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Sunday, 11 July 2021


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If Al Murray had been around back in the distant past when I was in school, and the book "1066 and all That" as well, history would have been easy and fun to learn. But no, I had to learn it the old fashioned way.

Al Murray's pub landlord persona fools an awful lot of people. The guy read history at Oxford for Chrissake!!

But Ashleigh Barty won the tennis. How good is that?

So close.

But set the disappointment aside for a moment and realise what you have witnessed: the complete and utter revival of England's national team game; England now equal in play to the best team of Europe - and 6 years younger than them.

Only the penalty curse defied us.

The only way is up.


SOD, the fascist Nazi tallies were getting revenge for their defeat in World War 2. They certainly can play football but can run faster from a battle.

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