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Thursday, 07 January 2021


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Thank you David, but "flying colours" might be a bit of an overstatement. There were still a few Trump enablers who, even in the face of the insurrection they caused, went on with their charade questioning the legitimacy of the election.

It's going to take years for the country to process this. The only thing that's sure is there will be a major change in direction. Contrary to the hopes of the right, it will include measures like those following the Vietnam War protests, with the intelligence and legal authorities tracking a large number of Americans.

"[I]t will include measures like the intelligence and legal authorities tracking a large number of Americans."

Don't get out much do you Bob ...

(Paging Lois Lerner paging Lois Lerner. You now may return to your desk.)

The struggle will continue.

Four years will fly by as Biden unravels the gains that put Rocketman and the Mad Mullahs in a cage, quagmired Vlad and Assad in Syria, squared up to China, and brought the first and huge step of reonciliation between Israel and the Arabs in fifty years.

On top of the above, as the US economy tanks in the wake of Covid, with Blighty and the Euros running rings around the senile old fart and his socialist sidekick - sucking oil out of Russia, flogging Beamers to China, and doing the square root of diddly squat to contribute to NATO, and finally the dodgy dealings of Hunter "Crackhead" Biden and his father sink in, we'll see how the Yank peeps feel in four years time.

In the meantime, if true Americans do wish to topple the out of control democracy that's inverted the authentic order of America - Liberty first, democracy second - then you have every right to.

After all, that's how you were founded, shaking off Blighty's democratic boot in favour of your constitution of Liberty.



I thought you just had an edgy sense of humor. I was wrong.

Spitting image used to show sketches of Ronald Regan's brain, depicting him as a senile old coot who didn't know what day it was. I wonder what the new 'Woke' Spitting Image will make of Dementia Joe Biden or Kamala 'Kneepads' Harris? HIGNFY will also, no doubt, praise Biden for being able to find the toilet before his nappy overflows.
Meanwhile, Harris, Pelosi, and Occasionally Coherent will be going after anyone connected, supported, or even failed to say a bad word about Trump. Businesses will be closed down, people will suddenly lose their jobs, the prison population of Republican voters will rise, and a countrywide programme of firearms confiscation will begin. Meanwhile, Hilary Clinton will be preparing for her role of Vice President once President Harris offers it to her. Who said that crime never pays?

I wonder if Biden will invoke the Insurrection Act and round up the Antifa/BLM crowd. It will stop the rioting and put the Trumpists on the back foot.

BOE, nah those guys are on his payroll. If he did, I would be utterly gobsmacked.

The Democrats attempted insurrection against Trump with their impeachment crap. I wonder how long it will take Biden to start a war! Bob will know the next US target.

All I saw was the swamp covering their asses and preparing for the next push.


If you remember Democrats smashing DC property and assaulting DC police you should have some doubts.

AussieD, is this true?

"DC property"?!!!

G'day Whitewall,

Surely is.

Glesga, that link is probably to what we are all misremembering.

Democrats simply do not "conflict with DC police."

Only Republicans do that sort of thing.

Well, so now the US will have a President more popular than Obama in his heyday.
Funny how No one ever turned out to support him.
But we must trust the official figures mustn't we, or It'll be the end of democracy.

@ SoD
The US economy will come roaring back after Covid, it already is. But don't worry, the Dems.have plenty of plans to fix that.

This is far from over. Over half the country thinks that this election was stolen. People will then say if my vote doesn't count what else is available to me? There isn't really much thinking to be done when you get to that question.

"Over half the country thinks that this election was stolen"

The other half knows it was stolen. Trump's problem all along was that he thought the constitution mattered. It did of course, but only to him.

The Trumpateer Terrorists are the equivalent of the far left SDS and Weather Underground groups that contributed to the last big change in direction in US politics. Just watch.

