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Sunday, 31 January 2021


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There always has been, and continues to be, fortunes to be made in the poverty business. That's why governments at all levels create so much of it. There is no poverty like government poverty. There are so many real estate angles to work, so many finance angles to play...all the while the participants claim "virtue" in doing something about poverty. I have been in real estate investing since the mid 1980s and thought I had seen everything until this morning. The stories I can tell about what I have seen and the out and out plunder that takes place...well I won't. It's too depressing. I own a lot of "multi room properties".

Whiters, I have a very good friend in the HMO business in Blighty. Fluffbun and I are giving serious thought to converting our place into one so I might have some chance of a retirement. Wish I done it sooner but just too much going on in IT.

Ref your comment regarding the state making people poor, I think Maggie came up with the definitive expression ...

"So long as the gap is smaller, they'd prefer the poor were poorer."

What a nail-on-the-header. Oh those were the days. Even brings in my poor Fluffbun and her people and their struggles with Socialism.

If it wasn't for her and Ronnie and the EU Four Freedoms (her invention) I'd never have met the Love of my life.

See, when good things happen to you as an individual, go find the root cause - and that's your political worldview sorted.


SoD, that was my problem years ago-too busy working for a living to ever make any money. I knew if I wanted a good retirement I would have to do it myself. Working 9-5 for others would not do it. One night, way back then, while flying back home from Managua feeling sick I began thinking about real estate. As the pilot jerked the plane into multiple vectors, meaning Cuban air space ahead, I made up my mind that this was the last for me. And it was.

Give R/E a shot while you can. Call on your friend for help...remember, other people's know how and other people's money.

"If it wasn't for her and Ronnie and the EU Four Freedoms (her invention) I'd never have met the Love of my life."

You should mention her sometime. Surprising that you never do. We'd love to hear her name, or even a pet name.

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