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Wednesday, 14 July 2021


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Our State legislators are not paid much, but they will be docked for every day they refuse to come to the Capitol. Also, there would be Hell to pay if they tried to bill the State for that flight or the light beer. (Ptui!) One of the Reps (Talarico) is from my district. I look forward with unrestrained glee to his losing the next primary or, better yet, the General.

If the WuFlu has confirmed anything it is that the public servant cadre in Western societies are generally overpaid, shifty and power hungry. Weak kneed politicians have handed the running of our communities to this unaccountable swill.

The favourite "get out of jail" statement for a pollie is "acting on medical advice" with such advice coming from some "Chief Health Officer". We never actually see the advice given so are unable to question the accuracy or validity of it.

"nough" to give you the irrates

AussieD, you have them too? People in power always fall back on acting "for your own good". We are told this by 'experts'. The 'expert' class here in the States has about shot themselves in all the feet they can find. Many articles talk about the Death of Expertise. People are tuning them out.

This reminds me of Pat Buchanan, a Nixon advisor and failed presidential candidate, repeatedly going on TV to bitch about postal workers "smoking and joking" on the job. Because government always wrong. That was before 1986, when Republican defunding over-worked the post office enough to make the phrase "going postal" shorthand for mass shooting a workplace. It's now an American tradition. Never underestimate the power of bitching.

Heh heh heh Bob,

As it happens, just yesterday, having gotten an email advising me "Your package was delivered to the Post Office" (my having waited until late afternoon - pressing business ya know) I rolled into the lot at seven minutes til 'closing time.'

The sole person in the place - the cleaning lady - sez, "Hold on a minute, I'll fetch 'em."

Care to guess where they were? What they were doing?

Not convinced of the numbers.
Iceland has approx 720 policemen.
Half the countries pop live in Reykjavik.
This article gives a ration of one polis for 15000 people, so I rather doubt a country area like this has more than one or two.

Westfjord population 7,115 according to google ...

I need to have my dinner now Nessie but when I come back I'll trya nd find an alternative source for the Westfjord police department.

In the mean time I can report the Westfjord bobbies and bobbettas have been extremely busy. The latest additio to their massive crime solving effort is the arrest of an eagle.

I'll repeat that in case you thought you were hallucinating: The arrest of an eagle ...

They've got a thing about wildlife, haven't they? Greta and the Green Blob wouldn't be too happy.



Smoking and joking and doing moonshine shots? "Making love to" the dog?

There's about equal goofing off in both government and private industry. I'd guess you've seen it for yourself.

Right, one chicken Kiev, mash and broccoli with cheesy sauce down the hatch.

My goodness, it's all happening in Westfjords, the police department are rushed off their feet. Latest is someone drowned in a waterfall on May 31st ...

So that's a stray polar bear, a stroppy eagle, and a waterfall drowning.

How many looking after that apocalypse of crime have they got, bear with me ...


Page 9 ...

"Westfjords region, 9.354 km2 with three police stations, 22 officers and
population of 7.115 people"


Nah Bob, only one was smoking. Two were pitching quarters.

There's a local private investigator who has an office behind our local Post Office. Upon my leaving the PO I visited with an employee of his, my mentioning in passing that it was 'curious the whole staff was unavailable at one time' to which she responded "Lets look at the footage."

The 'seven minutes to closing' was observed on their clock - my pickup's clock is set to standard time which indicated it was 16 minutes until.

I should say, the investigator's surveillance primarily focuses on his property, the rear landing (and employee entrance/exit) is merely, "incidentally recorded."

Ahoy Bob!

Recall our exchanges then?

Well there's been 'further developments':

(Talk about "digging holes"!)

Good to see D&N active again

Too funny not to share:

Along with the Cuban government, all are part of the generations old bloody Red Banner. Nothing "blue" about them.

Heh heh Whitewall,

"End the Cuban embargo!" they shout now.

Don't much follow the non-MSM news do they?

(Reckon they'll blink when they find out the person they'll have to thank for already ending that - albeit only in *part - is President Trump?)

*The part being in the Farm Bill back then lifting perhaps the most onerous to "everyday Cubans" - food exports. As I and my Congressman (Rick Crawford R-Arkansas) saw it back then - 'food fine' but WE needed OUR oil so Heck let the Venezuelans keep sending their fellow Commies theirs.

