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Friday, 12 March 2021


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..."as far as I can judge, totally despicable and stupid beyond belief!"
aka communists.

We have way too many of their admirers over here.

The title of this post suggests a way in which we will be able to judge the progress of China. When America started developing its massive productive capacities, people from all around the world flocked to it and clamoured to be accepted as Americans. To some extent, people still do, and there is of course a massive migration under way from Africa and the Middle East to any European country that will accept migrants. I wonder if China will see something similar. Will the "huddled masses" of other countries start to migrate to China, seeing new opportunities there?

It doesn't seem very likely at the moment, does it? Maybe ideas like freedom and peace of mind and individuality still count for something.

Singapore had the great advantage of being founded on a British colonial regime.

The "brain dead morons" running Mainland China have been putting a lot of effort into bulking up their naval, air, missile, and cyberwarfare capabilities. They want a showdown with the US in the Western Pacific. Our own anaylysts are also very pessimistic about the outcome (for us) should Beijing provoke a showdown over Taiwan. Further, my own fears are that they might just try something while Braindead Biden is in the Oval Office and any system of cooperation between the US, Australia, India, and Japan has far from gelled.

Further, we should not assume that the chief goal of the CPC is peace and prosperity. Their chief goal is to rescue and revive the 20th century totalitarian model into which the founders of the CPC invested much.

If I may David, that commentor 'Kepha' above, who, if he's the same 'Kepha' I'm familiar with over on Dip's site (and I believe he is) is someone whose authority on China - and things China - should always be given as carrying a great deal of heft. He's likely among the very few of us here (perhaps *the only one) who speaks the language and was posted to China for an extended period.

*Andra I know has some respectable familiarity on the subject but I can't recall whether we've, she and I, ever discussed to what degree.

JK I'm assuming he is one and the same too. He may have dressed up a bit for a visit here. Always worth a listen either place.

As we seem to be assessing similarly Whitewall I think it safe to proceed beyond assumption.

Just returned from there Whitewall and should you visit noticing 'OW's' latest I think you'd agree rather than 'assumption' it's confirmation.

Glad to have you over Kepha.

"Who would ever wish to live in China?"

My wife for one, when I annoy her.

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