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Wednesday, 17 March 2021


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The news on Guido's site is that the latest poll says 57% of Jocks want to stay in the union. That's good news, if only because it means that not quite as many of them hate us as much!

Oh, they still hate us, Whiters. They just don't hate the financial subsidies they get from England, as much.

I was wondering how badly a people could hate the people who subsidize them. Maybe the Scots down deep hate themselves for becoming dependent on anyone. Transferal of emotion or something.

Yes I see the name mislabel but appreciate the insight.

The idea that Scots hate the English is part of the scotnazionalisches' mediaeval Braveheart propaganda.

On a different slant, nicknames for other nations are popular, Jocks, Yanks, Limeys, Micks, Frogs and so on, and can be offensive at times. I love words, though, and my favourite slang name for my fellow countrymen is "porridgewogs"! It makes me smile every time.

In parts of North Carolina there are motels with the name Thrifty Scotsman. I've seen many but never partaken. They cater to "budget minded" lodgers. No hourly rates that I have ever heard of.

"Porridge wogs" is a new one on me.

The Scottish natsis are like the Irish natsis. They were given a good life in the UK due to the British Empire but now want to crawl to the German led EU. They have no self respect and pour out anti English hatred. The English need to step up their game and show their loyalty to the Union. The Westminster government have a duty to protect all the British loyalist community and not abandon them like they did in the dark Catholic perverted priest ridden Irish State 1922.

Sorry, Whitewall, I did type in Whyaxey but my Kindle seems to have a mind of it's own.

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