But still there's *much funny/ironic* 'our commies' are hollerin' "End the embargo now!" because with the JoHo Misadministration coming outta the chute by cancelling the Keystone Pipeline if 'our commies' are now hoping to widen the opening to include 'energy' guess who'll they'll need depend on?

Crazy world we live in ain't it?



I wouldn't doubt for a second the FBI is screwing with political groups currently rocking the boat. In the 1960s and 70s they came up with all kinds of dirty tricks against civil rights and war protestors. Far right groups are just the other side of the same coin.

BTW, for Brits unfamiliar with regional American slang, Southern boys sometimes describe wasting time or goofing off as "fking the dog".


That might been the case where you was in the South, Florida weren't it, but truth be tol' I never heard that in Arkansas? Could been down in the Delta regions near where the state butts up agin' Louisiana but most definitely not up here in the hills.

Incidentally though Bob, seeing as how you've brought up dogs here that reminds me I sorta got a bone to pick with you. To get shed of it outer my mind.

((A brief excursis for my UK & Commonwealth friends - Backchannel communications among some few of us US-based D&N commentors, we resolved to not overly monopolize the conversations here to US-centric stuff if ever D&N came back to its regularity.))

But since it's Bob impugning my region.

Bob you recall telling me in these here pages of D&N that, “Indiana was never a slave state!”? And you telling me that in what I’d describe as, “a right proudly manner” too I might add.

Well Bob it probably won’t surprise you that, that right proud declaration of your’n come back on me sometime during the recent D&N hiatus when, by chance, it was brought to my attention that while “Yes Indiana while never, exactly a *declared* slave state” nevertheless in its sausage-making managed to come up with a humdinger of a way to manage that. I give you verbatim the text of Section 1, Article 13 of Indiana’s 1851 Constitution:

“Section 1. No negro or mulatto shall come into or settle in the State, after the adoption of this Constitution.”

“Pretty nifty” way I must admit of enabling you Bob to so self-righteously use that to “tell ol’ JK off” back whenever it was that it was so convenient for you to use that “Indiana was never a slave state!” rhetorical flourish to put a point on whatever it was we was arguing over at the time.

Nifty but at the same time Shifty. In spades Bob. But wait Bob it gets shiftier. (Yeah I know I’ve always gone on about mistrusting Wikipedia but, just ever so often …

But wait Bob – There’s more than Wikipedia!

A word to the wise for you Bob – whenever sausage making recipes are put into the mix ol’ JK here is usually taking notes.




I don't remember for sure where the guys were from that used that expression, but it might have been the Smokey Mountain region.

From the Wiki: "By the time Indiana was granted statehood in 1816, the abolitionists were in firm control and slavery was banned in the constitution."

You could try to make an argument that's a technicality, but i'd be a hard sell.


"In firm control" means what, with the the context of that Wiki article?

(However - I do not dispute what the "hopes" of the *fellow were who visited with the delegates of the Constitutional Convention [pre-written & certainly pre-ratification] prior to the delegates' settling on the text of the Constitution even. It's one of those "curiosities of History" the Northwest Ordinance being *ratified* past any objection/debate before even the Confederation Congress - under the then operating Articles of Confederation - might (most likely would) have raised.

*I think his surname was Cutler - I seem to recall a Cutler being very important in the path to Ohio statehood, the son of the fellow who petitioned B. Franklin initially [Franklin being among the PA delegation].

At any rate Bob - presently I'm at work researching for a paying party - as I recall (from memory) the fellow who petitioned the Convention "sold the idea" to balance the South was to sell the idea of the Ohio Territory it had to be slave-free. Not that that meant any particular "fondness/charity" for any then so grouped.

Which your state's enacted legislation - pre Emancipation Act - would appear to me to reflect. It wasn't that, ahem, "native Indianans" rejected slavery rather it was the Constitution Convention's Ordinance as written and passed that made it so.

In The Present Circumstance We Find Ourselves In

My asserting that, sometimes, I find myself accursed by my memory is unfortunate but


I'd returned to my paying project only to find myself nagged severally until the *fellow's name came to me as a lightning bolt:

Manasseh Cutler. But even then cursory searching, as I must now (knowing I previously, as it were waka waka waka'd [wandered many places] in search of what I'd sought) - there are too many places I'd have to link to, to put all I know now in play.

