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Monday, 05 April 2021


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Glad to have you back.

Well, if nothing else "Line of Duty is off to a goad start.

And these young ladies should keep you awake.

Posted you something David. Purely in the interests of us readers to ensure you remain engaged.

I've enlisted an English confederate to assist me in keeping you up off your arse.

Nice to see you back!

Oh, David, guard your cash:

Glad you're OK other than the boredom. There's a lot of that going around during the plague.

Boring-snoring is good. Most of us were sick of the hourly proclamations of raging insanity. Also good: Cable news viewership is dropping like a stone balloon.

Don't make too much of the EU banking system. We have several states that would drop into third world conditions within a few years if they weren't propped up by our tax system.


I'll call your 'ladies link' and raise ...

What happens in Dubai ...

Jk, I will happily imprison those ladies. David, the Scottish Nat sis want the EU to run Scotland.


"Most of us were sick of the hourly proclamations of raging insanity. Also good: Cable news viewership is dropping like a stone balloon."

A good observation.

Aye Glesga but you'll have to get your petition to the Dubai authorities in quick - I already offered my home for their house arrest. Gratis.

But you are closer, maybe you can reach 'em sooner.


Barkley's right, but politicians want us all to hate each other.

Welcome back. Seven days jankers should do it.

"Is there anyone in the UK who would be eager to rejoin?"

SOD seemed keen, have you asked him?

A book recommendation Bob.

Politicians of all stripes are Monkey see, Monkey do. In a nutshell (or, on a banana peel).

Check for gators under your parked car:

Oh Whitewall we can surely do better'n that in David's (partly true in the 'cold in blood' sense) salad days ...

Yep Whitewall I mean to start a fight - figuratively at any rate.

JK, figuratively can't hurt. I have a feeling the worm will turn at some point and suddenly.

Milbourn Port on TV this morning. No Duffs seen, just loads of horses.

Spotted in a senior retirement community in Florida:

I'm selling my white privilege card. It's over 82 years old but is in mint condition. It has never been used, not even one time. Reason for selling is that it hasn't done a thing for me! No free college, no free food, no free housing, no free anything. I actually had to go to work every day of my life while paying a boatload of taxes to carry those who chose not to work! If you are interested, I prefer cash but would be willing to do an even trade for a Race Card which seems much more widely accepted and comes with countless benefits if you fit the profile! Interested? Contact me on my Non-Obama cell phone that I pay for every month…

Serious buyers only!


Reckon if Meghan and Harry return to England pretty soon we can jerk their passports? Their provisional citizenship?

(Probably wouldn't do no good I'd admit 'cause all they'd need do is fly in to Mexico City and hire a taxi to drive to Tijuana. (Hope Harry wouldn't mind Meghan's eyeing taking over as I hear the Donkey-Lady retired.)

Whitewall, you hang onto your white privilege card. You may need it to enter the UK when the woke take over the USA. If you survive the second Civil War!

Jimmy, how are your newspapers treating matters US? I have seen this movie elsewhere just not here. Our Left is unleashed in full Marxist mode.

Eh ... You out there Bob?

Funny how so many of the Putin's Puppet (bogus) claims have been "walked back" now that the Administrative State (Swamp) finagled its desired outcome isn't it?

Whitewall, it has been basically silent over here except for the black bloke shot by the female cop. No mention of blacks killing blacks. The other story was about the so called Russian troop build up on the Ukraine border and emergency NATO meeting. The Ukraine is alleging the Russians are placing nuclear weapons in the Crimea. We hear nothing about the Biden response to Covid since the Donald left office.

Out of Afghanistan at bloody last.

At least there is a bit of good news in that.

No more unneeded deaths of our troops in a G-D foresaken shit hole.

Good for Australia AussieD.

Alas so far as the US is concerned "Afghanistan is good for the Beltway."

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