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Sunday, 21 February 2021


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David, the Donald is doing fine. He has gone back to his real estate roots and acquired, free of charge, massive amounts of empty space in the minds of the Left. The Left is experiencing Trump Withdrawal Syndrome.

Fear not, The Golden One is busy making war against the Republican party. He'll soon make a national appearance at a "conservative" conference he's transformed into a MAGA rally by barring actual conservatives:

Sorry to see you've got your MAGA hat on backwards Bo0b -- oh pardon me, that's your head... NO, the Rinos being stalked by our '45 in Chief' are not actually Conservative, more like, DUMB! But sometimes it is difficult to distinguish Pollcats w/ a death wish for the USA, from run of the mill GOPe backstabbers. |Please excuse our mess while we clean-up after the ChiCom/Democrap-Prog/Corporate-Oligarch/Mass Media Mess and THE recent Grand Theft of the Peoples Votes -- We Are still Working to Make America Great Again! Thanks for your interest,
A Dedicated Florida Republican -- Call me Bill
P.S. David, tks for your courteous reply to my interest in your mislaid "Lincoln Book", and too, your wise reminder about umbrellas & the Rain.
If Possible, would you jog my memory banks as to the Title...Tks again, Bill


Mr. Trump is doing fine.

He is setting himself up as the "de facto" head of the party for the off year elections and in 2024 he will either be the candidate or, because of age, have at least a veto over whomever is nominated.

And the far left is actively convincing the middle ground that at his worst he will still be better the the left.

Disappointed maybe, but having a great time.

Really now David, Boris would ever need advising? !!!

Duffers we are at that age where catching up with friends more often than not involves going to a funeral and the number of friends reduces more frequently.

I guess the trick is to be the last man standing before being consigned to history.

Bill Thomas,

Watch a lot of Newsmax and OANN, do ya?

Not sure if I ever stopped by "OANN", how would you rate it, Bob?
I did however drop-in to see what the NEW Newsmax was about, once...

Truth is, while shadowing Steve Bannon's Warroom, one of the team mentioned that Mike Lindell would be interviewed on Newsmax... having a newly found respect for the Pillow Guy's efforts to tell the truth to America, that he had uncovered evidence relative to the 2020 Electoral Fraud shananigans.
So, I clicked on overthere likety split!

Didn't take long before the male Newsmax 'talking head' (name unknown) interviewer had a convulsion and expect soiled his desk-drawers...whilst attempting to SHUT-UP Mike's reference to the now well known fingerprints, 'covert and overt' black Arts, and other anti-voting acts, etc, etc etc, They were all over the electoral evidence which Mike had collected and presented in a clear and quite professional format.

Judging by the HOST/Interviewers reaction, I thought the ChiComs had a votage hooked up to his testicles! Never before had I observed, in real-time, a program Host/Reporter or $hithead(thats a Yank term for blithering idiot) GET himself so flustered & confused that his hair nearly caught fire and he had to runaway from the BroadCast booth/set... and as far as I know, He jumped in the Lake? I haven't seen him since...Happily tho, their was a back-up woman Hostess who jumped-into the Void and defused the situ.

Frankly I haven't been back there since -- although I wish them all well, we need another honest voice on the Right since Rush went topside! Do hope they've learned that cover-up journalism tends to Blow-UP, and reveals the News Agency, Left, Middle or Right POV, as just so much crPaP! -
Hope I haven't consumed too much bandwidth,

Bill, Over n' Out

Nah be concerned Bill,

Bob of lates been concerned over me that I been watching as he put it, "the bow-tie guy" (Tucker Carlson) overly when in point of fact I ceased getting any news from any of the sources what comes over whatever means it takes to present itself on any manner of television screen since mid-November. (Well I do admit to taking in the local stuff - and I do mean purely local stuff, what's happening within oh, 200 miles of my specific location, and of interest to my direct weather forecasting HOWEVER - if there's a "Standby for Breaking News" promising to come from ANY major media I smartly grab the remote and change the channel but then if on the alternate channel similar is promising I cut the power and go for something more productive/enjoyable.

Bob's concern for all us D&N readers' US news awareness while ... oh 'admirable' after a fashion I suppose I'd allow is nevertheless "wasted concern."

