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Tuesday, 12 January 2021


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I can remember chip butties. There are bacon butties now? What in the name of arterial sclerosis is wrong with you people? A proper heart attack is brought on with Ohio State Fair deep fried butter on a stick.

No fish and chips either, Bob, so chip butties might be our only option! ...

All we need is a ruddy potato famine and we'll be starvin' like the Irish of yesteryear.

That's what it is, I reckon, revenge of the Paddies will finish us off, eh Mary?


"supermarkets are empty of fresh fruit and veg"

Help is at hand. I can tell you where there are supermarkets full of fruit and veg. I forgot to tell the Daily Mail.....

What we are witnessing is the EU remainer rearguard who do not know they have lost and are digging up trivia. We could do Operation dynamo in reverse and ship the remainers to Dunkirk. They have cost the British taxpayer billions.

There have always been scenes like this, but desperate remoaners have not needed to publicise them. All meat from 6 billion people was and is banned from entering the EU in this manner (i.e. in sandwiches, etc.) and just try taking any foodstuffs into Australia and New Zealand. It all goes to show how - disease control aside, such as when Germany didn't allow any meat from inside the EU during the foot-and-mouth crisis - customs unions like the EU are a stupid idea. This is an EU issue, not a Brexit issue.

"I am going to enjoy ramming it down your throats until oblivion puts us all out of our misery!"

Brexit derangement syndrome - no, sorry just derangement!

I'm actually starting to feel a bit sorry for you. To hate like this just because you are butthurt at a democratic vote. This faux sarcasm doesn't fool anybody you know.

Businesses drowning in red tape ...

Productivity was much lower in Blighty than the US, Germany and even France before Brexit. What it will be after all those bureaucrats and admin folks add their salaries to the input cost of production, heaven knows.


SoD you have to get used to the idea of democracy. There was a vote by the majority of those entitled to do so and they, the majority, opted out of the EU.

Last century saw two efforts by a European power to control everything and it cost several million lives to cancel those efforts.

This time all you had to do was vote.

Live with it and try a bit of "losers consent".

As Whyaxe points out here in Oz and NZ you can't just waltz in with food products unless a due certification process has been gone through so why should the EU be any different? Same goes for Britain. You have the power to exclude the import of dodgy goods.

"SoD you have to get used to the idea of democracy."

Not when it doesn't represent the majority of the people. In that case I should call it out. The majority of the people in Blighty today are in favour of Remain.

Not when it ceases democracy after it gets elected. There should have been another referendum when the truth came out and changed the minds of the majority in Blighty from Brexit to Remain. Just as there should have been another election after the Nazi party got elected in 1933.

Democracy as dictatorship of the majority is not what democracy is all about, let alone dictatorship of a minority.

When are you going to understand that the meaning of democracy had been perverted by the left into meaning "Anything goes when you get a majority: close the opposition's Twitter accounts, prevent protests, cancel freedom of association, you can even put a minority in a gas chamber if you want.
You can even cease elections and referendums so that you can retain power as a minority".

The US and Britain and no different from Russia and Zimbabwe today. Fake democracies, one and all.


"As Whyaxe points out here in Oz and NZ you can't just waltz in with food products unless a due certification process has been gone through so why should the EU be any different"

You can just waltz in with food products and we've been doing that for 30 years in the Single Market. As a result we have prospered and been freer due to the lower costs of doing business and wider ranges of choice.

If Oz had joined the Single Market 30 years ago you'd have been more prosperous and free as individuals too.

What are you talking about "You can't just waltz in with food products?" You can use a Single Market or a Multi Market. You clearly have no idea how wealth and prosperity is best generated while also maintaining high health and safety standards.

Or else you know perfectly well that you can "waltz in with food products", but you'd rather be poorer and less free as an individual while giving the pols more power, all because of some perverted notion of the nation being worth more than you as an individual and the wealth and prosperity of all the individuals in the nation.

The new Dark Age in truly upon us.


The EU has petty regulations. You give an example: forbidding travellers from bringing their own sandwiches. You seem to think the EU's petty regulations are a good thing and why we should have stayed in. The EU's petty regulations are just one of the reasons I voted to leave.

FrankH, you didn't have your sandwiches confiscated when we were in the EU. I brought half a pig back from Czech Republic when we were in the EU, one I'd killed with my own hands, and munched my way through her for six months after. Now I can't even get a bacon butty past the bottom inspectors because we're outside the EU.

