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Wednesday, 07 July 2021


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It seems our climate is always within months of killing us all if we don't DO something. Something usually comes down to more government rules and regs, more taxation and more wealth redistribution to poor and less developed nations.

And the mass murder of Africans.

It is the greatest contradiction and hypocrisy of the Left Axis, and one that should be highlighted in order to create schism and conflict therein.

BLM espouses black privilege, while Greta and the Green Blob routinely gas to death 600,000 central and sub-Saharan Africans in their own homes every year.

The trait of the Dem party that doesn't care whether it's abusing you or privileging you so long as it's grafting in votes, applies even more destructively to the wider Left Axis of BLM/Antifa plus Greta and the Green Blob.

Worship you here, gas you to death there, so long as the state sector middle class plus minorities vote tallies up to 51%, it's job done for the Left Axis.


I forgot the unlimited opportunities for graft behind the whole Green movement. Whatever the Left issue being sold in the culture, it is never really the issue. The real issue is now and always the revolution.

Glad you've both overcome setbacks to return to blogging. Nowhere else is the ageless and perfectly two-dimensional wisdom of the Nolan Chart so appreciated. Of sources for British pretzel logic, D&N has always edged out Maggie Thatcher. Though to be fair, The Right Honourable Baroness hasn't been much competition lately. No worries:

Glad to see you two back. Hope you are well.

You too Glezza! All good? Cheering for England?!


Hello Jimmy. Glad to see you are alive and kicking!

Still alive and kicking Whitewall, hope you and the family are well.

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