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Thursday, 22 July 2021


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The response to the Holocaust was "Never Again". The 'intellectuals' response to 100 million dead via Communism and its attendant ideas is "we'll be back". The response to hundreds of thousands of dead black Africans is and has always been 'business as usual'.

Intellectuals don't perform well at 'room temperature'. There must be a crisis or at least one orchestrated for them to enlighten us.

Back to the tired old saw that socialism = communism = Stalinism, eh? You can just never repeat that enough to prove anyone who can be accused of belonging to the "left axis" is a killer. It's like a Harry Potter magical spell.

There are many reasons your obsession with sub-Saharan cooking is nonsense. Alternatives to wood such as alcohol are available for just one. In many cities Chinese and others live in a constant, health degrading smog of coal smoke. The byproducts of burning coal are also highly toxic and often end up in water supplies.

Purdue Pharma and the Sackler family, neither members of the left axis, made $billions by addicting Americans to opioids. "In 2019, an average of 38 people died each day from overdoses involving prescription opioids, totaling more than 14,000 deaths."

Before you claim the victims did it to themselves, read up on the contributing events and lawsuits against the white collar drug dealers.

Manufacturing industries externalizing costs over more than 200 years have poisoned air, water, and land and racked up enormous death tolls due to cancer and other causes all around the world.

The vaunted FDA though Bob, did "officially approve" those pharmaceuticals eh?

None of those 'Emergency Use Authorizations' nor 'Exemptions From Liability' either.

A further "new development" Bob in that case we been going on about.

"She ultimately grabbed Trask's testicles, which ended the altercation, the document notes, and Trask left the Oshtemo Township home in her vehicle."

(And no the 'she' being referenced here is not Governor Whitmer.)

The Royal Navy, our Navy:

Somebody seems to be reading my mail.

So now it's not just the Post Office mebbe?


The guy's probably not as big a freak as J. Edgar Hoover.

Not to mention DDT which was well on way to fixing the mosquito / malaria problem. Killing half a million humans a year, 66% of them children under five. Banned because it was suspected of causing thinning of bald eagle egg shells.
Those same eagles shredded by world saving wind turbines.
Look! A squirrel.

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