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Friday, 01 January 2021


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Happy New Year to you and yours Duffers - Memsahib, SOD, and fluffybum!
And to all the D&N family. Thank you for your laughs and insights!

Hey missred!

Nice to see you alive and kicking David!

Happy New Year to you all. For what it’s worth, my prediction for 2021 is that any hiccups as a result of Brexit, be they large or small, will be leapt upon by SoD and Brexit declared a failure as he predicted. Any successes as a result of Brexit will be totally ignored by SoD..


Best wishes for the new year.

Best wishes and a good New Year David to you and your family. Best wishes also to all those including Bob who comment on here. And A Happy Brexit.

Have a good 2021 folks.

Go to it "Blighty". Free to make your own decisions is a good thing no matter what the nay-sayers think.

Well here in the US of A now that 2020 is now 21 that means 'Baby New Year' can now legally purchase alcohol.

Still ... Best Wishes y'all!

A picture being worth a thousand words an' all ...


Seeing that 2020 was the "Worst year, EVER!"

May this new year be one of abundant happiness to you and yours.

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