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Monday, 22 March 2021


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They also tried to hold up the shipment of vaccine to us in Oz. Vaccine ordered and paid for while the Eurocrats were still sitting on their hands pondering what to do.

Don't have a great deal of sympathy for the EU and its predicament.

David, it could be could live in a country whose ruling junta despises half the population and the nation they still believe in. Best not to look.

David, it could be worse. You could live in the United States, where damn near everyone fears and loathes everyone else based on some idiotic conspiracy theory.

Bob you've likely noted my, and quite recently, placing links on here relating how "our military" has been ordered into barracks so that the emasculation re-education can be begun (ala Erdogan with no small irony - Recall the sultans of old kept as "the guard to the Sultan" was made up of castrated Christians?) At any rate:

The "given explanation" being that some elements of the National Guard protecting Fort Pelosi - formerly known as "The House of the People" - would be insufficiently inclined to fire on 'the people' should the Congressweasels manage legislation manufacturing what continues in actuality to be a sham insurrection into what the Dems would prefer be an actual insurrection.

You would readily recognize this Bob had you not linked arms in fellowship with our legacy media of whom this much is known:

When a Republican is President the press (& Bob) wants to be Woodward and Bernstein. When a Democrat is President the press (& Bob) wants to be Monica Lewinsky.

An "idiotic conspiracy theory" Bob? I think not, entirely. However the beatings will continue until morale improves to the point that a House Guard that was so recently disinclined to fire on the people will be, at some point, positively enthusiastic to do a Tienanmen Square USA style.

Of course Bob I recognize you're probably gonna sic your fact-checkers on me to disabuse me and my brethren of any such thinking but we have learned too:

"If it looks like a duck, if it walks like a duck, and if it quacks like a duck,

The fact-checkers will say it is a squirrel."

I hope the vaccine success in the UK continues as my neighbor 3 doors down and his sons are planning a week long trip to Scotland come July. They had it planned last year but the WuFlu got in the way. They fancy themselves golfers so they want to visit "ground zero" for the game while 'ole Dad' has his health. Their wives are not invited.


The conspiracy theories in your comment include, but are not limited to:

The review of the military and law enforcement following the insurrection of 1/6 is the work of a 5th column trying to subdue the US

The entire press is leftist (except when they're giving someone like Trump $billions in free primary coverage)

Someone wants the Capitol police to mow down patriots defending their country against a stolen election

Fact checkers don't know ducks from squirrels

At this point we have more rabbit holes than citizens.


I think that the armed forces will "obey the [legal} orders of the President and the officers lawfully appointed over them."

Unfortunately I suspect most of the leadership on the left don't have any concept or basis for understanding what legal and lawful orders means.

There is a lot of room for a major disconnect here.

Thanks Hank for reminding me we have an anniversary soon upon us:

Alas my memory's unclear as to whether anybody faced an Article 93 violation or, whether any "superior order" was ever placed in question.

Holy 'major disconnect' Batman!


The guardsman were on state duty so Art 93 USMJ was not relevant. As I remember the "facts" were a conflicting mess, probably panic not an order.

Whitewall, your relatives will have to spend at least ten days in quarantine in a designated hotel at their own expense. Better staying at home for a while until Biden sorts things out!


You're familiar with "the slight adjustments" to the UCMJ since the new Congress was sworn in?

Only reason I ask is because ...

Jimmy thanks. I'll see my neighbor tomorrow and relay the info.

Why indeed would the one thing of burning down Federal buildings (with federal employees inside) not be the same thing as well, not burning down exactly nor threatening to incinerate - "Pigs in a blanket - Fry 'em like bacon!" - not be the same in any instance?

Oh yeah yeah yeah I remember, "It depends."


"(except when they're giving someone like Trump $billions in free primary coverage) "

Anybody "force 'em" to do that Bob?

I don't think so. As best I recall the refrain then was "There is no way Trump will ever be President!"

However all those naysayers were, probably, thinking some other of Trump's competitors did have a chance and so, 'they' tried to stack the deck' screwing up mightily when the American people interfered in the election.

And now the American people will never again be allowed to repeat that.


Mainstream TV "news" is, above all else, corporate. They do whatever it takes to turn the most profit. And politics ain't beanbag. It's a nasty, dirty game full of lies and manipulation. Or hadn't you noticed?

Well Bob, the last book I completed was Matt Taibbi's Hate Inc. so yeah, I've noticed. Presently reading The Coddling of the American Mind, Haidt & Lukianoff.

"Their wives are not invited. (17.37). Let me let you into a little secret Whitewall. They didn't want to be.

Mary, you're right. I asked Ann, my neighbor's wife about that and she said "it's their time".

Three, four, maybe five minutes should be a adequate reminder Whitewall:

But it's thirty minutes total in the event you feel "Maybe I should ask my neighbor's wife."


Good stuff. I haven't read either, but have been reading about the psychology of politics and public relations for a while. We've gotten to the point that virtually everything we get from politics and media, not to mention actual advertising, is a sales pitch of some sort and it's making Americans crazy.

JK, if you must argue with your wife, she will win. If by some quirk you win...apologize soon. Also, I discovered some decades ago that women like to be right and be told they are right. When in doubt, say she is right about something. Those points add up.

I don't Whitewall, argue with my wife.

The more recent 'her ladyship' "invited me" to marry and I replied ... Well David's is a 'family friendly' so all I'd care to type at this point is, "Her Ladyship" no longer resides in my near vicinity.

And I consider I am best now situated.


While it would appear "the wild accusations & media hysterically frenzied reporting" went pretty good the part consisting of 'where the evidence rubber hits the proof requirement' isn't looking so hot.

Some *insurrection* huh?

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