It's becoming clearer that half the Brexiteers don't actually understand what they've done, or more to the point, what they've undone, and the other half did it deliberately so we should suffer for their perverse nationalism.

The majority are savvy to this now, but the Brexiteers suspend democracy to preserve their new status quo.



"Not when it doesn't represent the majority of the people......"

Its highly unlikely that a stay vote would have either but you'd have been fine with it. Don't deny it

Didn’t take long for my prediction to come true did it SoD.


It's also possible Brexit is the revenge of the Yanks:

"It has emerged that Robert Mercer, a hedge-fund billionaire, who helped to finance the Trump campaign and who was revealed this weekend as one of the owners of the rightwing Breitbart News Network, is a long-time friend of Nigel Farage. He directed his data analytics firm to provide expert advice to the Leave campaign on how to target swing voters via Facebook – a donation of services that was not declared to the electoral commission."

Hell hath no fury like a remainer scorned.(I may have misquoted slightly)

"FrankH, you didn't have your sandwiches confiscated when we were in the EU"
There are more countries outside the EU than inside. All the travellers from those other countries risk having their sandwiches (or half pigs) confiscated when they try to enter.
As I said: petty regulations, one of the reasons to leave not a reason to stay..

Not when it doesn't represent the majority of the people. In that case I should call it out. The majority of the people in Blighty today are in favour of Remain.

Reliable source?

You are starting to get a little bit irrational SoD

Remaining is out as we have left. BYE BYE EU mafia.

Remaining is out as we have left. BYE BYE EU mafia.

Remaining is out as we have left. BYE BYE EU mafia.

My mother visited us (we've been back and forth since then) about twenty seven years ago having been widowed for several years. She wasn't confident about solo travel, transiting through airports, and generally negotiating her passage through various jurisdictions having stopped over in HK. As it happened she had no problem in HK. Her problems started at the airport in Australia because having declared that she had some contraband (because she wouldn't throw it away) she had to answer a million questions. She was asked about the chocolate eclairs that she had kept hold of...these are caramel coated sweets but the customs people thought she meant cream buns. Then they asked if she meant "lollies" which to your average English person means something on a stick, usually frozen. (she said, no). So then they thought she meant preserves...which she thought was jam. So they were on the same page at that point. Anyway, I stood around for two hours for her waiting to emerge from customs, hours after everyone else had left. As I had told her, you won't have any problem. We speak English here.

Bob, I was raised in the north of England. Anything between two slices of bread is a butty. Of course, I was never allowed to say was and still is a sandwich and that residual snobbery is to my shame.

Sod, the Paddies are like herpes. They're never really gone. Always and forever a thorn n the side.

Ah, that explains the embarrassing little rash I get on Woody from time to time, it must be the quarter Irish in me!


Good 'eavans, this might be the biggest blame dodging buck-pass in the history of blame dodging buck-passes - a Brexiteer whingeing about the failure of Brexit, and then blaming the government! ...

As problems mount for UK businesses, both in dealing with mainland Europe and regarding Northern Ireland, don’t be surprised if Brexit and Brexiteers get the blame for what is a failure of Government, as the possibility of reintegration via the backdoor looms. Many businesses are reporting difficulties adapting to the post- Brexit trading landscape, with the Federation of Small Businesses claiming many small firms have not had the time, money or clarity to prepare. German logistics group DB Schenker became the latest parcels operator to suspend cross-border delivery, following a similar move by DPD. How did the Government not anticipate what many Brexiteers saw coming as it rushed through an eleventh-hour deal?

Now we are witnessing the inevitable not just from a failure to prepare businesses, or from the rum deal for services, but from leaving Northern Ireland behind in the EU’s orbit. Clarity is lacking, while the deal itself seems to benefit Germany’s economy more than Britain’s. When the backslapping is done – and the dust finally settles – we will see the deal is mediocre at best and could justify backdoor reintegration at worst.

The entire Brexiteer community, including the Spartans of ERG, signed off on the deal. Now, all of a sudden, as the ghastly implications turn into ghastly consequences, it's all somebody else's fault, namely, the Brexiteer government!

What a corker.



You know if you didn't keep telling us all what an absolute intergalactic, time bending, epoch making extinction event of a disaster us leaving was I wouldn't notice.

Keep it up!

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