Well bless my soul Bob, you have seen what we have finally seen! Massive crowds on the Right are not the norm at least until now. The Left has seen it as well and they are unnerved. The House is the people's House--ours, and a few of us came for an uninvited visit. To our House. Our employees fled.

This type of thing must be repeated over and over, not just in DC but in many state capitols as well. These are odd clothes for an aging traditionalist like me to wear, but disenfranchising voters and replacing them with forged people is just another type of mob, which at its root is all democracy is -mob rule. That gathering in DC was huge, I don't know how huge, so just imagine if every man jack of them...I don't know how to include the women in that phrase...had been armed and angry as well.

Whitewall, you haven't been reading my comments. I've mentioned left wing groups several times. The terrorists of the '60's and '70's thought they were being patriots too. They believed they were fighting the corporations profiting from the Vietnam War and power structure serving them. There was a public reaction against those groups and their tactics. There will be a similar reaction against the right wing groups. Do you think Republicans will be able to call themselves the "law and order" party now?

"Do you think Republicans will be able to call themselves the "law and order" party now?" Not yet. We held a small riot and didn't even get away with any big screen TVs or laptops or designer clothes and burned no buildings to the ground or any of the usual stuff. We just aren't that good at this yet. But, in time, we will and then we will get control of the DC culture and then the entire popular culture, Hollywood, media, academia etc. After that we can talk about 'law and order'. "La Violencia", I'm afraid, may be on the menu for the next dozen years or so. And here I've been enjoying my well planned retirement. Along with my fishing gear I may have to do like others I know and pack a .380 as well.

Btw, I do read most of your comments.

All this could have been avoided. A rapid audit of the disputed states under an independent body would have calmed everything down.

All this could have been avoided. A rapid audit of the disputed states under an independent body would have calmed everything down.

BOE, how dare you echo good sense...

One of the pictures of the recent storming of the Senate showed a perpetrator dressed as a redskin, complete with a large pair of buffalo horns. I surely can't be the only person to be reminded of a certain event that took place way back in 1773, when a group of gentlemen, also dressed as redskins, tipped a large quantity of tea into Boston Harbour.

Were they they domestic terrorists or patriots? I suppose that then as now, the answer depended on which side of the political fence you were on. Perhaps, a preference for one or other stimulating beverage might have had something to do with it as well.

That guy Richard is a verified Trump supporter.

Likely to be the first one federally charged. Or, at least it wouldn't surprise me if he were the lead off.


Actually, there were laptops, mail, and government documents stolen. All were federal crimes. Entering the Capitol without clearance is a federal crime, as is damaging the building.

The insurrectionists' actions have already forced Trump to concede the election. That's not even the tip of the iceberg. You don't hear much about the SDS or Weather Underground lately, do you?

Fox, NewsMax, OAN and the rest of the usual suspects are already trying to claim the people that stormed the Capitol were actually Antifa pretending to be Trump supporters. As JK points out, since some of the offenders were already known and a few even bragged about what they'd done on camera, it ain't gonna fly except with the most hopelessly delusional.

I neglected to mention that a Capitol Hill policeman was murdered. Whoever did that is probably going to end up in a SuperMax cell.

Weather Underground attacked a Federal bldg if I remember right and killed a cop and paid little price. Their time is over and some became famous and some became academics. If they had been Antifa, nobody would have seen their faces. They who did it did it.

"Actually, there were laptops, mail, and government documents stolen."


Pols and their hmmm ... "associates" these last few years especially, have been notoriously .. hmmm "lax" where keeping track of such things have been concerned.

Who knows - some of this stuff could be waiting in repair shops or partners in crime fellow Congress-Critters' staffs (or even, "destroyed with hammers/incinerators/shredders" etc)?

"Entering the Capitol without clearance is a federal crime"?

Stating such a thing concerning "the people's house" without qualification shows ignorance of such things. Somewhere in such a statement as that should appear some form of 'it depends' 'depending on' et cetera.

