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Wednesday, 24 March 2021


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Uh, David, aren't you the same chap who banged on about the glories of Brexit for years? The principles you affirmed would suggest the Scots are perfectly within their rights to break with England if they democratically so choose.

There's a perfectly straightforward cure for Scottish nationalism, which is to make Britain something people might want to be part of.

Straightforward, yes; easy, no, of course. To get to that point, first the entire worthless shower at Westminster need to be voted out at the earliest opportunity and replaced; not with equally worthless hacks from other mainstream parties but with fresh blood - people with real-world experience, ones who can tell the difference between fashionable nonsense and effective policies.

We each need to watch the various startup parties, pick the best, then get behind it and push.

barabus, are you the new fresh blood? Bob, People living in Scotland voted to remain in the UK Union 2014. Do you suggest a monthly referendum?

Like most countries , Scotland is full of friendly,well meaning people who get on well with most other people. Unfortunately,they have allowed the really nasty types to take over their government. I do not believe that any great number really wish for the type of independence being pushed by the SNP.I think the SNP have demonstrated what nastiness they are capable of when running a glorified County Council, heaven forbid they get to run an independent nation.


I'd suggest conditions have changed enough since Brexit that Scots would be justified to reconsider.

Were you in there somewhere Backofanenvelope?

I thought of commenting on the comments but was overwhelmed by a feeling of weariness!

BOE, tak a wee dram and you'll feel better!

Bob, not a lot has changed. We plod along in the same old fashion listening to the hatred being poured out against the English by the Natzis.

Heh heh heh ...

JK that "event" yesterday was almost sad. Our enemies around the world are enthused. Our allies must be holding their breath. China Joe, little more than Viceroy of America.

Whitewall, traveling to the UK for holidays is not allowed. Travel for an urgent nature will require proof of two negative Covid tests before you board your transport and you still need to quarantine for ten days on arrival at your own expense.

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