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Tuesday, 09 March 2021


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What has the world come to when Piers Morgan is the voice of reason and truth. MM was and is Hollywood trash. She is an actress playing a role in a 'woke' play that will, compared to the lasting strength of the Royal Family, be fleeting and forgotten.

Scroll down to the photo David, it's precisely apt.

Since when are weathermen supposed to get involved in arguments? I thought they were just there to deliver the weather forecast from an autocue.

Whitewall, apparently Biden has praised her bravery. How politicians stoop into the gutter. Bring back the Donald.

The stories about how you Brits were amazed by our many advertisements for drugs during the interview were more interesting.

Jimmy, She and President* have a great deal in common.

Make them go away!

This hits the nail on the head:

Not, of course, intent on adding insult to injury.

JK, a true gold mine!

JK, funny stuff, excellent.

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