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Thursday, 25 March 2021


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Didn't I read somewhere that 86 companies in 16 countries were involved in the production of the Pfizer stuff. Which I am now full of......

To date

The EU have been proven corrupt and inefficient. The SNP want to sell Scotland out to the EU. Does that mean the SNP are corrupt or just stupid? Perhaps both.

Well, seeing as how this particular David title has "The most embarrassing" - plus the fact David seems to've gone AWOL ...

Yo Bob?

Remember me saying that? Well guess what:

Seems our "premier domestic anti-white supremacist crime fighting organization (FBI)" has been embarrassing itself alot here lately.

I kinda get the feeling when their most recently discussed "new assignment" (using civilian contractors to ferret out would be domestic threats made on social media accounts) Anyway, after charges inevitably get 'the hysterical media treatment' upon which, after some interval those charged will have been memory-holed, and then the cases finally get to court ...

Well Bob you know the routine.

I would say both. I will never understand my friends, who are SNP supporters, want to join the EU. All I can surmise is that their Hatred of the English has clouded their judgement. I try to tell them they don't need the EU. But jeesh, Glesga, you know your Scottish history. The nobles had to be tied to some foreign power.

"The nobles had to be tied to some foreign power."
Would that be those "Frenchies"?

Whitewall and missred. Our Scottish ancestors joined the UK for business and trade purposes and it led to the Empire although the hypocritical SNP are in denial and say it was the English Empire. And they are convincing the gullible that this is fact. However the Empire could not have existed without Scotland with its engineers, entrepreneurs and soldiers. We even invented the present day USA and Whitewall. We should be envied.


From your link:

"Klaeren also on Monday ordered Bellar, Morrison and Musico to stand trial on three remaining charges, gang membership and providing material support for terrorism, both punishable by up to 20 years in prison, as well as felony firearm, punishable by up to two years in prison."

"Material support for terrorism" doesn't sound exactly harmless to me. Maybe I'm missing your point. I agree most media suck, though - even worse since most of them have lost huge numbers of viewers and readers.

Bob, maybe Biden Irish supporters gave support to IRA genocidal bas§terds who slaughtered working class Irish with no mercy.

Well Bob, it would appear, maybe, Politico staff is reading D%N comments:

"The cases could embarrass the Biden administration, which has portrayed the Jan. 6 siege as a dire threat to democracy."

And 'membership in a gang' nets 20 years?!!! Oh dear I hope Chicago prosecutors don't find out about that because if they do at least 10% of its inner city "youth" are gonna be attending Slammer U!

So far as the 'Material support' charges go in court I think we better wait because it is definitely not a rare occurrence to find out UCs were in the mix egging 'em on.

I figure though we'll see some of those two year charges to hold. Given how hysterical Michigan's electeds are of course.

There too and here too:

So providing material support for terrorism and violating felony firearms laws don't matter. Only the charge that a weak attempt to mock matters. Makes perfect sense.

Still with the Chicago crime rightwing talking point? Pine Bluff, AR has a higher relative rate. It has more crime than 98.9% of cities compared to Chicago's 93.1%:

Maybe Biden sold Earth out to the Lizard People too. No one can prove otherwise.

We have far more renters since the 2007 crash that was the crowning achievement of Reagan's neoliberal economic program. Maybe anyone who wasn't paying attention deserves to be out on the street and we should bail out more banks and insurance companies.

Bob from your immediately preceding comment,

"[A]s well as felony firearm, punishable by up to two years in prison."

From my own:

"I figure though we'll see some of those two year charges to hold."

From your immediately previous:

"Maybe anyone who wasn't paying attention deserves to be out on the street."

Probably. At least I wouldn't argue against so long as those not doing so were moved to LA for instance or, moved (back) to DeBlasio's jurisdiction. And so far as Pine Bluff's population west or east I do not care.


Pine Bluff is closer to you than Chicago, so you should care more. Because armed home invaders, rapists, meth cooking, oxycontin, potshots at traffic signs farmstock traffic and pets, car theft, drunk and disorderly, bathing only once a month, bar brawls, pissing on your lawn, wife beaters (both kinds), road kill stew, moon pies, white lightning, sawed-off shotguns, shotgun shacks, trailer parks, early onset dementia, straw chewing, ditch jumping, corn holing, coveralls, cows that back up to stumps, holy shit, teen pregnancy, pit bulls, dog fights, black lung, long stringy hair and missing front teeth.


Pine Bluff's south of Little Rock (3 hours drivetime, 4 to PB) and though there's a 'Cartel Establishment' (an hour or so south) .... everywhere there's a chicken processing plant there's cartel activity .... but "that they" don't get up in the hills much.

That one yesterday over in Up2L8's country (west of the lake of me) weren't bothering me - really any of we're exactly at - a'cause of things I don't 'spect you have a clue of.

(there was I'm told some Hollywood production of some movie titled I think, Absence of Malice? In my parts we notice absence of neighborliness which, since except for your noting the retired cop across the street (who helpfully helped me disabuse you of some of your more outlandish near religious beliefs concerning ... well I reckon you've "seen the light" Bob?)

If not - here's the most recent stats on that stuff:

Dig in there Bob and you'll find 71% of homicides occurring in Pine Bluff had 'cause' reported as being by "Personal weapons" - hands, fists, feet, etc - which, admittedly, doesn't fit the narrative (indeed NO homicide was the result of a 'long gun' [the AR-15 legacy media preferred media preference] but there were some committed [12%] utilizing "Knives or cutting instruments [eg kitchen type cutlery - notably two instances of "non-serrated butter type knives" ...

But then Bob I think it more noteworthy fists and feet and butter knives killed more people in Pine Bluff than guns did.

(Your mileage may vary.)

But yeah Bob, "maybe I should care more" but the fact is, I don't.

I got a dog out in the yard and with one single exception all the neighbors on my block are registered (and officeholding) Democrats and, since I'm [usually] involved in their gunsmithing needs I know they have more *trigger lethality potential than either I or the single other household on the block do)

The sole 'selective fire' (machine gun) on the block is "Democratically" held.

I am owned by a bluetick hound while my other indepentally registered neighbor is owned by two chihuahuas.

Everybody else on the block "runs" pitbulls.

"Pine Bluff is closer to you than Chicago, so you should care more."

Don't have to Bob. Everybody except for the five of us on this block registered as Independents is a Faubus-Style Democrat just like you.


Like I told you before, I've never registered with a party. They all suck. The only reason Republicans bring up Chicago so much is it's been run by Democrats since 1931, which gets their panties all tangled up around their butt plugs.

And it might seem too picky, but the caption below the picture of the Casey's - "Arkansas State Police (ASP) has identified the man shot by police" - has a subject/verb problem. "Police" is always plural as a noun.

Jimmy, as you were saying:

Whitewall,absolutely true. And Bob my front teeth are missing due to an altercation when I was much younger. Never tried the meth though methylated spirit was widely used in Glasgow when I was young. Have a good Easter Weekend. And remember to roll your egg.


I'm missing my front teeth after trying to bite through the steering wheel during a traffic accident. The spaces are filled in with an implant and bridge, though. Happy Easter to you and anyone else who still checks here.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery Bob.

All the best Bob.

Steering wheels are generally not considered as a food group.

Where are you Duffers?

SoD is Duff Senior OK?

AussieD, I am beginning to suspect something unfortunate with no updates from either Duff.

G'day Whitewall.

That is also my concern.

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