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Wednesday, 27 January 2021


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"Covid deaths: 'Hard to compute sorrow' of 100,000 milestone - PM"

We kill 200,000 babies a year in this country. I don't recall anybody, let alone the Prime Minister, emoting about the 100,000 milestone every June or July.

Hear, hear FrankH


Contrast those statistics to the number of lives saved by Libertarianism. Libertarianism has saved lives, hasn't it? Are British Libertarians against abortion? They certainly aren't over here:

The Libertarian parties in the US and Blighty are a waste of space.

Since when has killing a human being, born or unborn, been only a matter of personal conscience?

I'm very glad you coined the phrase "Naive Libertarianism" Bob, because it's given me the chance to put some distance between me and them.

A Libertarian political party is a contradiction in terms anyway, much like an Anarchist organisation.

There's only one place for splitters like me ...


Most legendary humorous moments degrade over time, but that clip just gets better and better doesn't it? When the pol-gene vaccine comes round I'll miss sowing my sides back together each time I see it.

In terms of drooling, hyperbolic anti-British bile, even for you this is pushing the envelope.

But I'm sure you can push it further.

By George and all the Saints, Blighty is back up to third in the World Covid Deaths per Million Cup competition! ...

Only Belgium and Slovenia are ahead of us, and their deaths per million in the last 7 days is dropping away, meaning they're weakening and tailing off. Meanwhile Blighty is soaring away on the 7-day deaths per million stat indicating we've got plenty more in the tank over the next few months.

Uncle Sam still languishing down in 8th position, bunch of wusses!

So is Blighty about to lift a world trophy for the first time since 1966?

Or will BoJo and his vaccine shimmy combine with the Brit Virus to send the rest of the world back up to the top of the death stats and knock Blighty of the perch?

Over the moon and sick as a parrot all at the same time!


This is a typical left wing ploy. Dump the Holocaust deaths into the gigantic death toll of socialism in order to diminish the horrors of the German attempt to kill all European Jews.

Err, how about the global attempt to kill all middle class people that resulted in 120 million murders?

I am a member of the most persecuted category of human beings in the history of mankind, but no-one give a shit about me. Holocaust, schw-olocaust.


No one is stopping you having your own day of mourning. No one is stopping you from organising a statue to the victims of socialism. Just leave the Holocaust Day alone.

BOE ...

There is a view, based on various memoirs and secondary evidence, that the doctors' plot case was intended to trigger mass repressions and deportations of the Jews, similar to deportations of many other ethnic minorities in the Soviet Union, but the plan was not accomplished because of the sudden death of Stalin.[38]

According to Louis Rapoport, the genocide was planned to start with the public execution of the imprisoned doctors, and then the "following incidents would follow": "attacks on Jews orchestrated by the secret police, the publication of the statement by the prominent Jews, and a flood of other letters demanding that action be taken. A three-stage program of genocide would be followed. First, almost all Soviet Jews ... would be shipped to camps east of the Urals ... Second, the authorities would set Jewish leaders at all levels against one another ... Also the MGB [Secret Police] would start killing the elites in the camps, just as they had killed the Yiddish writers ... the previous year. The ... final stage would be to 'get rid of the rest.'"[39]

Four large camps were built in southern and western Siberia shortly before Stalin's death in 1953, and there were rumors that they were for Jews.[40] A special "Deportation Commission" to plan the deportation of Jews to these camps was allegedly created.[41][42][43] Nikolay Poliakov, the secretary of the "Commission", stated years later that, according to Stalin's initial plan, the deportation was to begin in the middle of February 1953, but the monumental tasks of compiling lists of Jews had not yet been completed.[41][43] "Pure blooded" Jews were to be deported first, followed by "half-breeds" (polukrovki).[41] Before his death in March 1953, Stalin allegedly had planned the execution of Doctors' plot defendants already on trial in Red Square in March 1953, and then he would cast himself as the savior of Soviet Jews by sending them to camps away from the purportedly enraged Russian populace.[41][44][45] There are further statements that describe some aspects of such a planned deportation.[43]

