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Saturday, 30 January 2021


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Crikey, so much for the laissez-faire reformer Macron and his neo-Liberal posturing! ...

He'll be joining the blue socialists of the Tory party next!

More to the point, the Jerries can't be viewing that freshly planted forêt d'arbre d'argent magique with any great pleasure! "Who in ze hell iz under-writing that, Fritz?" they might be asking themselves.

If the own goals carry on like this it'll be 10-10 at half time!

So c'mon Blighty, carpe Diem, FFS, go on the offensive! You can see the Euros quivering in their pantyhose at the thought of a "Singapore of Europe" with 65 million peeps floating off the coast of la belle France!

Will the blue socialists yet again scupper Blighty's destiny of prosperity and freedom, as they and the yellow and red socialists did 1945-79?

Or will an Iron Lady or Gentleman arise from the ranks and lead Blighty to a second renaissance of glory, through a restatement with innovations of the foundations laid by Adam Smith and John Stuart Mill that made Blighty great in the begining and then again in the first renaissance of 1979-90?

MBGA! Pronounced "Um-bugger"!

Get it done John Bull!

And I know you'll all be up for it, because the greatest pleasure you will ever have will be to see me, Son Of Duff, eat his own hat!


SoD, I'm fed up with your abbreviated obscenities! Any more and my editorial axe will fall! Dammit, you can write well enough without reaching for witless vulgarities!

Pay attention to your Father Loz.

Your doing such stuff is causing me much grief scrolling through yards and yards of!

Agreed! I am doing my best to keep up with the Brexit subject as we get scant reporting of it over here. D&N is my go to, providing it is written in understandable English!

I see this has made it across the pond:


It is a good idea to have borders between nations. That is why we have nation States. The EU decision to put a border between ROI and NI should be welcomed. However the EU did not consult its so called Parliament and a little quango of dictators made the above decision. They did not have any respect for the UK PM or the Irish on both sides of the border.

Whitewall, you Yanks voted for Biden. We British voted to leave the EU. Biden has a problem with the British leaving the EU as did Obama. They are a wee bit picky when it comes to democracy

Jimmy, some people and some mystery people voted in Obama 2.0 We had our part done until 3 months ago. Hang in there with yours.

I was only quoting!

On the football (soccer) terraces there is a chant when your team has pulled back from one nil down that goes like this, to the tune of "The Camptown ladies sing this song":

"One nil up and you f***ed up, doo-da, doo-da".

You should be grateful for my cultural enlightenments, and in this case, a rather beautiful fusion of US melody and Brit lyrics.


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