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Wednesday, 24 February 2021


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Well, at least the Scots haven’t selected a senile old fart as their leader!

BOE, to whom are you referring?

BOE, at least you admit the senile old fart was selected by Americans. The countdown for JK to make a "stop the steal" or "oh no he wasn't" comment begins now ...

"Old fart"? We may hear from Jimmy pretty soon.

segment two

I just hope the SNP circular firing squad opens fire before the elections.

My description of 46* as a senile old fart wasn't conditional on the fairness of the presidential election. It is interesting that in spite of all the "diversity" crap, the Americans ended up with a choice between two old white men!

By the way, about the Scots. I am waiting for Boris to break the news that he is sending them a couple of million HK Chinese.

JK (and BOE),

Of course Biden, the old, white "new Democrat" is going to do as close to the minimum for working people as he can get away with. The other day I needled JK about Tucker Carlson, but at least Carlson recognizes most problems in America have to do with corporatism.

When the Republicans won working class voters away from Democrats with culture war issues, the Democrats responded by more or less saying, "OK, screw you guys" and elected Clinton, who screwed working people but good. So now we have two parties that cater to upper class voters, corporations (albeit different types), and Wall Street. While R's still use culture war to keep ya'll confused, the D's use identity (diversity) politics to keep their supposed constituents back-biting each other. Something has to give eventually.

Sorry about not mentioning Scotland, but that's Glesga's job.

BOE, the Chinks are not going to allow the HKs to leave. They are not going to recognise British passports. Bob, not much happening in Scotland except the usual everyday corruption. The SNP are dismal political failures but their supporters are convinced the English are to blame therefore they will vote SNP and still blame the English. If I were English I would say goodbye but I am BRITISH. Whitewall, hope the Donald hangs in there. He did well. Biden is not a Patriot.

"the Chinks are not going to allow the HKs to leave"

Think Mariel!

Why is it that sane people want out of communist and turning communist countries, but no one wants in? History is perplexing.

Jimmy, you're right about Biden. He is China's Boy and the left's ---but I repeat myself---stooge.

At least Biden is defending the troops after Trump wouldn't:

"Biden on Thursday night ordered the airstrikes on multiple facilities at a Syrian-Iraqi border control point in southeastern Syria in retaliation for rocket attacks on U.S. targets in neighboring Iraq. The Pentagon identified the targets as a "number of Iranian-backed militant groups including Kataib Hezbollah and Kataib Sayyid al-Shuhada." It called the airstrikes "proportionate" and "defensive" and said the airstrikes were taken after consultation with coalition partners and unspecified "diplomatic measures."


The story of "wrong targets" only appears in partisan outlets. The 19fortyfive piece is reprinted by the American Enterprise Institute, and it's also in Free Republic.

The Military Times doesn't agree:

You're never going to catch on, are you?

"You're never going to catch on, are you?"
About a year ago, Trump ordered the taking out of the highest value terror target of all-Qasem Soleiman. It was well coordinated and long over due. It was a right target. The partisan outrage of the media, too many Dems, the official foreign policy establishment was over the top with rage and disbelief and finally fear because for some reason, we were all going to die from the response-which never came. Mid East peace picked up steam so much that the Dems and partisan media couldn't let themselves be pleased. You would think Trump had offed Chairman Xi or something. That rage was blind partisanship and way off base. I believe our host covered last years event on this blog and there were a few threads about it, I know I commented about it. Maybe you did too? Was it partisan in nature? A search would reveal if anyone cares to.

I "caught on", we "caught on" from that event a year ago how to react when the presidential shoe is on the other political foot. So don't worry about learning. Done and done. If we want to criticize a piddly target selection in a partisan fashion, we will and I will.

Bob, The tit for tat strikes with Iran will have to be finally concluded. Are the Yanks up to it under Biden? I am sure the Donald was up to it.

Whitewall, on Earth there was a response by Iran in January of 2020:

"No U.S. troops were killed in the strike, but more than 100 have been treated for traumatic brain injury since the strike.

Army Gen. Mark Milley, the Joint Chiefs chairman, previously told reporters that he believed Iran intended to kill U.S. troops in the strike."

There was another attack in March:

At the time there was widespread and justifiable concern Trump could have started a hot war with Iran. The only thing that makes Soleiman the "right target" as far as you're concerned is that Trump picked it.

Glesga, it's impossible to know at this point. We'll see.

"The only thing that makes Soleiman the "right target" as far as you're concerned is that Trump picked it."

Hardly Bob, actually the first US President to identify Soleimani as a target was GW Bush.

"It’s an excellent bet that Tehran’s most daring maneuvers—the foiled bombing of Iranian dissidents in Paris in June 2018, which could have killed hundreds; the attacks on shipping in the Persian Gulf and the Saudi oil facilities last year; and the repeated recent attacks on American bases in Iraq, which killed and wounded Americans—all had Soleimani’s fingerprints."

"The story of "wrong targets" only appears in partisan outlets."

Again Bob, hardly.

From the photographs it appears to me if Biden's "target" was indeed the Iranian equivalent of a US-type mobile home his strike "succeeded beyond the US' wildest expectations" as it successfully managed to blow, absolutely all, of the windows outta that house trailer.

And in all likelihood resulted in the single Iranian militiaman killed - imagine the sneers from his martyr peers in Paradise, "You were killed by what, shards of glass?!!!"

Never mind Scotland, pity the UK.
We have BoJo who wants to raise taxes, build lots of windmills, everywhere,(wel except Home Counties, of course) and H2S.
Then we have Stammer who wants to........
And in reserve we have a Liberal (who??) who wants to.......
Maybe I will just stay in bed.


...the first US President to identify Soleimani as a target was GW Bush.

Bush. Now there's a name that inspires confidence about ME policy.


A full fledged member of the war party - as we have now.


Probably. Even if Biden weren't a "new Democrat", the Pentagon isn't easy to fight.

But still Bob, it should be remembered there was a vote to authorize action.

Which, in the immortal words of John Kerry reflects the state of many, "I was for it before I was against it!"


Sure. And the Congress showed it's talent for cowardice by claiming no one thought Bush would actually use the thing they voted for.

Defense contractors had at one time, and probably still do, an operation in every congressional district. The Pentagon can make life miserable for the president in the media. Eisenhower warned us about the "military-industrial complex". Now we have a military-industrial-corporate-media complex and stupid wars forever.

Maybe them long-haired pinko commie hippie fags were right.

Heh heh heh Bob ...

No "maybe" about it.

Damned long-haired pinko commie fags what got elected to Congress.

All of 'em.

Bipartisanship in action which, "one" might note is that a previous administration hmmm ... "criticized" as perhaps not the best way to "up capabilities."

Good thing now Bob, and I think you'll agree, we're back to normal insofar as military acquisitions are concerned.

"Bang for the buck" is what I always say.

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