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Sunday, 04 July 2021


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Why not start with this, then move forward?

We really do wish you back in the old country all the best and look forward to the resumption of harrumphing by Mr. Duff.

Welcome back.

We've asked Terrapod but ...

So very happy to see you back. I do most devoutly hope that the passing reference to Alzheimer's was only a joke. When one has seen the non-joking variety, the joke loses some of its luster.

SoD, send me an e-mail. I may have something useful to offer.


@ hotmail dot com

You'll be recalling that old yahoo address?

Switch it over 'cause the phone company I formerly did business with is no longer friends with anybody. Recall 'Her Ladyship's' having a connection to New Braunfels? Recall her name? T'other day I entered 779-8553 and, as we know that didn't do the trick.

Nor now will my Pascagoula Naval Shipyards area code number.

Able *may be found here but it takes effort:


Loz wait abit I need to confirm this is the same Michael. A Cruz to Cotton channel would hasten.


Loz do not facilitate comms. This appears to be an imposter of the worst sort.

To any of whom I 'recommended' to pass through via Dip's site this does not appear to be the same guy.

Darken ship. The smoking lamp is out.

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