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Saturday, 16 January 2021


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The NHS like most big organisations is being run for the benefit of those running it.Before she retired 20 years ago, my wife was Secretary to a Consultant.He was one of the good guys who cared for his patients,and daily battled against the Admin to get what he considered was the right treatment for his patients.

SoD, this is the world today which is insisting that we give up our autonomy for the safety of the broader community. If this disease is as serious as we're assured that it is then we have no alternative. Especially as we look forward to a return to normality.

Being a natural pessimist, which ensures that I'm never disappointed, there has always been an acceptance of the fact that if things can go wrong then they probably will...especially when crucial decisions are made on the run, chances are taken through desperation, and the whole strategy is on the toss of a coin because you've run out of options and have nothing to lose.

This virus is with us. It's going nowhere, and all the experts know that. It will mutate because that's what coronaviruses do. We'll need to keep on tweaking the vaccine to say one step ahead. Whether our lives will ever be the same again is far from certain. Sell your apartments and move to the country.

"Sell your apartments and move to the country".
Did it two years ago.

Whitewall, we moved out of the city ten years ago because we had no reason to stay. If you have offspring of school age the city is the best option but I've no doubt that will change as regional schools rise to the challenge. We swapped a smallish inner-city house for an acreage five minutes from the ocean, and we still had money in the bank. It's so idyllic here that I can't even really talk to my English relatives who've visited because I feel so guilty about having it so easy..and they know it. We have massive gardens and a pool here. It keeps us sane, but more than that: it also means that any lockdown doesn't make much difference to our daily lives. I worry about them all the time.

How dare you criticise The Envy Of The World™?

I often wonder at the stupidity of foreigners. There it is, the NHS, The Envy Of The World™, and none of those stupid foreigners have the gumption to copy it. It beggars belief.

Indeed Frank, yes indeed.

"Stiff upper lip" saved the NHS from being overwhelmed? Harry de Quetteville says we heeded BoJo's instructions to save the NHS by sacrificing ourselves. We quite literally died in our beds at home rather go to an NHS hospital, for the greater glory of Blighty, no less. The hospital bed occupancy was below normal levels on account of this altruistical phenomenon ...

Meanwhile, in France and Italy, the wimps rushed for the health treatment and care they'd bought and paid for, and overwhelmed their services.

Heroical Brits, so we are told.

I'll tell you the truth now.

When I visited my dying Auntie in the care home in December after the November lockdown, I was stunned at the empty beds. She was alone in one wing if the building. Nature takes its course, but there's new recruits to fill the ranks, surely?

The answer was explained to me by the carers: "People are too afraid to send their loved ones to care homes. They're looking after them at home rather than commit them to institutionalised Covid death."

So rather than "Stiff upper lip", it is raw fear that has Covid sufferers dying at home, and the elderly and infirm dying in their beds rather than risk going near the super-spreaders of the NHS and Social Services care homes. Meanwhile, the Frogs and Ities bravely banged their fists on the table and demanded service, "We've paid our taxes, now get busy!"

Nice try Mr de Quetteville. You prick.


If this disease is as serious as we're assured that it is then we have no alternative.

Mary, that simply isn't true. There is an alternative. Look at Norway and SE Asia. The independent sector does the supply, and state funds the citizen with buying power. The state is a router, not a server.

In Blighty the state keeps on trying to do the work itself or procuring the work itself. So we have £30 food parcels with only £5 in them, an incredible reality just last week, and a metaphor for everything else the state has done.

I just don't get why people don't get it. But then I do, it's BBC / Sky and state education brainwashing. I don't stand a chance anymore.

But America dies stand a chance. Please, I beg you, don't go down this path to statist oblivion.

Here's Charles Moore, let me just quote the last paragraph ...

No discussion of totalitarianism is complete without mention of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. People forget the end. Freedom is defeated. The hero, Winston Smith, stares up, “gin-sodden”, at the huge poster of the great leader, and gives in. The last line is “He loved Big Brother”. It could happen here, and now.

In Blighty it already has. Uncle Sam is the only domino left to fall.


Mary, count me as being envious, especially of the nearby ocean. I am an avid fisherman. My younger family members are pulling their kids out of government schools, having gotten a taste of, courtesy of Zoom, what is taught in the classroom. Homeschooling is rising and private schools are on the rise.

SoD, the same worst aspects of human nature are at work here too. The lust for power and control over people's lives is insatiable for some. Free people will not always let others take away their freedom. Free people will just as easily hand over their freedom out of ignorance.

Orwell wrote 1984 as a warning. Our new Left uses it as a how to guide.

Hey Whiters, that's good news about parents getting a taste of crap state education by seeing what's being taught in the Zoom classes.

If you get any links on that feel free to brung 'em up here.


This is not near me, as far as I know...yet. from the third world state formerly called Ca. USA.:

Have to say Loz that looking after your own elderly at home is not a bad thing even if personal economic security is compromised a bit.

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