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Sunday, 03 January 2021


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Oh dear, SoD playing about with numbers, eh ?,

Perhaps study of this will elucidate

& btw, you don't seem to have moved very far on the Kübler-Ross model for coping with the UK Leaving the EU........

You are, of course, aware that the highest rate per capita is on the other side of the "Brexit curtain". I won't embarrass you, but your legion of detractors may wish to amuse themselves

Maybe "butthurt curtain" would be rather more descriptive

Mark, Blighty is 4th from the top of the list of deaths per capita in Europe ...

And 9th from top of the list in the world - your own link.

Now, the EU calculation of deaths per million ...

335,000 deaths / 446 million population = 799 deaths per million. As follows ...

From here ...

427,798 (EU incl UK) - 71,109 (UK) = 356,689 deaths in the EU.

Then the population of the EU minus UK: 446 million.

So death rate per million in the EU ...

356,689 / 446 = 799.

So not wishing to embarrass you, but the EU has outperformed Blighty: EU 799, Blighty 969 (your figure).


Djm, I don't know who is, but pretending to be an "org" while actually a blogger is pretty cheap.

Here's the ONS stats served up by another "org", this time a genuine one, to accompany the BBC link above ...

Upwards of 80,000 excess deaths then.

Or maybe you're trying to make the point that the elderly, weak, and sick are fair game? Because they're not fresh-faced youthful soldiers lying on the field of glory, but rather wrinklies and spackers, all's well?

Look, when one of Blighty's death camp commandant jobs comes up for grabs, do make sure to send your CV in.


The great rebalancing away from the West and to the East looks set to kick into overdrive this year, with the East's Covid miracle of competence having been a massive booster ...

Well, it was nice while it lasted.



Belgium is top. Sorry, the capital of toytown Austria-Hungary is in the province with the worse score in the world.

You believe the EU is vastly superior in every imaginable facet of human achievement and endeavour and that this country is a miserable, bird shit covered rock populated by apes. If that's what you need to believe to get you through your day, then believe it. Attitudes like this are nothing to normal people other than a source of endless amusement.

You're the one who is butthurt at a democratic vote, not I. Not a great feature of the EU of course. Is that what you like?

All covid deaths are the fault of communist China.
All of Europe had to learn to speak the English language for them to even matter in the modern world.

You had Boris's "herd immunity" approach, which actually helped spread the virus but acknowledged its existence. Not all that surprisingly, it slightly outperformed Donnie's "it's a hoax that will just go away" plan. The US is 10th in deaths/million with 921.31. If you arrange the list by deaths in the past 7 days, however, neither the UK nor US is in the top 13. All of you can give yourselves a pat on the back.

Btw, if you want to have an idea of what you could be headed for, read about how Switzerland has done outside the EU. Be ready to pay more for food and taxes.

Why more taxes? UK will be saving a buttload on what they had to pay into the Germano-Franco Ponzi scheme.

The Swiss have relatively high subsidies for tech companies to keep them from moving out of the country. They also subsidize agriculture to a very high level, and the industry is influential enough to make demands:

Boris made noises about supporting fishing and agriculture too.

The reason New Zealands death rate is so low is because the Princess Jacinda pulled up the drawbridge very quickly. It also helped that we are a long way from civilisation and it is not easy to just pop across for a visit.All the current cases are in quarantine with returning expats coming home.

Bloody hell SoD.

I am starting to suspect you are not in favour of Brexit.

Looks like the South African mutation of the virus could be immune to the vaccines ...

So the SE Asian model of lockdown to eradicate the virus and then a world-class test, trace and isolate system will be the only way to avoid an atrocity on the scale of all 6 years of WW2 compressed into one year.

It's all rests on BoJo and Dido.

Gawd 'elp us.


We still have a long way to go top the number of babies killed each year. That's babies that we choose to kill. In 2018 it was over 200,000.

I'm thinking Loz I've mentioned on this here D&N that I'm the son of an MD?

Whether I've mentioned two of my three sisters were RNs, as is Her Ladyship (retired) and 'some number' of ummm former of my personal acquaintance females with 'heap big knowledge' (I gotta be very very 'keerful' here on D&N where this particular subject is concerned because well, just because.) Anyway to keep myself from harm lemme just say my Dad inspired a whole bunch of folks when he exited the Navy in 1962 and subsequently, established the first 'modern' hospital within a five hour's distance to get to the closest nearest other 'modern' hospital anybody from around here could hope to get to.

*Everybody around "expecting me to follow in my Dad's footsteps" which, among other motivations and reasons aside from me noticing whilst all my other 'growing up pals' Dads took 'em fishing and sat in the stands cheering on m'pals at Little League (kids baseball) the only guy I could count on to be around "for me" was on my Dad's payroll.

(Not to dishonor the guy, and although he'd never learned to read, I learned alot from him schoolbooks don't teach. I miss Hubert to this very moment. On that Loz I'm certain you grasp.)

At any rate I am personally acquainted with a bunch of folks very very well versed in the biological sciences and while I'm not *accomplished in that realm myself I was *presented the opportunity of sitting in on a bunch of biology/science courses which I duly attended until such as I was able to arrange affairs to get myself into the military.

(Which in hindsight if I'd only realized knocking up the City Marshal's as well as the Circuit Court Judge's daughters the same night was all it took - I'da never used a rubber.)

Anyway Loz this is taking too long and it's maybe looking like the sun is gonna show its face in Arkansas today so ... to get to the point

Many a time and oft' I'd heard (and to this very day I still hear

"We've" [all the medical/biological sciences personages I have known and do know say] "Never managed to find a cure for the common cold."