Yakov Etinger described how former CPSU Politburo member Nikolai Bulganin said that Stalin asked him in the end of February 1953 to prepare railroad cars for the mass deportation of Jews to Siberia.[46] According to a book by another Soviet Politburo member Alexander Yakovlev,[47][46] Stalin started preparations for the deportation of Jews in February 1953 and ordered preparation of a letter from a group of notable Soviet Jews with a request to the Soviet government to carry out the mass deportation of Jews in order to save them from "the just wrath of Soviet people." The letter had to be published in the newspaper Pravda and was found later.[48] According to historian Samson Madiyevsky, the deportation was definitely considered, and the only thing in question is the time-frame.[49][50][51]

Incredible though it may seem after all the Jewish people have been through, not just in Europe during WWII but in all history, they actually dodged the worst bullet. The kind of holocaust day needed to do justice as a memorial to what Stalin had planned for Jews in Soviet Russia and the Ost Bloc had he lived another decade would've dwarfed even the Memorial Day for the 6 million. Thankfully the good Lord rang the bell on Uncle Joe before the plan could swing into action.

But there were never enough Jews in the Soviet Union and Ost Bloc to even come close to 120 million. So what sort of holocaust day should the 120 million victims of class socialism have? Yet there's nothing.


"So what sort of holocaust day should the 120 million victims of class socialism"

OK. Have a day and a memorial for the victims of socialism. I am for that. We don't have one because amongst the Guardian Reading Class there would be no support for such an idea. They still think, against all the evidence, that socialism is a "good" thing. And they are the ruling class.


You've put distance between yourself and anti-authoritarianism (the holy peak of the Nolan chart) with your belief government should have control over human reproduction. Induced abortion has existed for at least 3570 years. It's part of the human condition. The ancient Egyptians and their kings would have been surprised to know they were socialists:

Monty Python's humor was ageless when they chose topics that have had absurd sides for ages:

Thank you Bob for brightening up a grey wet Cornish afternoon!

Missing the point again Bob: there is a difference between a sperm and an unborn child, contraception and murder.

You materialist lefties take every sneaky opportunity to degrade us into carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, don't you, literally (120 million) and philosophically?!


Actually, to conflate that Python sketch, and thereby the Python team, into an exhortation for abortion has made me come over all angry.

But claiming that something that's been done since time immemorial is therefore justified is so funny it's cheered me up again. I mean, next you'll be saying murder is justified because it's been done forever and was "in a good cause, albeit misguided" - ooops, I forgot, you already did, 120 million times.



The Python bit was related but not intended to be a comment on abortion. It's not easy to imagine them doing a sketch on that subject specifically.

Infanticide (along with other forms of actual child murder) has also been a popular means of birth control throughout history, including in Great Britain:

'The Times reported that 67 infants were murdered in London in 1861 and 150 more recorded as "found dead", many of which were found on the streets. Another 250 were suffocated, half of them not recorded as accidental deaths. The report noted that "infancy in London has to creep into life in the midst of foes."'

In ancient times it was common.

Someday birth control will be 100% effective, there will be no lethal or horribly debilitating congenital defects and anyone who wants a kid will be able to afford one. Life becomes less nasty, short and brutish as technology advances. In the mean time you have no claim to any moral high ground, only a politicized lack of perspective.

Upon further review, people do see the song as a comment on reproductive rights:

"The phrase "every sperm is sacred" has become almost proverbial in the field of animal and human sexuality and reproduction. This extends to such areas as cloning, where the song is used to criticize anti-cloning activists who argue that every embryo or fertilized egg is sacred. Abortion-rights activists have sung the song outside abortion clinics to ridicule their opponents, legal scholars have alluded to it in discussions of women's reproductive rights, and it is used generally to do what has been described as "[exposing] the absurdity of the anti-choice argument when taken to its extreme"."

Quite so, Bob, there are many folks like you missing the point that there is a difference between a sperm and an unborn child, contraception and murder.

And many materialist lefties taking every sneaky opportunity to degrade us into carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, literally (120 million) and philosophically.

And boy are we going to find out about it all again in this "Renaissance of Socialism" over the coming years until the anti-pol-gene vaccine arrives to save us.



You're missing the point about the human condition, which is not going to improve by anyone being an ideologue full of specious, authoritarian, black-and-white thinking expressed with affected drama and confused vocabulary.

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