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Saturday, 23 January 2021


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Applying a coating of Will to The Don reminds me of his gold plated toilets.

Test time!

Question - who/what says this now, "____________ a mail election raised the risk of fraud and the coercion of workers. It also said the process would depress turnout, arguing that as many as 29% of its more than 5,800 employees eligible to vote wouldn’t do so or would return incorrectly completed ballots”?

A. The RNC

B. A Republican donor owned business

C. A Democratic donor owned business

(Don’t peek!)

Associating kingly behaviour to the Dems is moot.

But isn't the role of Falstaff more appropriately taken by BLM / Antifa?

The rowdy, criminal associates of Liberal Fascism pre-power are quickly disassociated on ascendence to the throne - not a word from the Liberal Fascist MSM to be found about the on-going BLM / Antifa riots. Only Fox covers it ...

The Don might better be mapped to Bolingbroke, Hen V's father, in Will's play Rich II, and Biden to Rich II.

Here, the foolish king Rich II punishes Bolingbroke more strictly than Bolingbroke's adversary, Mowbray, for their dispute and resultant disruptive behaviour to the well-being of the state. Mowbray, of course, being more in favour to king Rich.

And we all know how that ended for King Rich II: unequal justice, rebellion, and ...

Down, down I come; like glistering Phaethon,
Wanting the manage of unruly jades.
In the base court? Base court, where kings grow base,
To come at traitors' calls and do them grace.
In the base court? Come down? Down, court!
down, king!
For night-owls shriek where mounting larks
should sing.
Exeunt from above

What says his majesty?
Sorrow and grief of heart
Makes him speak fondly, like a frantic man
Yet he is come.
Enter KING RICHARD and his attendants below

Stand all apart,
And show fair duty to his majesty.
He kneels down

My gracious lord,--
Fair cousin, you debase your princely knee
To make the base earth proud with kissing it:
Me rather had my heart might feel your love
Than my unpleased eye see your courtesy.
Up, cousin, up; your heart is up, I know,
Thus high at least, although your knee be low.
My gracious lord, I come but for mine own.
Your own is yours, and I am yours, and all.
So far be mine, my most redoubted lord,
As my true service shall deserve your love.
Well you deserve: they well deserve to have,
That know the strong'st and surest way to get.

Uncle, give me your hands: nay, dry your eyes;
Tears show their love, but want their remedies.
Cousin, I am too young to be your father,
Though you are old enough to be my heir.
What you will have, I'll give, and willing too;
For do we must what force will have us do.
Set on towards London, cousin, is it so?
Yea, my good lord.
Then I must not say no.
Flourish. Exeunt

My bold. You kneel to no-one, Uncle Sam. Now just do it.


Meanwhile, in Russia, the Rooskie peeps rise up to knock out a fake democracy: a one party state that controls the media in its favour, directs security towards the opposition but not its own henchmen, and so facades the tyranny of re-elected dictatorship with a rigged, phoney democracy (sound familiar?) ...

Who will deal the Bolingbroke knock-out blow first: Uncle Sam or Uncle Ivan?

Funny how in any "civilisation" the Liberty knowers are all at the periphery. If there was more planet to go to they'd be over the borders and free, like the great migrations of old: From Africa, to the Middle East, to Asia, to China, to Russia, to Europe, long pause, thence to America. The great human stampede of the Liberty-gened folks trying to escape the pol-gened folks in hot pursuit.

So at the extremities of East and West, with nowhere else left to hitch their wagons up or board a Mayflower to get the hell out of Dodge, now that's where they make their last stand.

If they fail, Dark Age II. The long wait while the Liberal Fascists and their Social Democracy state grind us down, like feudalism, nobility and the Catholic church in Dark Age I, until renaissance, reformation, and enlightenment come again.

Maybe if America had never existed to provide the final dodge for the Liberty-gened, the battles of renaissance, reformation and enlightenment in Europe might have run their course to Liberty Democracy and Funded Libertarianism by now? Did America provide that last release of the pressure cooker, the shortcut "cheat" to Liberty that is migration, and hindered the completion of the journey to Liberty Democracy and Funded Libertarianism via renaissance, reformation and enlightenment?

Well, it'll be a long wait until the USS Enterprise (what a name) will boldly go with the Liberty-gened peeps where no man has gone before (albeit they have, but the pol-gened peeps caught them up).

So renaissance, reformation and enlightenment, with all the atrocious conflicts entailed, it is then.


Biden sends his Liberal Fascist henchmen to purge America's BBC ...


SoD, you are on a roll today! I knew The Bard had several characters to fit our current circs today but Richard 11 didn't occur to me as fitting Joe Xiden and his cronies. If we fail here maybe Europe will be a place to recolonize since they are not having babies and seem to have given over their freedoms to to an empty democratic socialism run by elitist technocrats.


You have learned the dark side of the force well, my son (mechanical breathing noises).

I knew it! Loz was found out in the turnip patch.

Hahaha, touche JK, if I read that right - are you sayin' there's something of the country-bumpkin in me!

Too many trips to Zummerzet, that's what it is!


Heh heh heh.

Not perzactly Loz.

Bob's comment you likely recognize is Star Wars, Darth speaking (dialog) to Luke who - at some point turns out to be Luke's Pa. (I only saw the theater release of the first one circa 1970s somesuch so I'm not speaking authoritatively.)

In Hillbillianese when a person is said to've been "found under a leaf out in the turnip patch" ... Well you get the gist.

Not to be confused with I didn't just fall off the Grapette truck. which does certify genuwine gar-on-teed hillbilly.

And that there is for anybody for whom the Grapette truck may be lost in the mists of time.

Oh BAAAaaob? !!!

Remember back aways ago when you were lecturing edifying me about one of the remarkable things about Science is that, *"Sometimes JK, further research often contradicts previous assumptions"?

Well. A somewhat "older" research thingamabob has just been publicly released and guess what some of it concludes with 95% confidence ... I would go on but knowing how impatient you are?

"Rapid and amplified viral replication is the hallmark of most acute viral infections. By reducing the rate, quantity, or duration of viral replication, the degree of direct viral injury to the respiratory epithelium, vasculature, and organs may be lessened.16
Additionally, secondary processes that depend on viral stimulation, including the activation of inflammatory cells, cytokines, and coagulation, could potentially be lessened if viral replication is attenuated. Because no form of readily available medication has been designed specifically to inhibit SARS-CoV-2 replication, 2 or more of the nonspecific agents listed here can be entertained. None of the approaches listed have specific regulatory approved advertising labels for their manufacturers; thus all would be appropriately considered acceptable “off-label” use.17"

" ... "

"Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is an antimalarial/anti-inflammatory drug that impairs endosomal transfer of virions within human cells. HCQ is also a zinc ionophore that conveys zinc intracellularly to block the SARS-CoV-2 RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, which is the core enzyme of the virus replication.21
The currently completed retrospective studies and randomized trials have generally shown these findings: 1) when started late in the hospital course and for short durations of time, antimalarials appear to be ineffective, 2) when started earlier in the hospital course, for progressively longer durations and in outpatients, antimalarials may reduce the progression of disease, prevent hospitalization, and are associated with reduced mortality.22,23,24,25"

Seems like alot of stuff lately has begun circling back on itself.

(I do have to wonder though why, since this stuff was known some six months ago to the scientific community it was cloistered away from the public until just now? Damned curious it seems to me.)

*The "edifying" is located in the D&N archives and can be produced if necessary.

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