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Wednesday, 06 January 2021


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David, Trump was fighting the beaurocracy just like we were fighting the EU remainers in Whitehall. Trump is a very rich man and can have a comfortable life outside politics. He has exposed the US permanent beaurocracy but seems to have lost getting rid of them.

"an American crisis?" David I hate to tell you but that hasn't happened yet. If trust in institutions isn't restored fast by those in charge, then today the actions by a relative few out of many tens of thousands will just be a taste of what will come. If our corrupt institutions react by doubling down against us, then God help them.

BLM / Antifa tear the cities apart night after night for a whole Summer with their big state agenda, and the MSM and pols acquiesce.

But one drain the swamp counter protest and the MSM and pols declare it "shameful" and "an assault on democracy".

Democracy is out of control in the West. I hope Uncle Sam tears it down and re-establishes the Constitution as originally configured: With Democracy as Liberty's little bitch and not vice versa.


BBC are now calling it a terrorist attack!

Ordinary Americans have their homes and businesses razed to the ground night after night for 6 months with deaths into double figures and it's deemed a protest.

But one protest in pol territory with only the protestors losing their lives and it's deemed a terrorist attack.

It's protest when ordinary people suffer and die, but terrorism when pols are discomfited.

The incredible hypocrisy and double standards of it.


I think the Boogaloo Bois, QAnon et al need to fitten themselves up a little if they're to make any headway.

Not making it up the steps to the Capitol without having a heart attack or blood sugar crisis isn't going to get them very far!

Or perhaps they should embrace NFAC? Those fit young black guys could do the heavy lifting in the coming revolution - like giving the white guys piggy backs up any tricky steep inclines.


The BBC calls it terrorist?! Now they see terror? NOW? They are scared. The depth of 'just plain had enough' by normal law abiding Americans is at the breaking point. Yes those who breached the Capitol and did what they did committed felonies and they will be easily identified and prosecuted, not immediately bailed out of jail by employees of our incoming vice president. I saw some people "occupy" the spot where the Speaker of the House one year ago stood in full view and tore her copy of the State of the Union in half. We saw it and we remember it. Year after year of the left committing mayhem and we normals just obey the law and complain to no avail. Leftists becoming heroes, get gigs in Hollywood, or even elected to Congress...and we just obey the law and complain to no avail. We get arbitrarily locked down with no rhyme or reason sometimes while others get to maintain their livelihoods right across the street. We obey and "back the blue" only to see police stand down while our businesses and cities are looted and burned. Yet we obey the law and complain and only one man hears us and listens and he has been under coordinated assault by the opposition political party, some in mine, and all the main stream "free press". He is deeply flawed, like us, and we have watched this coordinate insurgency everyday for four years. We remember every day of it.

Day after day year after year and sometimes decade after decade we watch as one side riots loots and burns and even kill police and they now run government. We normals obeyed the law but now we are angry at what oligarchs and media censors and plundering pols and Deep State leeches have done to our country and culture. We see all of it including this last 'election'. We now know we cans strike back fast if need be and do so all over the country if needed. Washington-listen to us. Governors and mayors do the same. Fix our institutions. Enough. Enough. Enough.

Whiters, incredible though it may seem, you're in a better place than Blighty. All X's in the box on the ballot paper here lead to Bidenesque people and deep state, and there's no protest movement.

Can you imagine what that feels like?

Maybe you feel one scintilla of uplift from knowing it could be worse and someone else is worse off than you!

Now go do, that voodoo, that you do, sooooo weeelll! - while you've still got the chance.



Is there anywhere in this world that you despise more than this country?

SoD, I understand, barely, and know that's frustrating and government types don't really care. That dynamic has to be broken between you and the ruling class. Nobody stands between you and them and 'them' will do to you as they please. Somebody break the mold?! What so many don't understand here is that Trump was the only person standing between us and 'them' and 'them' vowed along with media/tech sensors not to let Him win again and they got away with it. I didn't even touch the woke/cancel culture that can cost normal people admission to colleges, their jobs or their hard built livelihoods. The campus is a ripe target and it would be justified.

Trump is the best thing that has happened to the US, and in fact the world.

Lord T, in time you will be proved right. Free people everywhere are on to the global elite kleptocrats.

Yesterday's events will define Trump in history.

"Yesterday's events will define Trump in history."

That already happened Bob. Near as I can tell it happened at about six minutes after Hillary had her ass handed to her.

As well we know it takes awhile to get a "peaceful protest" together. That peaceful protest organized taking less than three weeks - admirable logistics considering the polls then having, since the ride down the escalator, the polls repeating ad infinitum "[She] will win." While *celebrities of all stripes (media included) and many many Establishment Republican pols were shouting along ...

