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Saturday, 20 March 2021


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Over here we have many top rank officials who need to resign but won't. Maybe they too are Scottish.

Funny how they all say that in the beginning.

Her aim is to have more shoes than Emelda Marcos. She loves the sound of her own voice. She hates the English. She wants the EU to run Scotland. Time for her to go.

SoD, are you with us these days?

It is outrageous that the Biden administration is spending taxpayer money to install a stairway chair lift so Old Joe can board Air Force One.

Not outrageous Bob, provident. Can't have President Harris risking her back pushing Ol' Joe's wheelchair to sign his daily assigned EOs.

Did Somebody Say The Sunday Rumble? (All ya gotta do is ask.)

And one for you Bob!

Now nobody gimme any shit - today's my birthday!

(Yo David, I thought in your latest email you promised my cheque is "in the mail"?

And that was what, a month ago?)


Think Putin would win a wet T-shirt contest too?

Hope your birthday was enjoyable.

Oy Bob, gonna have to get the image of Ol' Joe in his wet button down outta my mind.

Thanks alot.

It was Ups, mighta ate too much though.

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