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Sunday, 14 March 2021


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Trouble is, the marbles were never owned by a country called "Greece"' and they were purchased legitimately. The Greeks could always make us an offer, of course. Add inflation, storage, restorations - it's not going to be cheap.

And when the Islamists invade they will be destroyed. Better in the UK I say. The Greeks can visit when the cheap flights resume.

If the items had not been saved by being bought, legally, from the Ottoman rulers, they would, by now, have been incorporated in the foundations of a block of houses. Of course, in such a situation, the Greeks would now be seeking reparations from the British government for allowing such an obscene act to take place.

While agreeing that the Elgin Marbles are legitimately ours, I have to say that visits to the British Museum in London and the Pushkin Gallery in Moscow caused a most ungracious question to come into my head.

From where and from whom did they nick all these beautiful things from?

Holy crap! Anything in your legal code David you can point to so that I can get the balling rolling on my end?

You could let the Greeks have them back if they are prepared to pay in Pounds Stirling at today's rate;

Removal and transport from Athens to London

Storage at the Brit Museum for 208 years

Restoration of the items

Provision of security at the current rate for 4922 hours

Removal from the Museum and transport back to Greece

Replacement in their original position

Payment to be made in advance and only on condition that the Greeks can prove continuous possession from the time of Phidias in terms of unbroken ownership.

Probably comes to more than they could raise in the next 100 years

That's priceless JK.

No one does comedy- commentary like the Bee.

I really don't know why it is called the British Museum, There are very few British exhibits

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