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Saturday, 16 January 2021


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Nice grab there SoD. When I say 2016 election aftermath was an insurgency I mean it. By definition of the word and the mechanisms used. A four year lie about Trump/Russia to make Trump unjust. Oh, the immediate global media narrative about the giant MAGA rally last week = incite to riot, a lie too. But impeach hurry hurry. A snap impeachment so full of holes the commie libs had to resort to racism narratives, The Speaker regaling the meager viewership with just how diverse her "impeachment" managers were for all to see. There were black, brown, native, Pacific Islanders and such. Oh and one white boy from California who has been implicated by the FBI as being snared by a ChiCom "honey trap". The DemsMediaTechCCP are kicking up so much dust to obscure this last "election" and gerbil Joe being installed next week at gun point it seems. Vee must not write about zee election on social media.


Your old man has many talents, but I have to say that he is not the most social media savvy bloke I've ever come across. He doesn't even have a Facebook account, and I'm not at all sure if FB, YouTube, Amazon or even Twitter have made more than a passing appearance on his radar.

Is he yet aware of the absolutely outrageous campaign of censorship currently being carried out by Zuckerberg's big tech Silicon Valley empire? Talk Radio had their account taken down and an attempt was made to censor Candace Owens via "independent" fact checker. However, both of these have the money to pay for some pretty serious lawyers with the result that Zuckerberg's goons backed off.

Ordinary people like us can't afford that particular option. I followed a bloke on FB called Tim Pool who seems moderate and relatively sane. However he recently had his account changed to limited access on the grounds that he had broken FB community rules. I don't know what those rules are, but I have NEVER found anything remotely inflammatory in his videos, let alone any stuff like incitement. No, he has been censored simply for having an opinion that doesn't chime with that of Zuckerberg and his e-goons.

I am now getting very worried by the situation and have started looking forward to the 20th of Jan with dread. Please bring David up to speed if he is unaware what has been going on. David, if you are reading this, please get on to Lawrence soonest.


Hopefully Jan. 20th will be freezing cold, snow-sleet, windy and nobody around but a few dignitaries and thousands of guard. A false flag fake out from the jump.

The ROEs have the NG trigger pullers kitted out with real, honest to G-d "assault rifles" Not ARs - M4s.

For you Richard:

There're in excess of 30,000 Guard personnel deployed to our nation's capitol. For comparison - 4000 were on hand immediately after Pearl Harbor which number went down soon after - within 3 weeks if my memory serves. No extra troops were called up during WWI.

Currently our capitol is witness to the largest deployment of US Forces since 1863 (the height of our Civil War).

Curiously - to some perhaps - the Congress-critters are not allowing any of the deployed troops to use their bathrooms.

That's just plain mean it seems to me.

JK, you are in a Civil War. Trump tried to retain USA dignity for all that was left of it. You let far too many foreigners in and upset the balance. You let trade deals benefit others. You have a mass of population that have no allegiance to your country. Self inflicted.


I wish I could disagree with that article, but I can't. These are dangerous times and the blue touch paper seems to have been well and truly lit.

Aye Glesga.

But the worse thing of it is, we have been witnessing this coming for oh so many years.

You'll be noting Glesga that above post dates from the year 2005?

Perhaps though you will not be familiar with just who that author is - used to make appearances on our USA legacy media - most frequently on CNN & Meet The Press quite regularly - and why?

Yeah that's right - a former very very bigwig in CIA. I however have very significant disagreements with how Wiki is now characterizing the guy. For one thing I know, personally, Michael is not 'anti-Israel' but is rather a USA nationalist. An America-Firster if you will.

I'm confident were he to 'enter the D&N conversation' he'd agree with my quoting with your Lord Palmerston's dictum:

"Nations have no permanent friends or allies, they only have permanent interests."

(Of course Palmerston's sentiments, depending, may be soon dismissed by the likes of Zuckerberg and Dorsey, and Harris and the Historically Inept, as, 'inconvenient to the interests of the soon-to-be-solidified friendship of USG & CCP.')

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