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Wednesday, 23 December 2020


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The "world's media". 'Nuff said. Just as a vaccine(s) arrive, lo and behold a mutation arrives from the East or southeast as the case may be. The globalist oligarchs are not going to let Britain or any of the rest of us go. Trump dispatched by any means necessary, now Brexit is to be undone by any means necessary. A week plus to go and all this is as predictable as sunrise. The "global media" as mouth piece of the global elite. No more nation states no matter what.

There's no link between Brexit and the mutation of a virus.

As for the breakup of the Union, that sounds great. Gibraltar is pretty useless except as a means of training sailors to steer between Europe and Africa. Good riddance to the murderous Irish, and if the loyalists kick off they can sort it out with the Wehrmacht. The Scots can be shown the instruments of torture (the Euro, and paying off their share of the debt) and if they feel like it they can go with our good wishes and their brightest will be on the first train to London.

Looks like the residents of Plague Island will have to present passports when visiting Gibraltar, their own overseas territory, whereas Spanish people will not! ...

So much for Blighty's sovereignty being returned after Brexit, we've actually lost more of it!


Whyaxye, let's kiss goodbye to the northerners, Taffies, and Country-Bumpkins while we're at it, and rejoin just London and the Southeast to the EU.

We'd be the finance and IT capital of Europe. Join the Euro under-valued, and like the Jerries did, squeeze yet more out of Europe's periphery into London's coffers.

I'm trying to work out how many whingers and dependants we'd be shod of into the bargain: Paddies, Sweaties, Taffies, Northerners and Country-Bumpkins. That's a shedload of whining and dosh, so much so I can't do the maths. Just never having to hear from Mrs McWhinge and the Red effing Wall puts it over the line.

Works for me.


One for the cousins

No doubt the "1619 Project" has its very own “The Venemous Bede”.

Good article AussieD.


The vaccine in the EU:

Guess you were with this lot:

No doubt BoJo will try to take credit for the vaccines - in spite of them being developed in the private sectors of Blighty and the EU.

The only Covidiots are the ones who voted to lock us in with a state that has this track record of failure on Covid ...

Borders (shut too late)
Lockdown (too late)
ICUs (not enough)
PPE (procurement failure and corruption)
Care homes (hospital patients returned)
NHS (super-spreader unable to perform BAU)
Nightingale Hospitals (no medical staff)
Testing (epic fail)
Track, trace and isolate (epic fail)
The app (epic fail)

0 out of 10.

Meanwhile the independent sector supermarkets, distributors, and pharmas took the challenges in their stride across Blighty and the EU, and DELIVERED.

And you want to apply tariffs and quotas at the borders and lock us in with the 0 out of 10 failures that constitute our political class and state? You'd sacrifice your family and friends to be slaughtered and systematically abused by these criminally negligent psychotics and psychopaths, just for nationalism? Better Brit and dead, than alive and globalised?

Covidiots, indeed.


UK unemployment rate 4.8%. EU unemployment rate 8.4%.


The story line in your article is what's taught American grade school students. The regional and religious histories of the colonies and early states are far more complicated:

'From the earliest arrival of Europeans on America’s shores, religion has often been a cudgel, used to discriminate, suppress and even kill the foreign, the “heretic” and the “unbeliever”—including the “heathen” natives already here. Moreover, while it is true that the vast majority of early-generation Americans were Christian, the pitched battles between various Protestant sects and, more explosively, between Protestants and Catholics, present an unavoidable contradiction to the widely held notion that America is a “Christian nation.”'

All the financial elites were not in New York or the Northeast. George III granted tracts of land in the South to nobles to pay off debts. That's one reason slavery was so over represented in the design of the government. Enlightenment thinking also came to the New World and Deists and other non-Christian groups made up a minority but considerable portion of colonial society.


The UK isn't the worst at everything covid:

"The United States has the most coronavirus cases in the world — but in sequencing cases to check for genetic changes, it lags at an astoundingly low rate.

Of the more than 18 million cases officially reported in the United States, just 51,212, or 0.3 percent, have been genetically analyzed for variants, according to the latest data from the GISAID Initiative, which provides a global database of coronavirus genomes. Worldwide, the United States ranks 43rd in percentage of cases sequenced among countries with more than 100 reported infections."

We have now surpassed the number of American WWII combatants killed, and could more than double it:

Is this accurate?

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