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Friday, 23 July 2021


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From a companion piece at Legal Insurrection:

Most people understand that leftists take advantage of real or alleged crises to expand their power. But an equally important phenomenon is that they use crises of various kinds to excuse their own incompetence. (Covid has served such a purpose over the last year and a half; it has become a near-universal excuse for failure of performance.) The recent floods in Germany, which killed more than 150 people, are a case in point, as Die Welt and the No Tricks Zone report.

The starting point, of course, is the Left’s knee-jerk blaming of German floods on “climate change”–just as the current drought in the Midwestern United States is blamed on “climate change.” Any weather you don’t like is “climate change,” and “climate change” exists for the sole purpose of giving government more power over our lives.

Meanwhile over here ...

(Oh how my, what once were conspiracy theories now coming to be more spoiler alerts!

All that but yet I suppose we need return to Californizt

(And what gives Loz, I offer you a free ship and you raise me a tank?!!!)

Whoa, JK, you're packin' some ammo there!

It never ceases to amaze me, wherever you look the golden goose of state failure just keeps laying.


You know what else is a government lie like climate change? Gravity. It's just an excuse for why shoddy, state built bridges fall down. Go to the roof of the highest building you can find and step off. The power of believing the government is always wrong will keep you floating carefree above the lesser humans below who don't operate on the principle that stuff they want to believe is always true. Please give it a try and let us know how it works out.

Gravity is something that pre-exists government.

Switch your straw man Bob.


Climate change has existed since Earth was a cooling ball of rock.

Whoa Nellie!

Mutual ground.

Kinda, JK. The climate having always changed doesn't prove human activity isn't changing it now. Except in fossil fuel industry logic and PR, that is.

Quite so Bob, except that in order to be able to state with confidence that man's wicked ativites are changing the climate you'd need to explain the mechanism.

And since CO2 makes up 0.04% of the atmospehere and man's wicked activity only accounts for 3% of that, fossil fuel use doesn't really cut it , does it?

I'd be prepared to accept that man's wicked activities have a modest effect at the margin, but what is much more obviously true is that pretty well all the policies being enacted around the world to tackle CO2 emmissions end up making life worse for everybody except the richest 0.01%, and shut out alternative approaches which might achieve similar goals, with less pain, more popular consent; and therefore more successfully.

the reason for this - governments and their advisors across the world have indulged in that surefire method of causing havoc, vast financial losses and general misery, by picking "winners" and then refusing to acknowledge the stupidity of their mistake.

"by picking "winners" and then refusing to acknowledge the stupidity of their mistake"

It's good to be a part of the nomenklatura.

"The climate having always changed doesn't prove human activity isn't changing it now."

No-one is saying the climate isn't changing because of mankind - or the insects, or the tress, or the dinosaurs when they were around.

Climate is a non-linear system in mathematical chaos - everything to do with it is its cause. And it's proven to be unknowable where it goes to next, so that is, it's unknowable in any logical system known by us what the model is for climate or any non-linear system in mathematical chaos.

Authoritarians hate this. It strikes at their very core. They just melt down when they discover something they can't control.

There are only three things that are necessary and sufficient for human life: -

Climate change
The brain

And they're all non-linear systems in mathematical chaos.

Climate change clears up the mess of the dominant species - which is us right now, not insects or dinosaurs - before the toxic waste of said dominant species destroys all life on earth: raking back and forth with alternate heating and cooling, destroying species and then creating them again, keeping it fresh. Climate change is Gaia, the very personified earth that Lefty Greeny types are supposed to be in awe of!

We we can dodge Gaia's creative destruction while at the same time going with her cleansing flow that sustains life on earth, with heating, air-con, stronger buildings and infrastructure, more geographical mobility, better health and emergency services. We demonstrated that already in the last 100 hundred years where we left Gaia to do her thing and reduced our death rate from 500,000 to 20,000 per annum. The last thing in the world we should be trying to do is to flat-line the climate. That would kill Gaia stone dead. Look at Mars.

Markets are the neural network organisation of the means of production and distribution, as much a non-linear system in mathematical chaos as can be. It's the only known system of organisation for human beings that produces more output value than input. All the others starve humanity to death.

The brain is a neural network in mathematical chaos, a palpable neural network by its physical definition. If you destroy this non-linear system in mathematical chaos through authoritarianism, this system which gains its unpredictability and therefore freedom of will from its very architecture, you destroy humanity.

And just look at the BLM / Antifa / Green manifestos, the 21st century restatements of the authoritarian Left, the pillars of Left Axis doctrine: They hate precisely those three things: Climate change, markets, and brains! Why? Because all three will not bow to human will. All of them have a will of their own, and each one is more powerful than the Left Axis was, is, or ever will be.

So just give it up, Bob. And let's get on with enjoying the climate, the prosperity of market economics, and wondering what to do next with our brains now we've finally worked it out.


The Rona was just a dress rehearsal ...

Judging from what this 1992 IPCC product is saying fellows, I guess we best say all our goodbyes and get totally drunk.

According to that, whether we'll get much further past 2010 looks exceedingly bleak.

For instance, past 2010 we ain't gonna have a hope about a possible Florida governor ever being a serious threat to Democrat policies because ... drumroll ... Tallahassee is gonna be underwater! (Appendix 13, 97)

(Of course this was before Global Warming became passé.)

Jack the Dog, SoD, et at.,

Maybe it's just pure coincidence, though.

Well Bob,

"Climate change has existed since Earth was a cooling ball of rock."

Coincidentally speaking of course. Then again,

It may just be Bob that, it's a universal thing.

The IPCC you reckon Bob got a plan to deal with that latter too?


I haven't read their charter, but it's probably a good guess the IPPC is only concerned with Earthling plants.

I haven't read their charter, but it's probably a good guess the IPPC is only concerned with Earthling plants.

I believe they are predominately known as, roughly translated, green backs.

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