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Tuesday, 27 July 2021


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Evidently all the Pythons' humour isn't timeless:

One of the few [that means there are more] transgender men in the UK to have given birth has said misinformation from the medical profession is “de facto sterilisation”.

They're still right that some people always have to have something to bitch about, though.

The one I heard of was from a "shrink" friend of mine who described a female case he heard about who wanted to identify as a gay man. In other words, she likes cock, to put it bluntly, but couldn't bear to be identified as a boring bio-female, or whatever women are called these days. So to jazz things up without having to fake an orientation, she discovered the perfect Python-esque "Loretta" twist: identify as a gay man! "Cock and cred" in one fell swoop!

And get this: no-one in the medical profession is allowed to doubt or challenge her "gay man" identity, by suggesting, for example, that she might just be a straight bio-female with some mental health issues to sort out.

So therapy was applied and invoices billed, helping the poor thing to cope with being an oppressed gay man.

Not even Loretta went that far.


On the other hand, should gender assignment be a legal issue? Who do we think should decide, the AMA or NHS? Telling people what or how to think is always a tricky business. It should be left to preachers, cynical politicians, social media, and cable news. In other words, to shepherds of the gullible.

It would be funny, except for the fact that people are losing their jobs for the "crime" of "misgendering" people.

On hearing of the above saga, another friend of mine, this one a city high-flier (why did they all do so much better than me?), has come up with a brilliant idea. To get his final promotion onto the board of directors he's decided to come out as a lesbian.

So by identifying as a woman he'll get on the board via the quota system. But he can still indulge his predilection for vag and thereby back-up his story with his unchanged life-style.

We're calling it the "Reverse Cock and Cred" strategy.

By George and all the Saints, from now on it's "Loretta Duff", OK everyone?


P.S. I would give a goodly number of fingers off my left hand to see the expression on the face of the Head of HR at Hufton-Bufton Bankers on Monday morning when he minces into her office and lands that bombshell. Deal with that one, bee-atch!

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