There were known Antifa affiliated persons present - video evidence is conclusive on that. On the point of their "pretending" as is, at this point also similarly alleged on that point too we'll simply have to wait for the "proper authorities" investigation process to play out. (But my personal speculation on that particular tends me to postulate any Antifa angle will be folded into the Durham inquiry which will never see the light of day.)

As to Bob's additional - I've seen similar reporting of the one fact however admitting I've performed no adequate personal search of the particulars so, can't knowledgeably comment - I await reporting of the circumstances. For instance, is it possible that, what appears to me to be a 9mm bullet fired into the relatively scrawny neck of that scumbag Trump supporting female United States Air Force veteran, have passed completely through her scrawny neck and ricocheted, however inadvertently, into said policeman's [is that still acceptable to say, 'policeman' or must it henceforth be 'policeperson'? - I await instruction] throat and was similarly fatal?

That's a Must Read for everybody to familiarize themselves with - Especially us US readers here (one in particular I have in mind).

My message on that?

Pay attention to the number, and the pace, of 'the editing' process Wiki's 'standard operating procedure' [SOP] in the aftermath of The Covington Kids' *settlement [gag order] with Wiki's donors.

Officer Sicknick (Capitol Police officer) who the MSM (at this moment 2142 CDT) continues to report "died of injuries inflicted by the [Trump instigated] rioters" - Anonymous sources reporting be email to me report that "Officer Sicknick died of a stroke." "He was constantly taking time off because of his high blood pressure." "[Office Direction] shouldn't have put him out there because he had known issues." (Some other stuff but because I'm cognizant of some stuff alot aren't I'll maybe just go with HIPAA and/or "hearsay" seeing as how Officer Sicknick isn't around to correct the record ...

"This page was last edited on 9 January 2021, at 03:22 (UTC)."

Editing dates & times are to be found at the very bottom of whatever the Wikipedia "History" says it is.

Occasionally some fun can be had - at a future point - keeping screenshots in a record so to look back on maybe a year hence. Sometimes much sooner.

That 'uns likely to be edited pretty soon - Loz? Better get it while it's hot!

"A Utah activist who faces criminal charges in connection with a Provo protest he organized in June claims he attended a pro-Trump rally that turned into a violent attack on the U.S. Capitol in order to see “the truth” about the protests for himself and the organization he represents."

"Sullivan, who is the founder of Insurgence USA, a social justice group that calls itself anti-fascist and protests police brutality, was detained by Washington police for about an hour and a half Thursday night, a day after he talked to local and national media about what he witnessed Wednesday."

"But some of the 40-minute video he posted to his social media sites contradicts his assertion that he and another woman were “only filming” the actions and not participating as he can be heard in the video encouraging people to join them as they push their way through police barricades."

"He can be heard saying, “We’re all part of this (expletive) history” as they enter the rotunda around 15 minutes in, and he says to his companion, “2021! (expletive) This is insanity. I am shook. What is this? What is this painting, you know? King (expletive) bro (expletive)!”

"“As far as them storming the Capitol, I knew that was going to happen,” he said. “I’m on chats that are underground that are sending out flyers that are just like, ‘Storm all Capitols on the 6th.’ It wasn’t anything that was secret. It was something that was out there ... and they did it.”"

"“I have video of it,” he said, describing in detail seeing the flash of the gun, the bullet strike Babbitt, and Babbitt’s reaction as she died there on the floor. “I am hesitant to post it. ... It’s something I have to take in. I hope that people get a grasp of that situation. Whoever shot her, maybe should be held accountable. I guess that’s up to the law to decide.”"

[I've viewed seven videos and from two of those I positively ID him. JK]

"Throughout the video Sullivan can be heard telling police that they shouldn’t try to stop them from going different places because he doesn’t want them to get hurt. He appears to take his gas mask off at one point, but he is not shown in his own video except for a few seconds of an 18-minute video that has now been removed from his social media accounts."