But he's like that. I think it may be Bob's way of attempting to be endearing to us but I think Bob'd be better served consulting a psychiatrist.


Not endearing, only engaging. Major media isn't perfect, but it's not as bad as the peoples of the Land of Alternative Facts believe. Cable and social media are poison, left or right. Their business models are monetizing propaganda.

I've mentioned my right wing friend here. After 1/6 he denied what happened at the Capitol was an insurrection, which gave me a great laugh. Here's a dictionary definition of "insurrection": "Organized opposition to authority; a conflict in which one faction tries to wrest control from another."

So it was pretty much the definition of an insurrection. Why would he think otherwise? Because he watches Fox News. In 1984 Orwell has Winston Smith eventually believe that 2 + 2 = 5. If you believe major media tells nothing but lies, you're almost there.

Perhaps Bob you have some merit with the 'Land of Alternative Facts' however coming from such as yourself, a resident of The Land of Inadequate Facts, it's difficult for me to accept you seriously.

Dictionary definitions are useful but in the legal (read statute) world they're, as above, inadequate. For example:

Scroll through those Bob and count the number of indictments charging, "Insurrection." - An additional exercise Bob you might find some entertainment in, if you're familiar with the recent 'House Manager's strategic blunder' (getting the Senate to vote "For" the calling of witnesses which then, Senator Schumer et al, realizing the awesome amount of bungletry that was - moved to final arguments) ... At any rate Bob, count the number of perps so charged with "Conspiracy" that include 45 as a co-conspirator and then let me know what turned up. (My guess is your results will be - as before - inadequate.)

It occurred to me as well Bob, to check whether legacy media (print as well as the usual suspects) remain wedded to the narrative stating as fact, "Five killed (at the hands of "Insurrectionists") during the January 6th shenanigans and there's beau coup examples extant on various search engines. Too numerous in fact to waste time figuring from which source you'd consider "neutral" enough to place a link so ...

Read through, since I've already got the link up to 'charges filed' any among which include as well, a chargeable offense (even unto 'accomplice') to homicide.

(Feel free Bob to look up a definition for homicide. In any degree down to and including manslaughter.)

Perhaps there's some explanation as to why the NYT has quietly (well as quietly as possible) "retracted" its narrative inadequately evidencing anybody getting conked on the head by a fire extinguisher?

May I expect you enlightening me Bob as to why no mentions of any of the above have been so charged?


You moved the meaning of the word from use in general news coverage to a legal definition of criminal charges, which makes no point whatsoever. Also, all the perps haven't been apprehended or charged yet, and it seems likely the more serious charges will have more time devoted to them.

Any outlet can make a mistake or sensationalize to the point of absurdity, but that doesn't mean they all willfully lie. For all the right wing mockery of college campus "safe spaces", that's exactly what right wing media outlets are for right wingers.

"Organized opposition to authority; a conflict in which one faction tries to wrest control from another."

"You moved the meaning of the word .. which makes no point whatsoever."

Just taking "the point" from your definition Bob to its conclusion.

"Any outlet can make a mistake or sensationalize to the point of absurdity, but that doesn't mean they all willfully lie."

True to a degree I suppose, though it's curious the plaintiffs "mistaking" the high-schooler Nicholas Sandmann for a domestic terrorist going so far as to insist on gag order[s] when it occurred to those plaintiffs, in the refrain of Kenny Rogers You got to know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em, seem to've not, as yet, absorbed the lesson. [Leaving aside Jussie Smollett?]

I'd wager - but it'll be some considerable while - there'll be some number of similar accounts settled. As indicated by the "quiet retractions" already seen possibly?

So far as your characterizing same thing where college campusteers and "right wingers" are concerned Bob do you really assert so? You familiar with:

If so Bob you might refresh yourself with Part 1 - Right wing media outlets don't provide counselors, puppies, kittens, pillows, cookies, nor soothing music in any cable package I'm aware of.

However if there is one you know Bob services Arkansas I might be interested in looking at an advert. Please provide a link?

This purported indictment Bob (so far solely sourced via CNN) being among perhaps one of those you allude to in your words, "[I]t seems likely the more serious charges will have more time devoted to them"?

