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Sunday, 07 March 2021


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In every photo I saw of "her" and Harry, she always had a good grip on his arm and it seems so today. Somehow, she has managed to convince him that she is the only girl in the world who's "got one". Shame.

What surprises me about Harry is how dopey he looks these days. He must have had lessons.

foreigners ... as happens so often, they take an instant dislike to us

That's not fair. We just lack a refined sense of irony.

So, Duffers, you’re back I see.

"Give that man a seat in the Lords!" Couldn't have put it better myself!

Whitewall, I doubt Farage will join the Lords booze club at taxpayers expense however a Knighthood is totally worthy of the man.
We have more unelected Lords than we have elected politicians. We need Donald over here to drain the Swamp. Is Sleepy Joe active or is Bob pulling his strings?

Jimmy, Britain needs a thousand Nigels. Come to think on it, so do we. Would the title Knight equate to what we call Patriot?

We Murricans will be happy to keep Harry, in California where maybe he can run for Governor. But please, please send his dad Charlie to some remote location in Antartica where he can remain in the company of his beloved penguins and far, far away from the throne, cameras and microphones, permanently. When HRH passes at age 105, be sure to tap William, seems to be the only sane one in he lot.

Jimmy I just found this:

I've been following Fox for a while now. Best of luck to him.


The American public seems to like a little sleepiness compared to the deafening grind of drama and trolling. Biden's more popular than Trump ever was:

Most of us would consider a trade of Harry for Donnie a good one. And those aren't strings. They're the Frankenstein wires delivering the electricity that keeps Old Joe moving.

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