"When he was asked if he was a member of antifa, as he has used the hashtag in his social media posts, Sullivan said he understands where there could be confusion."


Somehow I get the feeling Wiki is probably gonna delete that one as a source. We shall see I suppose.

"This page was last edited on 9 January 2021, at 07:01 (UTC)."



The term is actually "violent entry":

Which in practice (though not [yet] enshrined in statute) may include 'failure or resistance to, passing through the metal detector'.

For now the 'guidance' includes alot of 'may include' as opposed to 'shall include' - the word 'shall' being absent is a pretty good indicator of whether whatever the practice, lawmakers have not yet addressed the specifics.

Depending on the circumstances of the violation[s] as charged, prosecutors 'frequently find themselves in 'problematic pursuit' [especially when an accused has failed to agree to a plea] when it comes time for a Court's decision.'

"The U.S. Capitol police department has 2,000 officers on its force. The Washington Post is reporting many of the Capitol police officers were in street clothes for this event and not riot gear."


You may recall Bob me speculating in a previous comment about all those 'firearms violations' maybe including some LEOs with me typing, [without reviewing] something like, "I expect [many/some] of those to be summarily tossed out." (Now I would add "summarily dropped").

It's an ongoing problem across the whole spectrum of the justice system whenever UCs [undercovers] are operating. Seems like it always has been, probably always will be.

But the horse is outta the barn so to speak - I mean the media has already got *the narrative set. So when six months passes and, for instance, the NYT prints a retraction on page 23, paragraph 9 in column 2, the NYT still gets to keep its Pulitzer.

(I'm not picking Bob, on the NYT it's just that roiling over my memory banks for an example, the NYT's coverage of pre-Horowitz Russia Russia Russia print coverage is the most readily accessible. I've only had a half cup of coffee.)


According to the charges there are some areas in the Capitol building legally off limits without clearance the rioters didn't have. One example is your fellow Arkie who put his feet up on Pelosi's desk and looked through her mail. The Capitol Hill police sleep walked through the ramp up to the riot because they thought the Trump supporters couldn't actually be terrorists. They've probably rethought that by now. I read or saw somewhere there were also FBI UCs in the crowd.


You're familiar with the acronym 'SCIF'?

*Hint - Such a compartment requirement for the communications (hell even conversations depending on clearances requirements) such as, for example, a whole bunch of stuff that was found on Anthony Weiner's laptop - you remember Bob, the guy who was married to Hillary's top aide Huma Abedin who I may've had in mind in that earlier comment in which I mentioned, "Some were lax" with sensitive stuff?

So anyways yes Bob there's at least three (maybe more) SCIFs in the 'people's house' so yeah there are 'off limits' places.

Pelosi's desk?

"Editor's note: A previous version of this story identified one Trump supporter as sitting at Nancy Pelosi’s desk. It has since been amended to state that the person was sitting at a desk inside Pelosi’s office, after Pelosi's daughter took to Twitter to clarify that was not the House speaker's desk."

Your mentioning that Bob being among those other things I was on about about when I typed, "That horse is outta the barn."

FBI UCs Bob, you kidding us? Hell every FBI agent I was ever in the presence of ... Well lemme just say about the only time you'll see that yellow emblazoned FBI on a (usually) blue windbreaker will be at, for instance, airliner crash sites and such things as the recent Nashville happening ... in other words Bob, they're all UC!

Concerning that Arkianese guy specifically Bob, [some] Arkansas press reports indicate he is a retired Walmart employee. Gravette (the township where the fellow owns property) being a short commute to Walmart HQ.

*Bonus Fun Fact - Walmart employs more ex-CIA field agents than any other US corporation. A whole bunch of ex-FBI too as a matter of fact.

Might Bob, get you a subscription to the NYT about June or so so you can try to keep up with the retractions - it's got woeful tiresome posting pdfs to Courts-Findings you never bother reading anyway.

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