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Sunday, 24 January 2021


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Agreed. But right now, the West is busy "cancelling" people who engage in wrongthink and wrongspeak.

"It really is time that the West copied the Soviet system"


Spot on, Whiters and JK!

First twinkle of counter- Liberal-Fascist orthodoxy via a reminder of who John Stuart Mill and David Hume were I've seen for a long time (errr, since say around 1990) in the DT ...

Where did the liberals go? I don’t mean the remnant of a party with the name in it. It is many years since the Liberal Democrats have been either liberals or democrats. But like other parties across the globe, the term 'liberal' lingers like a memory of a nobler instinct.

In some countries it is attached to a party of the Left, sometimes to one of the Right. In America this shape-shifter of a term long-ago became a synonym for 'leftie' and something not dissimilar has happened in Britain. Some years back the broadcaster Andrew Marr admitted that the BBC has a liberal bias.

He must have known that he meant something quite different: 'Labour voting', or 'metropolitan', or even 'statist' would be more accurate. If the BBC was stuffed with true liberals, the corporation wouldn’t be in the mess that it is.

Because before it became the most abused word in politics, the true liberal was a deeply recognisable type. The liberal mind – the liberal person – was discernible across party political boundaries. The tradition of David Hume and John Stuart Mill went deeper than day-to-day politics.

It was informed by a belief in individual freedom and a scepticism of authority. It also produced an ideal: a certain type of inquiring, tolerant mind which had a faith in people as well as ideas. It had confidence in the notion that open debate was necessary to establish the truth, a truth that might be quite different to contemporary orthodoxy, and that in a fair battle between ideas that were bad and ideas which were good, the bad ideas could not hope to win out.

How dead that instinct and the type of mind that had confidence in it now seems.

JK, your National Guardsman reveals all: the lengths the Liberal-Fascists will go to defend their power exceeds even Vlad Putin's efforts, or is at least on a par.

And the tolerance they have for the wreckage and abuse their own BLM / Antifa ultras are doing to the ordinaries isn't going unregistered by the ordinaries.

I sense in the US military a greater reluctance to tow the line for much longer compared to the Rooskie military: Texas pulling its guards out because they're treated like a piece of shit on Biden's shoe, JK's NG chappie's report, for example. Plus they're ordinaries too, they don't like to see their fellows scuffed up by the Lib-Fascist ultras.

Perhaps Uncle Sam is leading Uncle Ivan in this "Down King, Down Court" race?


Goddamn it, the astounding hypocrisy of Liberal Fascism! ...

On Saturday, the US strongly condemned “the use of harsh tactics against protesters and journalists this weekend in cities throughout Russia” and called for the release of those who had been arrested.

20,000 NG in Washington DC, the entire MSM (bar one) and big 5 tech giants eating out of their hand, and they have the gall to say something like that?!


SoD, you are running away with the gold medal today! Love that Telegraph piece! Gimme that old time liberal any day. Today in some places it is conservatives who are "liberal". We aren't afraid to take our ideas into the public arena.

Russia is an oligarchic petro-state. As renewable energy becomes a larger share of the market their economy will shrink. Whether that makes them more or less dangerous is yet to be seen.

Bob, the Russkies have not yet succumbed to the USA. THEY do appear to fiddle the ballot.

Just before the Peking Pox hit us, I was discussing a potential trip to Moscow with a much travelled friend and asked him for advice. He said that when you book a hotel room, ask for one on the ground floor. Then, when you accidentally fall out of your window, you don't have far to go!


"I care not who casts the votes of a nation, provided I can count them." - Napoleon

This is usually attributed to Stalin, but there's no record Stalin cared about elections at all.

"It really is time that the West copied the Soviet system"

To reiterate.


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