As the CNN newsreader purports "[The alleged] was waiting word from [45]" - that 'word' not, apparently, having been issued I think Bob you'd agree it's probably best to not, rely on CNN's reporting but rather to await, the actual indictment?

Regardless I suspect that "reporting" will be included in this evening's CNN coverage which we'll then be able to check - at some future point whether the ol' adage

"Falsehood flies, and the Truth comes limping after it."

As for myself, I reckon I'll whip up a batch of popcorn.

Bob, do you think the Biden regime will deal better with the China, North Korea and Iran regimes. They are out to destroy the USA. Are the USA up to the fight that is on the horizon?

"As for myself, I reckon I'll whip up a batch of popcorn."

Save Some For Me JK, Got a headache, then hungry, trying to swallow the 'Not endearing, only engaging' part of the 'mainstream media' Defense's soliloquy...
Now i'm getting thirsty, probably won't be comming in early, tomorrow either.
Please say thankee from the yankee, to the Landlord.
Sincerely, Bill

Before I go, David,
sincere condolences, upon the loss of a
dear old friend, may you both meet again,
for a wee half or so, upon the seaside
nearby, the Elysian Fields of yore...

umbrella up,


Well, the My Pillow guy is comforting right wing snowflakes lately, so pillows are involved. CNN isn't the best source, and the investigation is still ongoing, so there's no point in commenting.


NK's nuclear weapons program is more advanced than 5 years ago, so Biden will probably do something besides exchanging "love letters" with Kim. He'll probably continue most of Trump's policies toward China in the near future, though the rhetoric will probably cool off. He'll return to the Obama policy on Iran and the JCPOA to restore ties to the UN, the EU and NATO. No matter what happens, the right will insist Biden's wrong. Some of it might be, but it's unlikely the US will be destroyed by any power outside the country.


The FBI Needs You! to scroll through these photographs

Paying particular attention toward identifying any instruments that any of the *armed insurrectionists wielded (inside the Capitol) capable of inflicting grave bodily injury on the persons displaying identifying pins showing 'Congress-Critter membership' on their lapels.

(*One of my LE associates who was there that day asserts to me - via email - that the first media mentions describing said "armed insurrectionist" can only be traced back to a press statement House Speaker Pelosi gave to a "select" media personage on January 7th containing that specific "armed insurrectionists" description. [Which I was curious about not being aware, on the January 6th date, of any of what happened until I first became aware I think, on the 7th. So I then had to review several videos of the 'this happened' type listening for any newsreaders/media reporters, use of that description prior to the 7th - so far I've been unable. Perhaps Bob you might have a link to one such produced on the 6th?] In any event I shant Bob, hold you personally inept if only because I am well aware of media's tendency to 'embellish the narrative' as wishes dictate.]

For your convenience Bob, this particular link when scrolled to the end, lists all the [released] 'so charged' info to review for said "armed" individuals. So you might want to review those before going on to seeing whether you can identify (and provide location data) any of the threats to *our democracy.

Thanking you in advance Bob.


Follow your above link to Capitol breach cases. Here are the charges for just one of the offenders:

"Unlawful Possession of a Firearm on Capitol Grounds or Buildings; Unlawful Entry or Remaining on Restricted Grounds without Lawful Authoirty; Carrying a Pistol without a License Outside Home or Place of Business; Possession of a Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device"

I didn't recognize anyone in the pictures.

"Unlawful Possession of a Firearm on Capitol Grounds or Buildings"

Happen to notice Bob me specifying - albeit in the parenthetical "(inside the Capitol)"?

"Possession of a Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device"

How's one of those "capable inflicting grave bodily injury"?

I look forward to the arraignments Bob - the 'Right' to a speedy trial notwithstanding.

"Possession of a Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device

G'day JK. Is that just a fancy US way of saying a magazine?

Where are you Duffers?

Aye AussieD, a magazine.

And top of the mornin' - well it is mornin' in Arkansas - to yourself.


If you're trying to make a case it was only an armed insurrection if weapons were recovered inside the Capitol, it ain't gonna fly.

You're absolutely correct Bob.

Given "the winner" of the election.

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