House like Ivanka and Jared, who also did things that stank to high heaven but were protected by The Don. If Joe paid a bribe to get Hunter his job he should be held accountable, but that's not usually how influence peddling works. We'll see what turns up.


You're welcome.

"I have very little to no "faith" in anything. "Faith" means belief without evidence."

I beg to differ Bob.

Matter of fact I'd go so far as to saying you're exhibiting (and have been for a long long time) signs of being about the faithfuliest person I've ever come across. Exhibit #10,402 - Efficacy of hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of Covid 19:

Curious this only comes out publicly after the election! Scroll down to 'Resolution 509' (looks to be on or very near beginning on Page 16 of my particular pdf reader).

I'd specifically refer you Bob to page 3 of Resolution 509, lines 4 through 9:

"RESOLVED, That our American Medical Association rescind its statement calling for physicians to stop prescribing hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine until sufficient evidence becomes available to conclusively illustrate that the harm associated with use outweighs benefit early in the disease course. Implying that such treatment is inappropriate contradicts AMA Policy H-120.988, “Patient Access to Treatments Prescribed by Their Physicians,” that addresses off label prescriptions as appropriate in the judgement of the prescribing physician."


I don't rely on any social media for information, but thanks. The AMA addendum you cited is another example of how science works. After more study the AMA decided hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine should be studied further. That doesn't mean the FDA was wrong to caution against it or that Trump was right to claim it was a cure. As far as we know, when he got covid he was treated with monoclonal antibodies and steroids, not hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine.

Science bases belief on evidence and recognizes that the best evidence available at the time can be wrong. People use to think Earth was flat until they invented sailing ships that could go beyond the horizon. We've continued to build on that evidence to the point we can travel to the moon, but it's been a really messy process. And there are still people who claim to believe Earth is flat.


For going on near 25 years I've been prescribed a particular pharmaceutical concoction. Sometime during the earliest period - I don't recall exactly when, maybe six months maybe a whole year - however long it was (well I do know it was after my Dad's death because we'd not yet got shed of all his medical "reference materials" [ie 'books') but anyway I discovered the drug I was taking and what it was to being prescribed to treat, wasn't what is was 'supposed to be prescribed to treat' in my case. "Off label use" in other words.

Aw heck I'll cut to the chase:

"The science world has been buffeted for nearly a decade by growing revelations that major bodies of scientific knowledge, published in peer-reviewed papers, may simply be wrong. Among recent instances: a cancer cell line used as the basis for over a thousand published breast cancer research studies was revealed to be actually a skin cancer cell line; a biotechnology company was able to replicate only six out of fifty-three “landmark” published studies it sought to validate; a test of more than one hundred potential drugs for treating amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in mice was unable to reproduce any of the positive findings that had been reported from previous studies; a compilation of nearly one hundred fifty clinical trials for therapies to block human inflammatory response showed that even though the therapies had supposedly been validated using mouse model experiments, every one of the trials failed in humans; a statistical assessment of the use of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to map human brain function indicated that up to 70 percent of the positive findings reported in approximately 40,000 published fMRI studies could be false; and an article assessing the overall quality of basic and preclinical biomedical research estimated that between 75 and 90 percent of all studies are not reproducible."

And that was published in Trump BC.

I'll just presume you read the entirety of 'Resolution 509' but the basic facts are well known - a "novel virus" made its appearance and people were said to be 'dropping like flies' (though *surprisingly Corp of Engineers built, supplied, and staffed facilities went unused. As well, purpose built US Navy 'hospital ships' were never utilized)

And 'Big Tech' stepped in to suppress eminently trained and currently active practicing physicians (sometimes referred to as 'doctors on the front lines') But anyway Big Tech & Big Media & Big Politics actively suppressed testimonial "videos" freely offered by those working "danger close."

Spin it however you want Bob. "A shameful episode" works for me.


I never claimed science doesn't make mistakes. What it's good at is correcting mistakes over the long haul. And I tried to point out the long haul might be thousands of years. The New Atlantis isn't an unbiased source:

"The New Atlantis is a journal founded by the social conservative advocacy group the Ethics and Public Policy Center. The journal is not peer-reviewed, and covers topics about the social, ethical, political, and policy dimensions of modern science and technology.[1] The journal is published in Washington, D.C. by the Center for the Study of Technology and Society.[2] It is edited by Ari Schulman, having previously been edited by co-founders Eric Cohen and Adam Keiper."

Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and they all stink. Their method of attack on science and experts is more subtle than some, but an attack is what it is.

"That doesn't mean the FDA was wrong to caution against it or that Trump was right to claim it was a cure." He actually 'claim' as you 'claim' Bob?

"At a White House briefing last week, Trump said hydroxychloroquine, which is used to treat malaria, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis, shows "tremendous promise" of working against coronavirus as well."

"I think it's going to be great," he said. "We're quickly studying this drug."

(And though, at the time, I figured it unnecessary to waste time typing a comment stating something like "Gee I wonder how in the heck a real estate guy came to be aware of that specific compound?"

Just assuming probably some physician mighta been spitballing about the stuff in one of those staff meetings Trump arranged. "Couldn't be!" I concluded, on the basis of Bob's constant contending Trump never attends meetings and the like.)

Oh well. However he came to opine "It looks promising" it would now appear the AMA (finally!) got the same memo.

Bob just a little 'Let me see now' hint about how I read (and process) whatever Wiki happens to be asserting whenever something is ,in the news' - I scroll down to see when the last edit was made, in this instance:

"This page was last edited on 10 December 2020, at 11:15 (UTC)."

Hmm. That's kinda interesting - the date for that AMA release was 08 December 2020 - coincidence?


