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Sunday, 31 January 2021


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The European approach to Northern Ireland is particularly instructive. During the decades when the PIRA were blowing up little children in England, I don't recall hearing much from them. No promises from Helmut Kohl to deploy the Wehrmacht in the Bogside; no polite requests from Mitterand for them to tone it down a bit.

When Brexit looms, though, they suddenly become rampant Hibernophiles, sensitive to every nuance of the Good Friday Agreement and how this is perceived in the province.

And then they lose, so they flip back to not caring.

And their next move is to panic when their sclerotic bureaucracy is shown to serve its citizens less well than our government serves us Brits, and so they attempt to impose a hard border, which was apparently anathema three months before. Enough to start a civil war, and to dislodge the "hand of history" from Tony Blair's greasy shoulder.

And then they lose, so they back down again. It turns out they never even bothered to inform the Irish government, thereby adding the insult of clownish incompetence to the injury of murderous spite.

Overall, this is fantastic news for the UK. Never forget this, and don't miss an opportunity to spell it out to the hard of thinking.

Plus, of course, the enormous Covid bill for Europe, which we will not have to pay. Those empty Spanish, Italian, Greek, and Portuguese hotels won't pay for themselves, you know, and their owners will be addressing their invoices to linch-pin Mutti just as she is about to retire.

Enjoy the spectacle, but don't sit too close. That flying train-wreck debris can still hurt!

This EU corrupt bunch of mobsters wanted to have an EU Ambassador in the UK. There is no end to the amount of tax payers money the EU will squander.

The EU devolved Covid action to the states, which was the right decision. Blighty decided to centralise Covid action, which was the wrong decision. As a result, the average death rate in the EU is lower than Blighty, with Blighty having the 3rd worst death rate in the world.

There was one exception: the acquisition of vaccines. In this case Blighty devolved the action with a spread bet across many pharmaceuticals in the private sector. The EU centralised their action with a "one size fits all" model. The result speaks for itself.

So Blighty failed on all of these ...

1. Borders
2. Care homes
3. ICU's
4. PPE
5. Masks
6. Lockdowns
7. Testing
8. Track and trace
9. The app

And the EU failed on ...

1. Vaccines

9:1 to the EU.

We wait to see if the lives cost by the EU's vaccine failure add up to bring the death rate in the EU up to Blighty's stonking 3rd in the world achievement.

In so far as the EU states' death rates have been high also (albeit not as high on average as Blighty, as said), it's hardly a cause for celebration for nationalism either.

The states of the EU were free to choose whether to join the collective vaccine acquisition or go to market individually. So, in fact it was as much nationalist action that thrust the EU into the driving seat for vaccine acquisition. If the EU had refused the responsibility and pushed it back to the states, as it did for the Covid action response, a better outcome would have been likely.

At least the EU is paying a price from the states and Euro MSM for this failure. Von Der Leyen might even have to resign. What price is Blighty's state and HMG going to pay for 100,000 dead, the third worst in the world, I wonder? The square root of bugger all, I would suggest.


Duffers Britain/England has been at war with the French for centuries up until the Crimean Kerfuffle. Even after that HMS Warrior was built in 1859 to counter the Frog ship Gloire.

You can't expect them to suddenly change their habit of centuries overnight.

Sorry, that one was just too juicy for a comment, enjoy briefly while I transfer it to a post ...


There we go, see next post.

See, all my scribbles actually come from you: the iterations of the "Socratic method" in the free market of discourse, aka, "fractal success"!


Whose dodgy data is supplying the "third worst in the world"? If you deduct the common or garden death attributions which have consistently been made to Wuflu and take into account the not-fit-for-purpose tests with their user-variable parameters the figures take on a different colour.

The French don't hate the British, either: politicians drive this kind of agenda for their own ends. Most people just want to get on with their lives with as little involvement from "above" as possible.

"Most people just want to get on with their lives with as little involvement from "above" as possible."

Ain't it the truth! That's always the rub.

Here you go, Jannie ...

Scroll over to the column second from the right: Deaths per Million (total). Sort it in descending order by clicking on it so the arrow pointing down is black. You'll see the top three: -

Belgium - 1836
Slovenia - 1677
Blighty - 1585

Given that Belgium and Slovenia are tiny countries in the EU, it is not possible that their high deaths rates tip the EU's average death rate to be higher than Blighty - the rest of the EU is much bigger than them and has lower death rates than Blighty, so the EU average is lower than Blighty.

If we stay in third it'll be the first bit of silverware we've lifted in a global competition since 1966.

If the 3 months lag in the vaccine deliveries to the EU compared to Blighty pushes the EU states stats up the list, then there's a chance the EU average of deaths per million catches us up. And other EU states might knock us off third with their individual efforts.

A nail-biter - bet we lose on penalties.


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