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Monday, 05 July 2021


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Nice work! Power vs freedom as always. Control or be controlled. With Britain being so locked down over the last many months, have the ordinary normal people there had a chance to fight back in the streets or in community meetings in any way? Or is it SJW, BLM leftist nitwittery all the way down?

Most people have ignored the lockdown now.

Once you're double-jabbed, if that's your view, or an anti-vaxxer, if that's your view, it's time to let those who want to die from Covid die from Covid.

There's enough of a corpus of vaccinated and anti-body enriched folks out there to keep the national death rate lower than flu, pneumonia, et al. The anti-vaxxers might take one helluva beating and a few very unlucky double-jabbers, but the underwhelming NHS won't be overwhelmed. So let's just get on with how we each want to lead our lives.

The Libertarian counter-culture got a massive welcome boost from Covid: We found out who we are again outside of the pol class, and got a clear target to aim at. Double-jabbers who acknowledge the right to choose and defiant anti-vaxxers, working together practically as one. The longer the pol class maintain the lockdown the more it does to grow and energise the Libertarian counter-culture, so keep going BoJo I say! The more we hate BoJo and the pol class through Covid authoritarianism, the better! The more Hancockian corruption and abuse we witness the better!

It's just there under the surface. Eventually the economic circs or some utterly breathtaking Left Axis travesty of over-reach will push "... every count should be proved" over the line, and the English will respond.

Then battle will commence.


Good. One of our major "newspapers" is showing a photo of Boris bounding up the steps wearing his black face diaper. Amusing.

"As the blood flows, it won't be a black and white thing, both sides will have black and white in their ranks, because this isn't a black vs white thing. It's not even a left vs right thing, there will be Tories and Labour on both sides."


Now something I saw yesterday seems to be clearer this morn (in Arkansas)

*Might could use some translation there SoD!

Well JK, not sure who he is, and his delivery is a bit stuttery, wandering, and repetitive (should invite him on to D&N), and if he thinks July 19th is the end of all our problems he's a lost lamb too! But he is indeed part of the undercurrent that's welling up.

But £600bn on the debt mountain might actually be sustainable. 5% inflation for 5 years would shrink the value of debt and get it back the proportion of GDP it was 18 months ago. Until the pols break the camel's back the undercurrent will remain just that, an undercurrent. The state will continue to expand by creating fake jobs for Marxist graduates and hiring the incompetent, and the two cultures: Libertarian independent sector and authoritarian state sector, will grind along. The state will massacre 120,000 in one year from time to time through criminal negligence in handling a pandemic or equivalent, and the independent sector will clear up the mess and save us from worse with a vaccine or equivalent.

The virtuous problem, if it can be called that, is that the independent sector and market is just so productive and efficient it can tolerate a vaster wasteland of statist swamp better than ever before, and not degrade and collapse.

It could become a sort of endless stalemate, with each community operating in its own silo: the Libertarians in reality and the authoritarians in delusion.

We'll just have to wait and see.


Ooh, bugger me, there's another one to add to the list - prepare for incoming!


Oxfam is two doors down from the Chipping Norton Blue Cross charity shop where I do volunteer work. Mercifully, none of this left wing authoritarian crap is evident there, at least not to customers like me.

Blue Cross are very short of volunteer staff though, so stuff like employing a given percentage of LBGT or Afro-Caribbean people simply does not apply. Anyone who wants to help out is more than welcome, and I'm sure that it's exactly the same with Oxfam. It may well be different with salaried staff though, but not in Chipping Norton as there are not enough people from the various minorities to go round!!

It's strange though, so many thinking in this perpetually racist and sexist way: privilege them, them and them; do them down, them, them, and them. When not so long ago we were so nearly post-racism, sexism, and classism in the nineties and noughties.

The resurgence of racism through BLM and the hatred of the private sector working and middle class via Antifa is literally a 20th century encore - both murderous ideologies of racism and classism acting in concert in the 21st!

The way the DNA of left and right socialism hid away in the state education and state controlled media industries to re-animate in generations down the line is admirable pol-craft and fascinating to observe.

And terrifying.


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