You're just arguing semantics now. But yeah, that Wiki edit is pretty coincidental. Maybe the Russians hacked it.

Do you still watch Krystal and Saagar? I've already gotten tired of their schtik. They're too gossipy and all they do is call politicians stupid and hypocrites. Most of us already know that. Who needs to hear it gossiped?

Bob, you should read Selwyn Lloyd Suez 1956 a personal account.

"Just semantics" eh Bob?

"Drugs derived from deep sea bacteria don't sound much like disinfectants, but you're correct and I still marvel at the Don's mental processes."

Like I was mentioning above Bob, Trump the real estate guy, had to've gotten the mention of hydroxychloroquine from somebody - interesting (coincidence that Fauci hisself signed off as 'author' to a study performed years prior concluding "Hydroxychloroquine is effective in combating SARS [severe acute respiratory syndrome] type coronaviruses") to imagine just 'who' that somebody was that was perfectly positioned (as we've just witnessed the AMA) torpedoing but then, as the election's 'in the bag' "reversing course" (as it were).

It's just too damn bad that torpedo already sundered the keel but what the heck, 'Science.'

So both "shameful" and "shameless."

But what's the big deal about there being maybe an additional hunnert thousand deaths that maybe coulda been avoided if only Trump woulda kept his damn opining to hisself, because you know, Science.

And because Trump said "it looks promising."

(As promising you reckon Bob as Biden's saying "I have a plan"?)


I'll look into it. It sounds like an interesting bit of history.


Hydroxychloroquine is irrelevant now, but sure, The Don is a great seer if that's what you want to believe. And I know you do.

Biden has to say he has a plan. What presidential candidate has ever said they have no idea what they're going to do in office? Until he actually does something my attitude is "so what?".


I looked at some book reviews and they mostly agreed that Selwyn Lloyd added little to the understanding of the Suez crisis. He seems to personally put most blame for failures on Eisenhower, which doesn't seem useful, and it's 270 pages, so I probably won't be reading it. I did read a paper on Suez though, since I never knew much about it. World politics after the war were at least as messy as they are now:



Sorry, wrong link:

How about a change from all this boring American politics? After all, do we really care that they have decided to install a crappy old man as their leader.

So my new topic is the Chinese BatFlu vaccine. The plonkers that run the UK have decided to vaccinate me. So I would thought you might like an occasional comment to let you know it didn't kill me; or grow me another head.

Bob, it was Selwyn who admitted the the British, French and Israel set up the whole Suez affair. The Israeli did the dirt and informed the Yanks. I assume Israel thought the Yanks would be better long term partners.

BOE, they decided to stick you? Did you have a say in the matter? Personally I'm glad to see you again and especially with just the one head and this side of a dirt nap. Do you know many in your age group who have been stuck?

0930 gmt on Saturday.

Whitewall, you might have reason for concern if people were being dragged off to be vaccinated. They are not. This is England, Brexit country: fish keeping, sovereignty at any price. If the economy goes down the gurgler it doesn't really matter because we'll rise from the ashes and be great again. We are the best, most inventive, most creative, most intelligent people on the planet. Let's go it alone. What could possibly go wrong?

Rule Britannia.

Mary, according to BOE, 'they' decided to stick him. I wasn't sure how much of it was by his own free will.

Some of us Americans are very happy to be directly descended from "you".

Whitewall, what a love you are, but you're unlikely to be descended from me. My mother was English with a dollop of French and my father was Irish with more than a hint of Scottishness..which we know because of an ancient Irish historian who has spent his life tracking things down. Anyway, I'm a mongrel. Obviously, I've been blessed with all the best bits!

OK Whitewall. According to the government they have prioritised the population by age and occupation. As I am well over 80, I am second on their list. A nice lady phoned me yesterday and asked if I was willing to be vaccinated. I said yes. So - no compulsion. Sorry.

American politics are boring? Brexit, Brexit, Brexit, Brexit, Brexit, etc...

That's probably why David still hasn't been posting.

Mary, "Obviously, I've been blessed with all the best bits!"
I learned that the first time I saw you.

Mary, the Irish decended from us Scots but some got lost in the tides and ended up in America.

Glesga, my father is a direct descendent of three brothers who left Scotland together and claimed half a county. They, seeing an opportunity went in the opposite direction to most. Obviously they married with Irish women and the history was lost. They had this surname gathering and loads of Americans, and a few Canadians turned up as well. I wish I could have been there. My brothers attended.

Imagine if you will a very sprightly, elderly man who is the self-appointed archivist. He remembered my father by reputation, as a "very vain man" who loved the women. He never actually met him but he knew of him. He was a bit bright, as was his older brother who became a doctor..but his path was set. The third son had to become a priest. According to this guy, and it's the stuff of legend (because we hadn't heard this before) he was forced to take the priest's test. Apparently he didn't make the grade. There was no end of fuss.

I fear that the jab will become a requirement for travel to be added to the passport, visa etc.

(I was having a conversation with my lawyer and he had never heard of travelers checks or cheques! Young whippersnapper.)

"The jab" can be a story line all on its on. The mask is 2020, a "jab" and proof of it will be 2021. What's on the way for 2022? An implanted chip for everyone?

For UK readers. Had first of two Chinese BatFlu jabs this morning. 4 different practices sent lots of oldies for vaccination. Big queue, but it was well organised with lots of staff. It took about 30 minutes from joining the queue to leaving with my right arm full of something. Luckily the weather was good.

BOE, you will survive. Hopefully, for a long time because you still have a lot to say. I'm in Sydney. It's raining.

Thank you Mary. As I stood in the large queue of over-80s yesterday, it seemed to me that we are doing this the wrong way. We should be vaccinating those people who have jobs. After all, "3 score years and ten".

Closer than I thought:

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