So then Bob, what to do?

As I know Mr. McCullough is [was?] good with narrative and, as the name Manasseh Cutler is appearing at the end of this book excerpt, I'm figuring now, hopefully, I can simply point you toward his book and I can get back to productive work.

I sincerely hope.


Sure. Get back to work. I don't see an argument here. There was probably slavery in the Indiana territory before it was admitted as a state and probably after. However, it was never a slave state according to its founding constitution.

In reality that really doesn't mean much. To this day there are plenty of people living in the blue areas who call Indiana "the middle finger of the South" because the majority of the state is culturally Southern. It's really more of a border state than Northern state.

Jk and Bob, I wonder what the death toll amongst Blacks has been since the Civil War allegedly freed them.


Apparently it's not easy to go from being the descendant of a slave (or look like one) to the top of the heap. From the CDC:

"Despite the narrowing of disparities in death rate for blacks and whites, disparities in the leading causes of deaths for blacks compared with whites remain large and persistent across the life span. Blacks had higher death rates than whites for all-cause mortality in all age groups <65 years."

White people have come up short of being freed in the US too, unless they're rich. Millions have died early because of drugs, alcohol, suicide and lack of health care during our experiment with libertarianism:

"Research led by authors from the University of Pennsylvania find widening geographic and rural-urban disparities in the story of rising white mortality rates."

"White people have come up short of being freed in the US too, unless they're rich. Millions have died early because of drugs, alcohol, suicide and lack of health care during our experiment with libertarianism:"

Hehehe, a massive pair of bollocks in that Bob! : -

(1) Love the way it's only white people you quote for their drugs, alcohol, suicide and lack of healthcare problems. These things, along with rampant gang warfare, high homicide and violent crime rates, all bathed in a culture of acceptable violence and disregard for human life, are no problem for the black "community" in America, eh?

(2) As for drugs, alcohol, suicide, and lack of healthcare, try asking any ex- Ost-Bloccer, Rooskie, Chinese, or Cuban how they fared under revolutionary socialism, or still are in the case of the Cuban, and in the Rooskies case, how they are faring today under Vlad's democratic socialism!



Here's ya one Loz!

I heartily recommend headphones. (Mind your hearing.)


(1) Who said it was only white people? "White people have come up short of being freed in the US too" - the operative word there being "too", and in "in addition to". Try reading it sober.

(2) Comparing anything going on in the US to "revolutionary socialism" shows cluelessness, stale trolling nonsense, or both.

Typo should be: as in "in addition to".

Very good JK.

"Apparently it's not easy to go from being the descendant of a slave (or look like one) to the top of the heap."

The ex- Ost Bloccers have done alright Bob. They were the most enslaved people in the history of mankind, so much so they gave their name to the world "Slave". And their slave traders were brown middle Eastern Muslims and black North Africans.

But I don't hear Fluffbun and her Slavic family and friends moaning and whingeing about it, and wanting restitution and compensation from brown Muslims and black North Africans, and racist discrimination in their favour in society today.

Black people need to man up and grow a pair, white people need to shed their misplaced guilt, and both need to cease being puppet-mastered by the Left Axis.

Because that's what it's all about: the rings of phoney black shoulder chip and misplaced white guilt, with racist Left Axis privilege politics supplying the thread.



non sequitur

1. (Logic) A conclusion that does not follow from the premises.
2. A reply that has no relevance to what preceded it.

Drawing the conclusion that ex-slaves are perfectly able to make it to the top from the example given by Slavic people, and how that destroys the statement "Apparently it's not easy to go from being the descendant of a slave (or look like one) to the top of the heap.", is hardly "A conclusion that does not follow from the premises". The statement "Apparently it's not easy to go from being the descendant of a slave (or look like one) to the top of the heap." is disproved, end of!

And it was you who said "Apparently it's not easy to go from being the descendant of a slave (or look like one) to the top of the heap.", so in what way is my reply irrelevant to what preceded it?

Who's not sober around here? Non sequitur, shw-equitur?


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