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Thursday, 21 January 2021


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David, good to see you back! All the globalists and their sort can watch America experiment with 21st century style communism. Complete with purges, erasures, unpersoning and bowing to approved Central authority dictates.

Big Tech even happy to let their inaction slaughter Americans to bring the Don down and get Biden in ...

What an utter atrocity those companies are.


Good to see you posting again, David. You're right about Biden. There's a good chance he'll just be a return to 2016 and Democratic party "centrism" that only works for the established power structure. What might be different is that the state of the country won't allow it. No matter what, he'll be an improvement over his mentally unstable, misanthropic predecessor.

Thanks for that JK.

Hannity is the master of the genre. Watch and learn:

I watched "Sleepy Joe's" inauguration speech and the hypocricy was writ large. Calling for unity and acceptance when the Dumbocrats spent four years stirring up trouble for "the Donald" is a bit rich.

Where was the unity and acceptance for the past four years?

AussieD, to the Biden people and media, the last four years never happened. We are starting over at year 0.

Biden hasn't even acknowledged the BLM / Antifa inauguration riots, even though they trashed the Dem's offices ...

Seems like soon Sleepy Joe'll be begging the Trumpistas to save him from being lynched by his own extremists! Various National Guard units have gone home to their states after being treated like a piece of shit in the Capitol, so they don't owe him any favours and aren't around to do it anyway...

If Sleepy Joe and crew continue like this, seems anyone'll be able to waltz into the Capitol and take over.

In that case, those at least backing a presidential grade candidate should make their move, so that's not BLM / Antifa as they back neither Sleepy Joe nor the Don.

If Sleepy Joe and crew have no armed force prepared to defend his entourage, they don't deserve to be in power. And power vacuums being what they are, they probably won't be for long.

The hatred of BLM / Antifa and the misery they have caused ordinary Americans and a president unwilling to defend them should push this one over the edge.

Come on guys, Carpe Diem, Cross the Rubicon, get Demexit done!


They've proceeding apace Loz!


The Don's presidency was marked by a number of very considerable achievements. He did more for peace in the Middle East than anyone I can think of. He put Phat Phuk (aka Kim Jong Un) back in his box, he stood up to China, curbed illegal immigration and did much to free industry from the red tape of the Obama years.

Unfortunately, he was such an obnoxious character that he got zero credit for any of it and the whole world is glad to see the back of him. And now we have Biden and his hard left handlers in the hot seat. They well and truly sowed the wind when Trump was in power, and they now look set to reap the whirlwind. Karma will prove to be a real bitch. All I can say is that currently, their political honeymoon looks like being a very short one.

Spot on, Richard!

I can't argue Richard. "The quickening" is an oft used term over here lately, or "acceleration" as Malcolm Pollack puts it and it seems to be time for settling accounts. Neither of our domestic worlds can get along with the other or even tolerate the existence of the other. We are to have an unconstitutional show trial of a former president presided over by somebody-not the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who has no Constitutional standing to do so. All this revenge to satisfy the Left and to somehow, in some weird way, as a result, legitimize Joe Biden. Thousands of troops there for show and all.

If Joe can get QAnon to save him from Antifa, as SoD proposes, it will be great progress toward unity.

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