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Saturday, 09 January 2021


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CNN making a move to cut the cable on Fox ...

The only coup taking place here is by the big techs and swamp.


I expect Bob can explain how censoring his President isn’t really censorship!

The big techs have deplatformed groups like #walkaway, even down to members, articles and videos. All this group did was talk to young people and black people about walking away from the broken promises of decades of loyalty to Dems. No way That will be allowed! Stalin erased and memory holed the Russian present and even recent past. With the Left the last four years did not happen. History will be gone and the future begins Jan. 20 as year 0.

Forgive them Lord for they know not what they do. Even if we on the Right have to resort to Samizdat 21st century style. Us oldsters remember this film.

Trump should be censored. He's a seditious psychopath. You ain't seen nothin' yet. The far right has pissed off the people who actually run the US:

You can find plenty more associated news. Rupert Murdoch and Mark Zuckerberg are in for changes in the way they can operate. Business hates uncertainty, and insurrectionist mobs, mentally unstable politicians and communication companies who allow or actively encourage destructive lies tend to create a lot of it. The First Amendment, or any other civil right, has never been absolute.

The far right has brought about exactly the opposite of what they wanted. It's going to take decades for things to completely change, but change they will.

That must be that "living breathing Constitution" we hear about. Jan. 20th, year 0, 'Paul von Hindenburg' will be virtually installed. I guess the role of Franz von Papen will be taken on by Heels up Harris. Censorship appeals to these kinds of people.

The right has succeeded in doing exactly what was needed: to draw out the hypocrisy, double standards, authoritarianism, and self-serving nature of the swamp.

50% of the American population that had an inkling that the state was wriggling out of the constitution that made America great are now fully informed that their country has been stolen from them.

It's a fight justified by right and reason, in the same way a Russian or Zimbabwean would fight to throw off the tyranny of their broken democracies.

With 50% of the population still rightful and of sound mind, there's hope for Uncle Sam.

Incredible though it may seem, be grateful for that chance. In my country the entire population, left, right and centre, is for re-elected tyranny.

So there is only decline and fall, all the way to the horizon, for Blighty.



You are a hopeless romantic with very little understanding of American history or law. Your grip on the concept of "tyranny" is also a bit weak.


If you're under the impression it's going to be 1788 forever, think again.

Well Bob, 1788 or year 0, one thing is timeless: where the people fear the government there tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty. That never ages. In time, this censorship and "forbidden knowledge" will enter the university quietly and college students being in their rebellion years, will begin-just like back in the 1960s- to ask questions and demand speakers be allowed on campus and to speak freely...well, you remember just like most of us do.

There's not much doubt the American experiment in democracy will continue, though we just dodged a bullet and there could be more to come. It's worth keeping in mind, though, that all people who fear government don't do so for rational reasons.

The British people, though possibly not the UK, will also continue along with many of your fine traditions. Brexit was the result of an act of absolute democracy, not tyranny.

I went to a state grammar school here in Blighty.

I can honestly say that in the entire time I was there, from 12 to 18, not once did I hear any of these names mentioned ...

Adam Smith
John Stuart Mill
John Locke
George Berkely
David Hume
Thomas Hobbes

The only name I heard over and over again was Karl Marx.

The entire philosophical base of British thinking that lead to our culture and modus operandi was completely air brushed out of my education. Socialism and state from 9 to 4 every day for 7 years.

If it wasn't for the Gaffer thrusting books from those guys and the Thatcherite writers under my nose I would literally never have known who they are, let alone what they stood for.

Four generations have been raised under this anti-British indoctrination regime, from 1948 when the "welfare" state was established until now.

The socialists clung on to education and the media like limpets, after having destroyed car manufacturing, steel manufacturing, mining, transport, gas, electricity, water and telecoms, all made basket case industries by them, and the country bankrupted in 30 years. And Maggie turned it all around in a decade, but couldn't prize their suckers off education and media before she was stabbed in the back. She was our last chance.

