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Monday, 08 March 2021


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Harry seems like a disaffected Prince. England has had one or two in the last thousand years.

Here is this household (my wife is an Anglican priest) we are fascinated by the claim that the happy couple were privately married by the Archbish of Cant. Without a witness and in their garden, both of which are utterly illegal under canon law.

The silly cow either mistook the rehearsal for the real thing, or poor old Wet Welby is going to have to issue a denial. Already people are ringing up clergy and asking if they can have their wedding at home. I suspect some American marketing expert has told the Sussexes that controversy (Archbish marries them illegally, the royal family are racists) makes more money than quiet retirement.

We used to take her somewhat seriously, but as soon as she became a Royal she lost all credibility. Grace Kelly put her to shame as both an actress and the Princess of Monaco, a job she managed for 26 years until her death.

I feel sorry for Meghan. Just imagine having to clean 11 bathrooms every morning!

I don't think many people take Meghan seriously. It's a game she doesn't play particularly well, but Harry appears to be a fan. Lucky Meghan.

Farage on Meghan & Harry.

Well said Nigel.

I do not understand why there is all the fuss about the alleged discussion of the possible skin colour of young Archie before he was born. Families do speculate about the likely appearance of expected babies. Which side of the family will he/she take after?

When President Obama was elected, a friend of mine remarked that he was "just black enough". Was that racist? I didn't think so as the lady who mentioned it was of Afro Caribbean heritage and a few shades darker herself! I suppose it could have been considered racist if I had said it.

Why all the fuss about the (possible) skin colour of a child born to a white male and a mixed race woman. If they continue to live where they are, and the rules about children being given royal titles are changed, they could have a real black Prince of Bel Air. Eat your heart out, Will Smith.

Well Edward it's complicated.

As is nowadays the fashion of America's Woke *Culture, periodically a ruction erupts and, seemingly, then spreads to the rest of the Anglosphere.

This week's outrage setting its laser eyes on one Dr. Suess. A taste:

Bloody silly if you ask me. But burning witches in these latter days has fast become "serious business" But an ongoing enterprise if you will.

The tonic[s] against the infection[s] necessarily tediously lengthy:

But those tonics offered up from a corner of Wokesterdom (and very probably - as the couple offering up the relieving remedy being the wrong color themselves, in serious risk of being similarly burned, then eaten by their (formerly) *own, then lastly but only in this last final ritual of the purge, cancelled may the boils of the disease finally be lanced.

At which stage The Woke will require new bread and circuses outrages to set aright.

Bob will likely as not be along to take exception after some fashion to my characterizing but, as I'm woeful tired of his shit I'd offer up a tidbit my hope is will temper his appearance.

You notice my using the word "ruction" Bob?

"We have melee, fracas, donnybrook, ruckus, and one especially for baseball fans, rhubarb. Ruction is rarer than most of these. Etymologists speculate that ruction came to English in the early 19th century as a shortening and alteration of another word suggesting an episode of violence: insurrection. The earliest uses of ruction specifically make reference to the Irish Rebellion of 1798, an uprising against British rule on that island. Ruckus came later, toward the end of the 19th century, and was probably formed by combining ruction with rumpus."

That's from the dictionary. I know how fond you are of dictionary stuff.

Whitewall, I worked in the public service for years and met US visitors on many occasions and some were fine people. I met a guy who refuelled planes for NATO a Steelworkers with Scottish roots and a 2nd World War US Navy man. All sensible gentlemen. I wonder what has happened to the US since then when some of the people are so gullible to fall for a second rate actress and her pet dog husband who are out to make money. That man was a soldier what the f has happened to him. We have a saying in Scotland, is the man cunt struck.

Jimmy - language!

Jimmy, we use the term p---- whipped. Mind you gentlemen like me never use it. I just hear it a lot.

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