Meanwhile it took "trumpsters" over a month to get their shit together.

"Yesterday's events will define Trump in history"?

For a significant number I will agree to Bob, now that it's safe for the GOPe to vocalize their whining opposition that number will go up by however many pols 'of the Republican persuasion' occupy - emphasis on, with no small irony on Occupy the Beltway.


I hope you have more sense than to actually believe the #MeToo March was anything like thugs breaking windows in the Capitol and injuring DC police.


You need to get out of your comfort zone and round out your education.

There's video evidence of some sizeable faction of verified - from Portland Oregon as well as Seattle Washington - known to have participated in Antifa rioting peaceful protesting.

Kitted up no less than in "some" MAGA gear (but oddly enough, kevlar vests & helmets) and the red, the white, and the blue outer vests.

Look for yourself Bob. Willful blindness is not a virtue.


Of course there's been violence perpetrated by both left and right wing groups before yesterday. Don't forget the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia where a woman was killed. Do you think any of that justifies a treasonous insurrection based completely on lies? You need to quit implying false equivalences.

Mark, I loved my country from 1979-1990, 2010-16, and loved her enough to serve her as a volunteer in the armed forces.

Outside of those regenerative years, Blighty has largely sucked, regressing from those gains and declining. The EU membership era, particularly the Single Market years and the re-unification with Eastern Europe, were joyful, prosperous, full of freedom and hope, and took what would have been deep pain out of the Blair / Brown years by strait-jacketing the irrepressible democratic over-extension tendency of Westminster. So a mediocrity with lovable mitigations, even in the worst case.

The future looks irretrievably dark. A perfect storm of everything that went wrong serially from 1945 to now destined to be repeated, but this time parallelized into one simultaneous, horrific encore.

A new dark age from which my country is unlikely to emerge as one. So like watching a loved one slipping away slowly into oblivion, you mourn in advance of the end game. So if I'm grumpy, snarky, and trollish, so be it, and now you know why.



Well, if that ain't brexit derangement syndrome, I don't know what is!

"Do you think any of that justifies a treasonous insurrection based completely on lies?" A four year insurgency conspiracy from the outgoing Obama adm doesn't phase you a bit? All of it based on lies. I guess it only matters who does the offending.

"Treasonous insurrection" huh?

I see alot of 'curfew violations.' I see some firearms violations which I sort of figured would be likely - mostly 'unlicensed carrying' which may turn out to be some number of 'took vacation time off to attend' LEOs which, if those get to a court will be, I figure also likely, summarily tossed.

Admittedly I've yet to do a 'really deep analysis' of all those arresteds - much less waited to see how any of 'ems Courts Processes turn out. Also admittedly, I really only did a cursory look-through but I failed to notice any charging where 'treasonous' anything is listed on the charge sheets.

Still, I find myself kinda like Whitewall above saying 'I guess it only matters who does the offending.'

@ Mark,

Having communicated with Loz (SoD) directly fairly recently I'm not of a mind to put his tone down to BDS. I'd cut him some slack for at least another five or so months.

(Of course he has demonstrated some tendencies of veering historically speaking so there it that too to consider.)

"A four year insurgency conspiracy from the outgoing Obama adm ..."

I don't know what you're referring to.

Sure, they were just all jay-walking patriots:

"83 arrested, 4 dead, 50 DC police officers injured amid pro-Trump riots at the U.S. Capitol

Trump supporters protesting unfounded election fraud claims broke into the US Capitol Building. One woman was killed after she was shot inside the building."

Had to email a copy and pasted comment I'd directed your way which, apparently is in Duff's spam Bob.

If you'll simply look above Bob you'll find a list of all those arrested yesterday as well has their states (& DC) [of] residence.

Compare & contrast the actual charges on the official (for now - I see currently ... well apparently the Bureau is needing a bit of assistance:

It's just too damn bad they didn't bother with something similar just after the election but I guess that's just the DC way.

My guess is so far as you're concerned, just like Congressman Murphy above you're now all for dispensing with all pretense of the Justice system processing all those 'curfew violations' by the process which formerly was the norm and, rather, firing squads at dawn.

Maybe Loz'll get my comment out of David's spam tomorrow.


The poor Trump supporters are always the victims and everyone is unfair and mean to them, just like everyone is always unfair and mean to whiny Donnie. Stand by, there are plenty of federal charges coming.

JK, you keep referring to "my spam" and I have no idea what the means! If you have something to say, just say it it! You do not normally have any difficulties!

Gaffer, you've forgotten how to use the Typepad spam filter. I'll take a look in a sec ...


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