And since her demise, state education and the media under the control of socialists have succeeded in demonizing her and air-brushing the short-lived re-enlightenment of the British people as to their philosophical roots and true culture.

Even the Gaffer has forgotten what it means.

One of the greatest tragedies in the history of human affairs.

So America, our greatest daughter, your Papa may be sliding into oblivion, but you can still rage, rage against the dying of the light of family West!


SoD, our 'Progressive' betters are now censoring us right and left, even harmless blogs and sites. This has been their plan all along and now they have their virtual president. Their goal is to control speech and thought and transmission of it until we are turned into West China.

As an American it's hard to believe how much influence Marx has had on British thinking. That simply never happened here, and I believe I remember some of the thinkers you listed being discussed in high school (grades 9-12). To most Americans (excepting those who believe the nonsense spouted by right wing outlets) Marxism failed spectacularly and is a dead issue other than being a persistent problem in places like Cuba and some South American countries. Even our old enemy the Russian government is now an oligharchy. Our internal problems stem from neoliberal ideology. Maybe this will cheer you up:

I went to a secondary modern school. I never heard of any of the people SoD mentions. History seemed to centre round some guy who invented turnips. After I joined the RAF I started to read the Daily Telegraph. The only way to get a nice uncrumpled newspaper in the Sgt's Mess was to read the Guardian - no one else did! Generally, if we thought about the government it was with contempt. We also believed that when people reached a certain rank, they had their brain swopped.

By the way, off topic, I had my booster jab for the Chinese Bat Flu' today. My surgery decided to ignore the government's bleating about waiting ten weeks instead of three.

Good choice BOE. Have you felt an urge to speak Mandarin yet?

Hehehe! That cheered me up, thanks Whiters!

Here's yet another example of the descent of man in Blighty's education system ...


If our TASS News Agency keeps up with the over the top hyperventilating, Trump's approval numbers will be at record high by month end.

Marxism is very much alive and well in the U.S..

To give but one other example:

“That is reparations,” [Ariel] Atkins said. “Anything they wanted to take, they can take it because these businesses have insurance.”

Doggone if I remember correctly that name 'Ariel' like, even if not spelled perzactly synonymous sounds almost downright like Shakespeare hisself mighta described Marxism.

Don't know ol' Bill ever mentioning 'insurance' being part of the equation though - maybe he did. I defer to higher authority:


"Good choice BOE. Have you felt an urge to speak Mandarin yet?"

I've decided to stick with Klingon.

Probably for the best BOE. Mandarin's not well spoke around Somerset way. Or on Zog. But Klingon's well within Loz' circles.

Reference for those not in the know ...

Plus it'd be more churlish for Bob to participate.

Maybe you guys really wanted to know why Twitter and Facebook banning Trump isn't (illegal) censorship. First off, the Bill of Rights sets restrictions on what government can do. Big Tech is private (for now) and have every right under the Constitution to ban anyone.

Secondly, even if they were public utilities, the First Amendment doesn't allow "fighting words". For example, I couldn't legally put up a yard sign reading "Kill [the local sheriff]". There's probably no court in the land that would rule against Twitter or Facebook.

Technically true. Nothing like having a third party handy for plausible deniability. This "election" was the oligarch's election. I'll bet that out of 535 members of Congress, over half of them have large campaign contributions to remind them whose 'Boy' they are. Look here boy, step and fetch it. Yassah boss, Ize a steppin'.

Now there's a couple of links Bob is gonna simply love.

It would appear video evidence of the fire extinguisher wielding "domestic terrorist" does not exist (in the most video camera laden single spot of the entire United States!) and so, rather than just find the one (or so) person[s] responsible charge 'em all!

Welcome to the new Washinestine DC and our new Washinestinian governate.

Yasser Arafat City on the Potomac.

"Our election was hijacked. There is no question". Who said that then?

Twitter doesn't seem to want to remove that tweet, wonder why? ...

Monopolies are as much a threat to Liberty as the state itself.


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