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Monday, 26 July 2021


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As always, being a member in good standing with the nomenklatura has its perks. Security for me, crime for thee.

What are we, South Africa?

Whiters, mmm, one or two places sayin' you're not that different these days.

Black shoulder chip and white guilt - mixes the same cocktail everywhere.


SoD, that's true. Chicago could be Mogadishu, Minneapolis could be Medalline, Columbia. NY could be Johannesburg, San Fran, Austin, New Orleans, LA, Portland etc could be Rhodesia.

White guilt = "equity" ideology. Eating black South Africa alive right now. Some blacks are getting richer on it now than their ancestors did selling slaves across both oceans. Most blacks are squatting in tin huts while looking at those blacks getting fat and rich.

Here's some "equity" right here: Plenty of 'critical theory'.

How the Left Axis has abused the term "Equity" resembles what they did to the word "Liberal".

The only category of human being that was ever intended to be considered by "Equity" in a free and equal society is that of low income status. There was and is no consideration for race, creed, gender or identity, because to do so would be to confer privilege and be intrinsically racist, sexist and all the ists and isms that defy Equality.

Redistribution, if it should be done at all, should be done purely on the basis of need, not race, creed, gender, or identity.

The Funded Libertarian stands by Equity and Equality, ensuring that the contradictions of racism, sexism, and other isms and ists entailed in the "privilege equities" - like "racial equity" (mentioned in Whiters' link), "sexual equity", "identity equity" - are not acceptable.

In redistributing purely on the basis of need you'll cater for any above average representations of race, creed, gender and identity in low income people anyway, without having to single out these categories for explicit privilege. Thereby you avoid contradicting Equality.

The Classical Liberal / Libertarian (someone Bob pejoratively refers to as a "Naive Libertarian") dispenses with proper Equity completely and rests his case on Liberty.

It should be noted that Naive Libertarianism has outperformed Bobism (statism, collectivisation and socialism) economically, socially, and politically, everywhere and anywhere it has ever been implemented.

I contend Funded Libertarianism outperforms Naive Libertarianism across all three dimensions of human society, thereby double dobbing all over Bobism.

Like the ascent of man: bad, better, best.


Where the linguistic trickery of the Left comes from. Excerpt from a longer piece that covers Cultural Marxism and Critical Theory:

"Herbert Marcuse’s( Father of the New Left) most important contribution as far as we are concerned is the notion of “repressive tolerance.” In his "A Critique of Pure Tolerance", Marcuse argues for something that will be familiar to readers of (this) website: Tolerance should only be applied to left-wing groups and ideas, while right-wing groups and ideas should be mercilessly suppressed. Specifically, he advocated for “withdrawal of toleration of speech and assembly from groups and movements that promote aggressive policies, armament, chauvinism, discrimination on the grounds of race and religion, or that oppose the extension of public services, social security, medical care, etc.”

Marcuse is perhaps the most influential of the Frankfurt School thinkers in the United States. Anytime you hear a leftist explain why tolerance actually means intolerance, they’re channeling Marcuse."

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