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Wednesday, 13 January 2021


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(An aside.

Her Ladyship was discharged [released] from the hospital earlier this day 13 JAN 21 and all seems "as usual"

She's back to her regularly scheduled Be angry with JK each and every hour and, just to make things interesting, surprise JK with being angry with JK "as the impulse occurs"

Which seems to be about every ten minutes or so. She's "back to her regular self" in other words.

So what's changed?

Not much except rather than her expressing being mad at me on the phone she's back to being mad at me in person.

Making up for lost time I suppose.)

Good to know she is back home.

Good news JK!

Just go in there, ask her to wait until you've finished what you're going to do before reacting, then walk right up to her and plant a smacker on her forehead and tell her it came all the way from England! And if she doesn't believe you, point her to this!

I guarantee you'll have one day of peace and calm (rest your hand over the screen where this sentence is, I've moved it down to make it easier).

xox SoD

Gaffer, you're a Social Democrat to your bones, aren't you?! Or maybe a National Social Democrat.

Not a Conservative or Libertarian molecule in your body.

Instead of clearing your garret and giving me all those books on your shelves because you've given up on reading, why don't you try remembering to take your pills, get your brain back, and read them all again!


Oh crikey, just when you thought the Dems and left media couldn't get any more hypocritical!

So first we had AOC begging Twitter to remove her incitements to violence tweets, lest she be called, errr, hypocritical, for accusing the Don of the same.

Now we have the Dem media going crazy about a Texas Republican inciting violence when in fact he was quoting Nancy Pelosi! Click through to the Twitter enraged commented from the Dem trolls: "How dare he incite violence again, not more than a few days after Trump!", yet they're talking about Nancy Pelosi's comments! How delicious is that! ...

And then we have Hancock, Brit Health Secretary, who's just been the head honcho in the massacre of 91,000 Brits (your very good health!), who voted against the free school meals in the House of Commons and now praises the idea as though he thought of it! ...

Fkme, you couldn't make this stuff up!

There you go Gaffer, Social Democracy in action!


Hopefully we'll see a future US President who shares Mr.T's ambition to drain the swamp, but understands that it can't all be done at once.
Mr. T led what was in effect a peasant's revolt. No such undertaking has ever succeeded except when some sub-set of the ruling class sides with the peasants. The peasant army still exists and is madder than ever. Soon enough some part of the present elite will side with them for its own advantage.

Pat, where are you?

I'd like to come and throw flowers infront of you as you walk along!


The lesson isn't over yet but there have always been limits on presidents powers, the lack of limits is on the governments powers.

In a few months we will have finished the lesson and then we can revisit what was learnt.

When news media does a bum's rush of hurry, trial, no evidence that is "evidence", guilty then vote, proclaim vindication before the entire story is told hurry, hurry, more media soap opera, no action by the Senate but guilty of nothing more than Trump has been guilty of all along. He won 2016 and the Dems, Deep State etc never ever accepted that fact. They acted in unison and became not just #Resistance, but a term we don't use in American politics, just in third world politics: insurgency.

Pat, excellent observation. The first leader of a massive movement rarely leads to victory himself. He has caused the enemy to drop its mask and in some cases its pants for all to see. The resulting purge and censoring demonstrates an enemy that is in fear and acting accordingly. They are not acting confident. They are acting like the CCP would after someone exposes them to the world.

Yes, when it comes to removing masks, the Don is second to none in all regards!


Maybe it will work out for the best, David. However, there's a chance Trump's conspiracy mongering will cause more restrictions on civil rights the way the Patriot Act did following 9-11. It's going to take some time to find out.

SoD, if you actually believe anything that comes out of Fox News is anything other than partisan spin, you should think again:

"When a federal court tossed U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert's far-fetched lawsuit asking Vice President Mike Pence to challenge Joe Biden's legitimacy as president-elect, the Texas Republican appeared to propose violence in response.

"Basically, in effect, the ruling would be that you got to go to the streets and be as violent as Antifa and [Black Lives Matter]," he told Newsmax, a hyperpartisan, pro-Donald Trump media company, last Friday."

"It's going to take some time to find out."

Yeah it'll take at least a week.

AEP has spent a lifetime telling everyone that QE is fine, open the spigots, etc. etc., now he's starting to poop his panties about inflation ...

“The likelihood of US inflation exceeding 3pc is very, very high. In my view, it is more likely to be 5pc to 10pc when it peaks, probably before mid-2022,”

And if Uncle Sam's bounce back in output doesn't see all the extra goods and services soaking up the voluminous extra dollars swilling around and leads to 10% inflation, then what the hell is Blighty's inflation rate going to soar to with all that extra sterling swirling around and chasing less goods and services due to zero bouceback with the economy flat on its Brexit tits?

1970's stagflation anyone?



Exaggeration and nonsense.

"Exaggeration and nonsense."



Oh almost forgot ...

And nonsense.

You're panicking already Bob!

If Sleepy Joe can't open the sluice gates and spend oodles of printed and borrowed money on the cranks and freaks who supported him and refill the swamp because inflation is ripping, he's toast.

And sadly for Sleepy Joe, the Don opened the sluice gates and spent all the printed and borrowed money in the biggest tax break in US history for the ordinary American people! He drained the swamp of any reserves it had!

To quote the Labour note left on the desk when David Cameron took office: "Sorry, there's no money left". That meant Dave Cam had austerity as his only policy option.

So that's the second runny dump the Don has squirted through Sleepy Joe's letterbox on his way out the door. (1) Scrapping the One China policy, and (2) Giving all the available money to the people instead of the swamp.

So Sleepy Joe will have to put up taxes to afford any fiscal swamp refilling largesse.

For the Don what can one say but Wellington's quip on being humbugged by Bonaparte: "By God this man does war honour!"

Mwah, ha-ha! (Evil laugh!)



What chance have we against the divine strategist Donald J. Trump? Woe unto the non-wingers, for his acts have the permanence of the ages.

Except for his being abandoned by the elites, the suburbanites, the leaders of the Republican party, Deutsche Bank, our foreign allies, etc., etc.

Superb comment thread Loz chock full of actual vets-speak.

This is how people in Trump's circle feel about cops:

In the greater scheme of things Bob that's a tempest in a toilet bowl.

Still though, I think I'd probably forked over for a porta-potty. Maybe charging a nickel to piss and maybe a couple quarters to crap.

A penny per sheet for tp - there's been shortages you know.

Bob, regarding your last comment. Would that not be a good reason for the people having a wee insurrection and annoying their corrupt masters.

Peaceful transfer of power my ass:

Don't dare talk about "zee election".


Insurrection is self-defeating. The financial elite might decide they aren't as safe as they thought and might grudgingly give the masses some crumbs, but in the long run it's not going to change the basic arrangement.

Bob, so it was self defeating when the Yanks had an insurrection against the British.!


There are people who think so, but what's the point in second-guessing history? The Trump insurrection isn't the same kind of thing as the American Revolution anyway. It's based only on a lie and general feeling of being pissed off.


Called your Congress-critter yet? You need to get right on that a'cause they're (House leadership) not allowing the deployed service members access to "their" bathrooms.

Spread your outrage around Bob. Be democratic about it.


Where did you get the idea I'm outraged?

What I was trying to point out is how the leadership of the right thinks about the people they "lead". Leading the right might be the second oldest profession in the world.

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