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Tuesday, 01 December 2020


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"Well, I mean, what is there to say in this tedious, boring-snoring world?"

"Boring - snoring" you maintain David?

"Tedious" I may tend to agree with, 'boring-snoring' hardly!

No news here either.

Andra, the news is, He is still among us!


You're not fooling us into thinking there's nothing going on. It's just that, from your point of view, too much is going on that's no political fun.

Boris ... makes Donald Trump look like a World Leader!

Poppycock and codswallop, sir! To my knowledge Boris hasn't tried to pull off a banana republic reality show coup by getting frivolous lawsuits tossed out of court. He's not trying to scuttle special elections in his own party. What Boris has most in common with Trump is that he's the logical extreme of Thatcherism, the way Trump is the logical crash ending of Reaganism.

Glad you are still with us Duffers

Bob I'd recommend you 'touch base' with Mary of [Hairy] Chasms before you go on combining 'poppycocks & codswallops.'

Jes' saying er, sir?

Poppycock and codswallop go well together. I don't need to tell you that JK. You're the master of nonsensical prose.

Jes saying, Sir.


Your ear for poetry is exquisitely imaginative. Still, I have to give the point to Mary, and not just because she likes my writing. Actually, I just thought using a rhetorical style popular when David was a lad might help cheer him up.

the reason I have said nothing for so long is because I had nothing to say!"


When did that ever stop you?

Glad your doing well!

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