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Tuesday, 06 July 2021


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Ironically tragic or tragically ironic. It's almost as if British slave traders planted and harvested Africans right there in Africa for the purpose of filling the trans Atlantic slave trade. Native Africans must have known nothing about it if some present day "history writers" get their way. Oddly enough, for many centuries prior, Africans engaged in a flourishing slave trade, only eastward across the Indian Ocean. The repercussions of that trade is behind much of the civil strife in Africa today.

Slightly off topic, the article above refers to the Kenyan elite benefitting from a massive investment from China. In the long term, this could be a poisoned chalice. Montenegro faces total bankruptcy through being unable to repay the billions of dollars loaned by China to build a road which is far from finished. China also made a massive loan to New Zealand for the upgrading of facilities, a loan which the New Zealand government will find difficult to repay. These are only two examples of China's intent to take over the world. It has been said that, to own people, you put them in your debt. How many companies, or even politicians, have been bought by Chinese money, I have no idea, but wonder how long it will be before attempts are made to own you and me.

Well stated Penseivert.

Interesting link Whiters.

When I look at Fluffbun I'm reminded of the race who were so enslaved they gave their very name to the word "slave", and the slavers were brown Muslims and black North Africans. I've met alot of Slavic people in my life but never one who has ever wanted slave victimhood status recognition or restitution from brown Muslims or black North Africans.

Black appropriation of slavery victimhood status and desire for compensation privilege is a great travesty that does them no favours. Black people of such a mind need to stop whingeing, grow a pair, and realise there is no race or category of human beings that hasn't been both slave and slaver before the rest of us get seriously sick of them.


Black people have learned that victimhood and 'racism' is powerful and profitable. Also right along with that victimhood comes loads of white guilt. Guilt is a powerful emotion and a person who hands over his guilt to another has basically made himself a slave, minus the shackles.

Oddly, blacks who were slaves and slave owners experienced little or no the past or today. It isn't in them.

White privilege: the only group of people today who are held responsible for their ancestors' actions by people today who take no responsibility for their own actions or their children's.

China’s goal is to convert the West into a group of client states. Our elites are happy to cooperate so long as they’re well paid. The Soviets were never this clever.

Spot on Whiters.

It's not just the black people who've learned that victimhood status and "racism" is powerful and profitable (in fact a good many of them know it's BS and will do them more harm than good in the longer term when the reaction comes), but also, and mainly, white Dems.

Having enslaved black people, and then when they couldn't do that any more they segregated them, and then when they couldn't do that anymore they privileged them, there is no category of abuse or privilege white Dems won't mete out to graft in a few votes.

From slavers and segregators to: -

"I'll have them niggers voting Democrat for 200 years" - Lyndon Johnson 1965

"If you don't vote for me you're not black" - Joe Biden 2020

There are black people who don't wish to be humiliated in this way via abuse or privilege, as chattels of white Democrat power.

The coming conflict is vertical on Nolan, not left right or black white. No-one should or will be obstructed by race, creed, culture, or any other categorisation from joining their chosen side: Libertarian or Authoritarian.


Penseivert, spot on also.

Again the CCP is the issue, not the Chinese people. The Taiwanese, Singaporeans and Hong Kongers prove that the culture of Liberty as pronounced 600BC by the Taoists runs through Chinese people and is perfectly capable of operating a functioning Liberty Democracy as seen in those states (sadly not HK anymore, due to the CCP).

The Chinese are smart people too. I'm up for genes defining how smart people are as an underlying baseline. It comes through in all the stats in the West: Chinese top of the class at school and highest income per capita in the workplace, then Indian Asian, then white and black at the bottom (in the UK black pupils are now outperforming their white working class counterparts).

A genetic predisposition to intelligence is nothing to be worried about in terms of prosperity, freedom, achieving your potential, etc. If a bunch of dumb-arse white people, joint bottom of the IQ table, could do Greece, Rome, the enlightenment, the industrial revolution, Liberty, Democracy (headliners only there), what does a few brain cells more or less matter? You've obviously still got it in you if we managed it, whoever you are!

How to knock-out the CCP is indeed the issue. Big topic. More anon ...


"How to knock out the CCP"

The CCP's prospects may be "somewhat hobbled" in the near term. Unless of course, Pakistan's (dubious in my opinion) reliability prove out for it.

- Possibly the other *clay foot. -

JK, the old saying comes in here maybe...Afghanistan is an easy country to enter but a difficult one to leave.

Yeah Whitewall, I'm thinking that's apt, mostly.

My "ol' pal" Colonel Lang [he was a Colonel back then ..] a couple weeks ago was oh, how should I say 'cautiously optimistic' the Kabul "government" would enjoy at least six months - to which comment thread I linked to a Reddit post showing a ANA brigade surrendering en masse. Mere hours from that time he - Col Lang - dropped the optimistic from the cautious bit.

Scroll down to the AFGHANISTAN. USA/NATO paragraph of the SITREP, link pertaining to the 'What about the Belt and Road Initiative?' ... My thinking is the more Islamist (Taliban/AQ/IS) factions aren't gonna be "playing nice" at all with the Kabul faction. (As well - there's the duplicitous Pakis doing the Paki-Strut.) And, it should be borne in mind - heck in that part of the world we [US/NATO] were viewed as 'unbelievers' - Well, reckon what they think of the CCP? *They have to be aware of how China is dealing with its own Islamic population.

There is a bright-side - if it can be assessed that as Hunter & Dad have already compromised the bright-side so bad light is off-limits too - At any rate; it's now the CCP's problem.

JK, China spending money on third world "white elephants" probably should be encouraged. This Montenegro mess is an example. Also:

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