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Wednesday, 20 January 2021


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Just seen Blunt was a former Rupert in the Life Guards ...,during%20the%201999%20Kosovo%20War.

So he's got an excuse, what's Daltry's?


Daltry has been rock royalty since what, the early sixties? Actually this is no more embarrassing than his sticking safety pins in his face and otherwise trying to be a punk in the late '70's. Or the "Two Who" with his recorded screams from Won't Get Fooled Again obviously mixed into the live performances.

One of DJ Trump's final acts as president was to pardon rapper Lil Wayne, who faced a dime in Club Fed for a weapons charge. Some other celebs who could afford connected lawyers also got off:

The rich are different. Surely, SoD, you wouldn't advocate for mandated egalitarianism?

I don't care how much either of them earns, it's when they demand state privilege - just like affirmative action, positive discrimination, quotas, fake jobs and fake qualifications, a la BLM / Antifa - there's a problem.

The pardoning system in the US is an absolute effing joke. The pols choosing the judges is too. The media and tech companies allowed to monopolise around one political party too.

The election was fraudulent before the first vote was even cast, let alone counted.

Pressing the constitutional reset button with an uprising is fully justified. The Don is Uncle Sam's equivalent of Navalny, a freedom fighter against a fake democracy.

At least you and the Rooskies have got a freedom fighter, which is more than we can say about Blighty.


Ooops what a giveaway ...

Or "look who's back in town".


"I always thought musos were thick as chair legs"
To extend the music metaphor further, "Thick as a Brick". Keepin' it British.

Of course no one went abroad before the EU was invented. No one ever sold goods or services to other countries. However did civilisation develop before the countries of Europe combined into the glory that is the EU ?

Nigel Farage isn't Blighty's freedom fighter?


This remind you of anyone:

Well Wiggers, seems I'm not the only one still espousing the benefits of EU and Single Market membership. This dimwit Brexiteer minister just made the perfect argument for it using Northern Ireland's status as his example! ...

Thick as a brick, to use Whiter's catchphrase.

The dimwit is exactly right, of course. I said years ago when Theresa May was negotiating the agreement that NI would be the place to invest or buy property if it could leverage the Good Friday Agreement to stay inside the EU Single Market and the UK single market.

And Gibraltar, if they can make the EU Schengen zone membership agreement stick ...

Gib deal's looking a bit shaky at the moment, so cross-fingers. I love the place, been there twice. My bolt hole as and when Blighty goes tits up.

Next-up Scotland. Then maybe London and the home counties, God willing.


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