Which common cold as it happens happens to be a coronavirus.

And the scientific reason 'the common cold' ain't never been cured is because, in a very large part is because the common cold is caused by a coronavirus which, as it also happens, is perhaps the verymost mutable virus on planet Earth. It was only a matter of time.

And in spite of all "the advanced nations" governments' notions that they're capable of "beating evolution" there's so much obvious evidence those same governments aren't even capable of separating politics from science that ...

Well, pick your poison.

Hear, hear JK.

On all fronts.


Scientists, who are a small minority in most governments, know they're not capable of "beating evolution" because most, at least to some degree, understand how evolution works. They've done infinitely more to fight harmful bugs of all types than politicians. Smart politicians know when and how to defer to science and when and how to keep their mouths shut.


You might just be ignoring some of the EU shortcomings (again)

You’re welcome,


Hey JK,

What do you think about Donnie throwing a hissy fit at your favorite Senator?:

Yeah, 'bout time we had a catch-up ref wtf is going on with Uncle Sam!

Incoming! ...


Sweet Mother of God, why won't the Tory party work with the private sector, FFS? WTF is wrong with them? ...

High street pharmacies are "desperate" to roll out more than one million doses of the Oxford vaccine every week but have been snubbed by the Government, senior industry leaders have revealed.

Ministers have been urged to deploy an army of thousands of trained vaccinators at pharmacies including Lloyds and Boots to help deliver the jabs rather than relying on GPs, nurses and retired volunteers.

Simon Dukes, the chief executive of the Pharmaceutical Negotiating Services Committee, which represents high street pharmacies during talks with the Government, questioned why the NHS was "scrabbling around" for vaccinators when his industry stood ready to help.

He said there were around 11,400 pharmacies across the country that already administer millions of flu jabs every year, with the capability to vaccinate around 1.3 million people against Covid every week.


Won't work Sundays? WON'T WORK SUNDAYS? ...

Public Health England has decided not to work on Sundays to deliver Covid-19 vaccines to NHS hospitals, according to leaked documents, amid growing questions over the urgency of the UK roll-out.

Guidance issued to NHS Trusts warns that PHE will not deliver vaccines on Sundays, or after agreed “cut-off points” every lunchtime, even if supplies are running low

Who do this scum think they are?


Upwards of 80,000 excess deaths then.... Still playing with numbers ?

The ONS figures for 3/1 - 25/12/20 show a minor increase over the average of the past 5 years. FACT And closely track the average for the past 10 years. FACT

I don't understand your attempted tortured analogy in regard to deaths

Djm, see this ...

ONS bulletin

Using the most up-to-date data we have available, the number of deaths up to 11 December 2020 was 579,491, which is 67,864 more than the five-year average. Of the deaths registered by 11 December 2020, 72,546 mentioned COVID-19 on the death certificate. This is 12.5% of all deaths in England and Wales.

So that's 67,864 excess deaths above the 5 year average, just in England and Wales and only to the 11th December.

The BBC article includes Scotland and Northern Ireland and 12-31st December deaths, coming to 81,000.


Another 1,041 yesterday.

Imagine if a suicide bomber wandered into an old folks or invalid home and wiped out 1,041 of them. There'd be absolute outrage. And if the suicide bomber's mates then did it day-in-day-out for months, the military would all be on shoot-on-sight standing orders and we'd be "Yeah, good on ya, get stuck in".

But with Covid there are large numbers of people with a "Yeah, whatever" attitude.



"Yeah, whatever" attitude.

I had that over mad cow disease as well

Looks like the total deaths in England and Wales in 2020 were the highest for 100 years ...

Not since 1918, when WWI and the Spanish flu were motoring along, have so many died in one year. So the Kaiser's still on top as the ultimate historical backstop.

Of the total in 2020, the excess deaths were 73,000. So when it comes to excess deaths adjusted for the population, 1940 is still ahead. The battle of France, then the Battle of Britain, the Blitz, 'n' all that, spread over a smaller population, means Adolf had the upper hand in 2020 for excess deaths per capita.

Bloody Jerries, eh! Let's see what BoJo and Dido can manage in 2021.

The ref might be calling time soon, so they'll have to put their skates on. In London 30% of the peeps have already been infected, and the daily infection rate is such that herd immunity could be achieved by mid-April.

Imagine that, the serial failure by the state so complete that they actually run out of time, including the vaccine delivery, to make a dent in letting the virus run its course all the way to herd immunity!

Meanwhile, here's the latest scores on the doors from SE Asia, total deaths ...

Taiwan 7
South Korea 1046
New Zealand 25
Australia 909
Thailand 67
Malaysia 513
Vietnam 35

Oooh, South Korea putting on a bit of a surge!

But yesterday, Blighty had more deaths just in one day than any of the above has had in total throughout the whole pandemic: 1,162.

I say, bally good show Carruthers!


The New Scientist reports the excess deaths in 2020, not even including December, as 91,000 ...

The UK has recorded the largest increase in excess deaths in the country since 1940 during the second world war. Last year there were approximately 697,000 deaths in the UK, almost 91,000 more than would have been expected based on the average in the previous five years. This does not account for the impact of deaths in December 2020, as figures are only available until November. “The UK has one of the highest rates of excess deaths in the world, with more excess deaths per million people than most other European countries or the US,” Richard Murray, chief executive of health charity the King’s Fund, told the BBC. “It will take a public inquiry to determine exactly what went wrong, but mistakes have been made.”

The largest increase in excess deaths since 1940. An astonishing failure, in need of a public enquiry, according to the NS.

Another Nuremberg trials would be more appropriate given the 1949 connection I feel.


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