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Wednesday, 03 February 2021


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I saw the Captain being Knighted by the Queen a few months ago for his efforts. Last night I saw on ours news that he had died. Quite a man from quite a generation. Hope there are more like him.

WHITEWALL, There are more like him and many serving in our armed forces. However we have the left who have no time for our forces and want to ressurect Corbyn.

Jimmy, I hear you. We have the very same and some people just inflicted our 'Corbyn' on us.

Anybody have a clue where Bob is?

Reason I ask is I came across a "scientific research study"

And I wanted to get Bob's assessment.

(You Paras out there will probably get a kick outta this too, Loz, David?)

It's titled Parachute use to prevent death and major trauma when jumping from aircraft: randomized controlled trial. Science in pursuit of excellency! Dr. Fauci would be proud.

G'day JK.

I have always equated the desire of some "brown jobs" to jump out of perfectly good aircraft with the desire of some sailors to want to serve on submarines.

If we were meant to jump out of aircraft surely the creator would have given us wings and if we were meant to live underwater the same authority would have given us gills.

Perhaps the flying fish was created as a test model.

Almost time for a beer down this way.

Oceana as a whole has been lightly hit. I suspect this has more to do with geography than government. Indeed, the idea that a government could control a disease would have been laughed out of court any time before Xi locked down Wuhan.
As for Sir Tom, he did a lot to raise morale, which Sure needed raising.

Pat it is almost entirely due to geography as we are island nations that you just can't wander into without crossing several thousand nautical miles of very deep water.

Blighty's an island nation too.

21 miles of salt water kept the invaders out since 1066, except Billy Boy back in 1689 of course, but he doesn't count coz we invited him in - eh, Jimmy?! Btw, not very "take back control" of you was it, inviting a Euro in to lift the crown, funny how you lot were all for it then! Hahaha!

Anyway, the virus is just another invader, and I heard this morning the state still hasn't got a grip of quarantine hotels and whatever for people flying in to Blighty after 10 months of crisis. Japan, NZ and Oz, all islands like Blighty, were right on that ball from the start.


Love that link JK, gone out to all and sundry!


Mate of mine pinged over a nail-on-the-head meme - see the P.S. on the post!


This is the UK not GB.

Sheep led by donkeys is more accurate.

Good explanation of the isolation probability by Ivor Cummins here:

He recently went on holiday to some hot place courtesy of British Airways so it's likely he got Wuflu from the constantly recirculated seconhand air aboard the aircraft.


Science marches on:

"Ardent spirits have been put before the American public in a new form. Whisky can now be eaten as well as drunk. Enticing-looking jelly cakes and biscuits are sold, which have been found to contain a certain amount of whisky, and the United States Board of Health and the Board of Education are reported to have embarked on a crusade against the shopkeepers selling and the bakers manufacturing the whisky bakers' stuff. It is also stated that alcoholic candy, containing an intoxicating proportion of beer, imported from Germany, is being sold in Manchester. (BMJ 1898;ii:648)"

Loz, there was not a corrupt mafia EU during 1688. And Billy was the man that gave up the nonsense that a monarch was God's chosen person. The Stuarts met their demise attempting to reinstate that kind of nonsense. Give Billy some credit for his military expertise.


Interesting, but I'm not buying it ...

He's hugely understated NZ's Covid response: early lockdown's and test, track and trace ...

On 2 February, a man in the Philippines became the first person outside China to die of Covid-19.

At this point, there were no reported cases in New Zealand, but the next day, the country began banning entry to any foreigner coming from or via China. Any New Zealander returning from China had to isolate for 14 days.

As the virus spread globally, a flight ban was also extended to Iran - the origin of New Zealand's first case - and restrictions placed on anyone arriving from South Korea, northern Italy, or who was showing symptoms.

As of midnight on 16 March, everybody - including New Zealanders - had to go into self-isolation on arrival in the country, unless they were coming from the largely unaffected Pacific island nations.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said these were the strictest regulations in the world, for which she would "make no apologies".

Then, a few days later, Ms Ardern took the unprecedented step of closing the borders entirely to almost all non-citizens or residents.

"Doing this early on with only over a few thousand cases [worldwide] at the time allowed them to basically stop the influx and stop the community transmission," Prof Martin Berka, an economist at the country's Massey University, told the BBC.

That triggered a total nationwide lockdown, with only essential services running and everyone told to stay at home, in their "bubble".

At that point New Zealand had recorded only 102 cases and no deaths. When the UK locked down at around the same time, it had more than 6,500 cases and more than 330 deaths.

The UK has never closed its borders, but brought in mandatory self-isolation for all arrivals in early June. This was lifted for some countries by early July.

The time bought by the lockdown was used to finesse an extensive testing and contact tracing operation. New Zealand can now carry out 10,000 tests a day and when a case is confirmed, contact tracers get to work alerting anyone they had close interactions with and telling them to isolate.

And the claim that lockdown's don't work is bizarre. Look at Blighty's charts here ...

The one month lockdown in November caused all the stats to dip, and then immediately start increasing again once that short lockdown was lifted. Is he suggesting there was a coincidental upsurge in T-cell immunity in December? Did the T-cells come out for Christmas and then disappear in the new year or something?

T-cell immunity is interesting, but it doesn't disprove the direct effect of lockdown and test, track and trace on reducing transmission, as evidenced by that November example in Blighty.

If that lockdown had been 2 months instead of 1, and followed up with an effective test, track and trace system not run by Dido Harding, Capt Tom might be alive today, and thousands of others for sure.


SoD, the rising fear of Libertarians, at least ours. Do these sound like yours?

Rather sad that individuals who have no knowledge about pandemics make attempts to make political point scoring. My memory will be the so called experts offering their opinions on the telly, most having a filled bookcase in the background. Does the bookcase give them credibility?

By George and all the Saints, Whiters, that's a nail-on-the-header!


Over here things are far from normal when even harmless Libertarians are suspected of being terrorists. Don't mistake quiet for normal. The Biden Junta is turning US into the United States of Balarus or someplace similar.

The reversal of support for Saudi and Israel against the Houthis and Iran is shocking.

I hope Blighty steps up to the plate by keeping the Saudis in the military kit to which they've become accustomed - or at least exacts a sizeable price for towing the line.

Maybe Biden's disengagement from them will push the Israelis and Saudis even closer together in their struggle against Iran. What the Don seeded comes to fruition in Biden's regime.

After the Don sorted Syria by separating the Kurds and Turks and then getting Dirty Erdy to throw the Hairies at Vlad and Assad, completing reversing Obama's disastrous strategy that pulled Vlad into Syria in the first place and then failed to motivate and organise the Hairies as a "democratic partner" against Vlad and Assad, I wonder what calamity Sleepy Joe's got in-stock here too?

It does look gloomy across the board.


SoD, when I say like Belarus this is part of what I mean about abnormal:

From Time Magazine and written proudly as if they had done a great and noble good. This Time series is bragging and awaiting plaudits from their fellow "presstitutes". The final nail of the 2020 coup was the Biden installation on Jan. 20th behind razor wire fences and hundreds of armed military on watch. Joe Xiden has issued more Executive Orders than the number of days he has spent in office. Now a purge of anyone and everything associated with Trump. The United States of Belarus.

Not much sleepy Joe can do now against the China and ex Soviet Union alliance. They are tooled up as much as the USA and all Biden wants to do is prosecute Trump. Biden, Obama, and Clinton sold the USA workers down the river with bum trade deals. Trump tried his best to reverse previous policies. Q

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